Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth?

Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth?

Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The government, surely in an attempt to descend the aliens, would begin to overwhelm the visit, can refer to a test of the supposed sighting over Washington in 1952. Under the eyes of the whole world, a squadron, a UFO formation, buzzed over Washington, battling fighters F93 and General Sanford, voluntarily and spur to the American people, perhaps following instructions from Henry Truman, then President. Captain Ruppelt himself, in his book on flying disks, says Sanford lying.

We have a letter from the aero-aircraft at D. Condon who says, “Getting rid of the UFOs“, so the UFOs have come on Earth planet, in the eyes of everyone and have manifested themselves? Yes! Did we see it? Yes! Was there a protocol to handle it? Yes! The protocol, foresaw to deny! If an alien visit turns out to be undeniable, who could talk about the ship’s crew? Who could best represent all the nations and the interests of the Earth?

If this were to happen, I think we should send our best leaders, not those with the most open, reasonable, but able to defend themselves from those aliens. In my opinion, it is one of the reasons why we have the United Nations … We are preventing wars and delivering relief, but let’s imagine that the Security Council is called to deal with aliens with a big screen image all the nations, in my opinion, all this has already happened in the 1940s. That is why Roosevelt pushed so much for the formation of the United Nations to replace the society of nations … Someone has to deal with aliens … In my view, the nation that our leaders, whether or not they have to speak for ours, does not necessarily make sense, many people who are not in the government can handle the situation better. I would love to see an interaction with aliens, which is profoundly democratic, not authoritarian. There are currently no official protocols known for an alien visit, but many believe that contact with Extraterrestrials is imminent … And that our world leaders have to prepare for the event. We are not alone in the Universe, we have friends and relatives out there in the galaxies, we have to take this commitment, in one way or another, we have to get to consider the precious details with the interaction with these friends and neighbors who are out there.

Who is responsible for those relationships? Not the State Department, not even the United Nations, and I think it’s a big deal, there must be a diplomatic commitment to get in touch with these interstellar civilizations, and the assignment should be assigned to more prepared people. Even if you do not believe in Extraterrestrials, even if you think that the possibility of an alien visit is minimal, in the event that one happens, the consequences would be immense. Therefore it would be prudent to be prepared to handle it, it would be really exciting, it would be like the first time that European explorers arrived in the Americas and discovered a new culture and had to interact, we hope that the unpleasant consequences will not be repeated, but that it is a more positive experience . What happens after a potential extraterrestrial contact is open to speculations, but the most agree on one thing … so the world as we know it would radically change …The result would be that the fundamentalist systems of any organized religion on Earth would collapse, the origins of the human race, the stories of Genesis and many other issues would be questioned.

In 2008 comes an incredible statement from a truly amazing source, according to some it is proof that miracles, like aliens, really exist. Rome’s Vatican City, is the center of the Catholic Church’s power since the fifth century; it is not only the Pope’s residence but a place of worship for a billion Catholics, representing almost 2,000 years of Christian traditions and teachings. But in 2008 the Vatican makes an announcement that according to some may threaten its very existence. The director of the Vatican observatory, Father Gabriel Funes, recognizes the possibility of alien life on other planets.

They basically say that the belief of life on a planet that is not the Earth does not deny the faith in God, but if the Vatican had said such a 500-year-old thing, they would all be burned to the stake. Pope Benedict XVI had a very scientific inclination, and respects intellectual life in an extraordinary way, seemed open to evaluating the idea that life exists on other planets, certainly for a Christian is an important issue to be scientifically assessed, challenging the faith, and wonders if one can even attribute this to God.

Many wonder what the Church’s reasons are, and why announce it only now, after centuries that man has been considered the supreme creation of God and the only intelligent life form in the Universe, because now the Vatican makes a an announcement that could turn Christianity down, does something we do not know?

In the history of the Church, there has never been such a thing, it is the first time, not only that the extraterrestrial issue is dealt with but also that the idea is accepted is a major change of opinion, a major change in the Status Quo, and I wonder … why? Would it have big ramifications? Sure! Will anything change? Sure! But at the same time, would it change religion or belief in God? Not exactly. Some say “The Catholic Church must know something” maybe try to gain an advantage. On the other hand, they may be very intelligent and are trying to cover their shoulders if a grateful announcement or a great discovery of alien life is made, because there is no doubt … If the discovery of an alien life was announced, people would look at their religious leaders in search of a guide, whether they are Christians, Jews, Muslims, or Hindus, if a form of extraterrestrial life is discovered, the Church will react as much as with all other things … “we verify “. I do not think there would be any conflict with the way we look at our humanity, we would only find out that God creates intelligent life forms in so many different ways. In my view, we would learn that we can not limit God to a single way of creating intelligent life.

The idea of intelligent life existence from somewhere else in the Universe has been debated by religious leaders, historians and scientists, but not everyone agrees on how a trial would affect the spirituality of man or the many religious institutions. What would happen to our interpretation of the book of Genesis … The book of Genesis, looks at the Universe from the point of view of the Earth, we look at the Sun, the Moon, the stars, so realize that the Earth is just a small blue dot faded into this immense Universe, in my view it would expand our interpretation of Genesis, I do not think it would change her radically.

Is an interesting issue for Christianity in general, since Christianity teaches that salvation is through Jesus, who was presumably a land, what happens if there are people on Mars? Are they saved from our point of view? I do not know! Christians have always had this problem, if there are aliens out there, will not they be saved? For Jews is not a problem, it certainly is not a problem for Buddhists and Hindus, but Christians are in trouble for a very simple reason … Among the religions of the world, only that Christian has an incarnation, that is, God he has incarnated in Jesus Christ to be the Savior. When you talk to Christians, they say “It’s not a problem, as we have adapted to Galileo and Darwin, we can adapt to aliens …” In my opinion there is a big difference.

In my view, science and religion have in common more than does not suggest popular perception, on the one hand we have the science that has to do with reason and facts, on the other hand we have the religion that has to do with faith, science is an evolving enterprise and what we know today will surely be revisited one day, so thinking that science, unlike religion, somehow provides the truth, I think is a mistake. While scientists and religious are still considering the idea of alien visits to Earth, I assure you that the evidence exists and are in good standing around the world! But should this story be accepted, should we change our perception of the knowledge, history, and origins of human civilization? For thousands of years, man has documented events that seem to suggest visits to the Earth of beings of other worlds that have come down from heaven, these ancient visits represent for some, the foundations of the conviction that in the past the Earth was visited by beings advanced by others planets, these sightings would also explain many mysteries about our past. The most important consequence was the beginning of religion, the Gods descended from heaven in the days of our forefathers, is written in sacred books, in mythology, and the people of great faith tried to understand these things and created religions, the fundamental point is that the Extraterrestrials have been here and the event marked the beginning of great religions. There are two main reasons why we are today, as a species, 1) someone has changed our genetic constitution, and 2) has brought technology. Because we suddenly started doing and building things that we would have great difficulty recreating today … The ancient texts say very clearly that our achievements in the past have been for a direct intervention by Extraterrestrials who came from the sky … Why did immense ancient civilizations build megalithic structures in honor of the beings of another world? Why do ancient texts refer to men flying in the sky and why the ancient Egyptians, the Hopi Indians, the Dagon tribe of North Africa, all believe that their Ancestors come from what we now know as the constellation of Sirius?

If the Extraterrestrials wanted to leave a message to tell us where they came from, the ideal would be to build these structures with references to their place of origin. So the links we can make between the monuments and the Syriac star system make us think they are the reference to their origin. The issue of extraterrestrial life is as ancient as civilization itself, many well-known scientists point out to the immense dimensions of the Universe and believe that beyond the Earth there must exist other beings somewhere, but remains the question, ALIENS ARE VISITING IN PAST? AND WOULD YOU MUST BE A NEW? Our vision of history is very fragile and any discovery could change our way of seeing the story, if we discovered that there was an alien presence here on Earth in the past, the important questions that I think would be 2 … Did the aliens come through, visit us and then disappear, or did they survive and contribute to the birth of civilizations? The second hypothesis for me is more important because it actually rewrites the identity of man than the one that the Extraterrestrials came here for a vacation and then left without leaving anything. In all ancient texts, there is one thing that is always very clear … These gods will one day come back! Unless an alien vehicle lands on the lawn of the White House, scientists know that there will always be some skeptics. People are always looking for a conclusive proof of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings, but a more useful and honest question would be … How many words and words would suffice to make you believe I’m out there? From the documented experiences reported by the Shamans for tens of thousands of years, I believe that we are in contact with identities and beings not of this Earth, but what exactly these entities are, is still to be established, there are evidence indicating the possibility that in a past far away, men were visited by extraterrestrials and if we liquidate that possibility too quickly, we risk closing down discoveries that might be fascinating and bring us to another level that we can not even imagine.

It is very likely that the extraterrestrials who would come here for thousands of years, in fact we are … They resemble us, in fact the Bible states that God or the Gods, they created us in their image, we are sorry to be like them , to resemble them, to have their technology, to go into space as they did.

I believe that on other planets there is life, simple life, microbial life, I think we will find out, and who will maybe one day find another planet capable of sustaining life on which people evolved over the long run, who also looks at the stars questioning … Is there anything else out there? We are alone? We are a kind of explorer, eventually we will come to some form of intelligent life and when it happens if that society is primitive, at the technological level, we will become the ancient astronauts of that culture. Human history has become too dogma-based, taught by professionals in ivory towers, as if they were done, but human history can be subject to any kind of interpretation, the more it goes back and the history taught in universities begins to look like a fairy tale.

We have the logic, we have the intuition, we have our senses and let ourselves be limited by a scientific iteration is a mistake, we can send people on the moon, we can plan trips on Mars, we can produce cell phones, but we have no explanation for the fundamental questions that we should face … Where do we come from? What do we do here? And where are we heading? We still do not have the answers and we do not know more about the ancients, which we are desperately trying to explain. Exploring the theory of the Ancient Astronauts, it is the search for anomalous of our roots, the theory of the ancient astronauts will engage with time to answer all the questions, and that is why I have completely embraced this theory!

Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth?


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Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth?
Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth?
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