Reptilian Genetic Links and Anomalies

Reptilian Genetic Links and Anomalies

Reptilian Genetic Links and Anomalies; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


In the quietude of an English night in 2008, Charmaine de Roero’s life took a surreal turn. Awakening to the sight of a reptilian humanoid at the foot of her bed, Charmaine’s recounting of her experiences delves into a realm where extraterrestrial beings manipulate human genetics. As we explore her extraordinary narrative, we are compelled to question the enigmatic connections between humanity and these elusive reptilian entities.


Charmaine’s Transformation

Charmaine’s assertion of a physical transformation during her encounter with reptilian aliens is both captivating and bewildering. Within an underground cave, she describes being encircled by reptilians who, through touch, initiated a metamorphosis. The surreal shift from human to reptilian form, with scales and a tail, raises profound questions about the potential impact of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation on the human species.


Origins of Genetic Manipulation

According to Charmaine, her abductors revealed a startling truth – all humans are products of alien genetic manipulation. Different extraterrestrial races, driven by territorial conflicts, visited Earth at various points in history, shaping and manipulating human and animal genetics. This theory challenges conventional beliefs about human evolution, inviting us to consider a more complex narrative of our origins.


Mysterious Reptilian Statues in Sierra Leone

Further evidence of ancient connections between Earth and reptilian aliens surfaces through the discovery of mysterious statues in Sierra Leone, Africa. Known as “naly,” these statues depict humanoid figures with lizard heads and are often accompanied by blue stones called “sky stones.” Unraveling the connection between these enigmatic figures and ancient reptilians becomes a compelling puzzle for researchers.


Scientific Examination of Mysterious Stones

To shed light on the mysterious stones, ancient astronaut theorist David Chrz conducts scientific examinations at the University of Washington. The stones, found near reptilian statues, exhibit unusual concentrations of nitrogen, hinting at a potential extraterrestrial origin. Scientific scrutiny adds a layer of complexity to the investigation into the links between ancient reptilians and humanity.



As science delves into the possibility of extraterrestrial connections through mysterious stones and narratives like Charmaine’s, new perspectives on our genetic history emerge. The notion that humans might carry traces of alien genetic manipulation could revolutionize our understanding of evolution and human origins. The ongoing research leaves us on the precipice of discovery, questioning whether these theories will reshape our comprehension of the universe and our place within it. The enigma persists, urging us to explore the depths of our genetic past and the mysteries that lie beyond the confines of Earth.

Reptilian Genetic Links and Anomalies

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Reptilian Genetic Links and Anomalies
Reptilian Genetic Links and Anomalies
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