Rock carvings, the knowledge of the ancient gods transmitted to humans; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Rock carvings are signs excavated in the rock with pointed instruments of various kinds, such as a harder rock-like rock tip, using a tapping technique, guided or not by a percussionist or a metal tip, or by using a scraping technique a scratch, from which the name graffiti. The figures formed in some cases, by a dense concentration of holes, said cups, thought they could be covered with dye substances, in some cases served to convey the blood of sacrificed animals during animistic rites. Ancestral rocks have been found since Homo sapiens appeared until recently. Worldwide they are usually found in pasture pastures, near springs and lakes. They represent both realities of pastoral and agricultural daily life, both mythological and fantastic figures.

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For observation, the best time is sunrise or sunset, due to the shadows created by radiant sunlight, making them more visible. Those who came from parts of Bigge Island, Western Australia, could come across strange creatures like these. 

Bigge Island rocky engravings

Bigge Island rocky engravings

Big eyes, thick nose, a mysterious aura around the head and, above all, no mouth: this is the appearance of the primitive Gods – the “Wandjina” – which a beautiful day, following a “dream” of creation, plummeted the world and all living things. At least that was what the Australian aborigines believed in painting on the walls of some caves in the area. It is not yet clear at what period these paintings date back to, but many of the archaeological finds made so far have suggested a period between 50,000 and 40,000 years ago. A team of archaeologists from the German Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster has discovered dozens of rock patterns in Sudan, Bayuda desert.

Bayuda desert rocky engravings

Bayuda desert rocky engravings

Rock carvings, the knowledge of the ancient gods transmitted to humans

These examples of rock art, so far unknown to science, would go back to a period between 5,000 and 1,500 years ago. The most interesting aspect of the discovery is that some of the rock depictions would date back to at least 5,000 years ago. They are mostly geometrical motifs, including the spiral. These incisions were made when Sudan was damp, rich in prairies and savannahs. But understanding the meaning of these designs is difficult. One hypothesis is that spiral motifs can be associated with some form of astronomy or astrology, but there is no evidence that can confirm this idea. Finally, it is possible to find the sites that have been called “gong rocks”, large rock pieces on which some would have enjoyed playing the stones to make sounds. Some of these rocks can produce multiple tones, as experienced by archaeologists, but today it is not possible to tell who, how, why and when they were used. “As we have tried ourselves, the sound of many of these rocks could be felt even at relatively long distances.” Mysterious objects, impossible, clothed with legend. The world is full of artifacts that seem to move to other dimensions, as if they were arcane or created by nonhuman hands. Objects that are ignored by the function, or who think about unthinkable functions for the time when they were created. And even in Italy you can find traces of these inanimate puzzles, perhaps linked to magical beliefs. Let us go to Teglio, in the heart of Valtellina, and enter the sixteenth-century Palazzo Besta. Here, in the Antiquarium Tellinum, located on the ground floor, there is a special stone, called Cave Stele.

Cave Stele

Cave Stele

This is an object dating to the 3rd millennium BC, a stone oval on which an anthropomorphic figure is engraved, perhaps a female goddess, the Mother Goddess for example. Different hypotheses are made: according to some theories it would be the comet Ison, with lateral protuberances, clearly displayed only in recent times.

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The question is at this point how did the people in the area see such details so clearly that only modern telescopes can observe? Did he really go so close to the planet? And why does Teglio have this name, since it comes from Tellus, that is star? And why is this stele found near the Valcamonica, where there are lots of special rock paintings? The local engravings dating to the Mesolithic period between the 7th and 6th centuries BC, UNESCO’s patrimony since ’79, aroused the interest of paleoufologists because of the peculiarities of the images.

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After more than three months, an expedition of the “Treasure Seekers” group accidentally discovered a stone engraved in the cave. Not a stone anyway, as engraved with shapes and designs that remind aliens.

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A discovery that required a further inspection at the site where it was found. You have to walk several hours through the bush to reach a series of three hidden caves. These are located within the borders of Veracruz and Puebla, where surprising discoveries have been reported, namely, one of these stone slabs that “tell” with drawings the possible relationship between humans and aliens.

Veracruz and Puebla rocky engrvings

Veracruz and Puebla rocky engravings

On the stones in the cave, various carved drawings, including alien and humanoid ships; on one of these, apparently broken due to previous incursions, the top of a space ship, an alien and a former head of pre-Hispanic culture, who apparently has an ear of wheat, in addition to some others symbols that need to be deciphered. These stones also seem to have a name: “stones of the first encounter”.

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Close encounters

Which also denotes how local populations were aware of it. According to the legend that tells the locals, near the site, a spacecraft might have been trapped or embedded in a cave. With their help, they could access the caves and start their first three months visit. An unimaginable goal because not only was the cave found, but also these very exceptional engravings. But extraordinary things do not end here. It was also possible to verify the existence of something luminous, of golden color that, passing the metal detector, detected the presence of a metallic material. Which, apparently, could be a thin sheet of gold, in addition to fragments scattered everywhere. The Department of State for Archaeology and Culture in Chitchatting, India, asked for assistance from the Indian Space Research Organization to investigate a series of ancient rock paintings found within some Charama caves.

Charama caves rocky engravings

Charama caves rocky engravings

According to one of the archaeologists, the works reflect the belief among ancient human beings that we are not alone in the universe. Chitchatting is a state of central India, rich in ancient rock paintings, as explained on their website. However, some researchers have recently referred to some unusual paintings, showing animals that appear to be kangaroos and giraffes, non-native species of the country. In other respects, ancient prehistoric artists seem to have liked to depict strange male-fish hybrid creatures. Some researchers are convinced that pictograms are representations of ancient astronauts and UFO sightings. The paintings are made with natural colors that have just faded despite the passing of millennia. The figures seem to possess weapons-like objects and have no recognizable features at all. Especially nose and mouth are missing. In some depictions, they are shown wearing a kind of space suit. Bhagat, a rock art scholar, argues that the paintings date back to about 10,000 years ago. In his view, the images can depict extraterrestrials and UFOs, represented in the form of humanoid beings descending from the sky, with helmets and antennas, on board a disc-shaped object with three rays (or legs). Images tell us that human beings, in prehistoric times, might have seen or imagined beings coming from other planets, creating great curiosity between people and researchers. Extensive research is required for further investigation. And with this statement that sees me completely, I close and hope in an international collaboration to shed light on these arts, which are numerically infinite, scattered all over the world.

Rock carvings, the knowledge of the ancient gods transmitted to humans.


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Rock carvings, the knowledge of the ancient gods transmitted to humans.

Rock carvings, the knowledge of the ancient gods transmitted to humans.