MYSTERIOUS LINKS: between world religions and otherworldly beings

MYSTERIOUS LINKS: between world religions and otherworldly beings

MYSTERIOUS LINKS: between world religions and otherworldly beings; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

To Megan, Germany 2013.
Scientists at the University of Tubigan report a landmark event. They have sequenced and decoded DNA extracted from five Egyptian mummy heads.

Somehow, the way the ancient Egyptians embalmed the bodies of their dead allowed DNA to survive for thousands of years. One of the factors in mummification is the rapid extraction of water, which is believed to protect the mummy from DNA degradation. While researchers have not yet found a complete set of genetic blueprints for ancient Egyptian bodies, this discovery shows that it might be possible to bring these people back to life, to physically resurrect them, if enough DNA is found. The process would be extremely difficult, but the technology is advancing. Some ancient astronaut theorists suggest that many religions describe a moment when humans reach a higher form, a transformation, where we have achieved our purpose on Earth. But beyond that, there is the concept of the great Resurrection, where gods promise to return. Could the end of days, as described in various religions, be the time when humanity discovers the secret to resurrection, allowing us to move between physical and spiritual planes of existence? Is this the realm where we might finally meet the extraterrestrials that ancient astronaut theorists claim visited Earth thousands of years ago? The idea of resurrection or rebirth into a new realm of existence, a new kingdom of heaven, was central to our interaction with celestial or extraterrestrial beings. There is a connection between extraterrestrials, angels, and the near-death experience. It is suggested that at the end of days, the veil between realities will be parted, allowing us to move between the world of the living and the world of the afterlife. Rather than dread, this should be seen with joy, as it means we are not alone, and they are there with us. Could it be that we have souls that exist in a realm accessible to otherworldly beings? And if so, could stories of prophets’ second coming, the reanimation of the dead, and encounters with those on the brink of death be evidence that extraterrestrials hold the secret to resurrection?


Thank you for your message. Every religion seeks to answer the same fundamental question: where did we come from? Philosophers, sages, and priests have contemplated our origin since the beginning of humanity. While science looks for evidence to provide answers, religion and science approach this question with different sets of rules. Science employs the scientific method, while religion presupposes the existence of a God or gods.

Both offer different views of reality, but there are moments of convergence where they are compatible. Science, religion, and philosophy all seek truth, particularly when exploring moments like the Big Bang or Creation. It brings to mind Einstein’s question of what God’s thoughts were when creating the universe. So why do we often consider science and religion at odds? Is it necessary for one to negate the other? Science doesn’t make definitive statements about the existence of God, leaving an opening for the possibility of God’s involvement, such as being responsible for the Big Bang. In the ancient world, philosophers were also scientists, with no clear distinction between hard research and theological speculations. Today, we consider them as separate pursuits, but if we want to bridge the gap between religion and science, we must recognize that religion could benefit from being more scientific, and science could benefit from being more open to religious insights. Not in a mythological sense, but by exploring what might be missing or what truth there may be in religious interpretations. Let’s explore, discover, and seek the truth together.

Tibetan And Kabbalistic Traditions

Across the globe, over 1.5 billion people believe in reincarnation, including many Eastern philosophies and the Kabbalistic sect of Judaism. Tibetans, for example, believe in rebirth, considering it to be unlimited and already existing.

They view the body as a vessel for consciousness, which then travels to the next form. In the Kabbalistic tradition of Judaism, reincarnation is seen as a fundamental belief, and souls are believed to be given multiple chances to get it right. In ancient Greece, philosophers like Socrates, Pythagoras, and Plato discussed the possibility of reincarnation. Plato, in his dialogues, expressed confidence in the idea of living again and the concept of the living springing from the dead, indicating a strong belief in reincarnation. It’s important to note that beliefs about reincarnation vary, and some cultures even entertain the idea of souls reincarnating from other planets. The question arises whether the recycling of souls through different bodies is simply a natural continuation of life or if it is directed toward a greater purpose that extends beyond Earth.


The Book of Enoch, specifically chapter 91, recounts a story where Enoch, after journeying through the heavenly realm and returning to Earth, gathers his family to share a prophecy.

In this prophecy, Enoch states that he will return to the planet, but thousands of years will have passed, so they will not see each other again. The concept of a divine figure leaving and returning to Earth is echoed in various major religions. In Christianity, the return of Jesus, considered the Messiah, is expected. In Islam, there is anticipation for the return of either the Mahdi or Muhammad. Hindu scriptures speak of the tenth and final incarnation of the god Vishnu, which comes at the end of the present cycle of time. These prophecies often describe the Messianic figure riding upon the clouds of heaven, which has led to speculation about the use of a vehicle or craft. Some interpretations suggest that these prophecies might actually refer to extraterrestrial intervention on Earth rather than traditional religious figures. The idea is that the return of these divine or holy figures could potentially be linked to the arrival of extraterrestrials, shaping a new reality for humanity. This perspective raises the possibility that sacred religious texts may document encounters with extraterrestrial beings or advanced civilizations. However, it’s important to note that interpretations and beliefs regarding these prophecies vary widely among different individuals and religious traditions.

MYSTERIOUS LINKS: between world religions and otherworldly beings


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