Tibet, the population has extraterrestrial descent

Tibet, the population has extraterrestrial descent

Tibet, the population has extraterrestrial descent; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

In 2010, a group of researchers analyzed the specific genes responsible for the high altitude adaptation of Tibetans. These scientists from China, Denmark and the University of California in Berkeley have been able to identify genes with mutations very common in Tibetans, but very rare in lowland populations. The research helped scientists understand how the body behaves in the absence of oxygen and diseases associated with lack of oxygen in the womb.

But the reality is that the scientists of this discovery have not been able to establish the true origin of the strange Tibetan gene (EPAS1). And this lack of knowledge gave way to various theories that explored the possibility of extraterrestrial beings coming to Earth in ancient times. According to some experts, a certain alien race fled their dying planet and arrived on Earth, settling in Tibet, where the living conditions were very similar to ours, that is, areas with a soft atmosphere and low temperature. This would perfectly explain the mental differences and peculiarities of Tibetans who are considered the standard bearers of human spirituality. Thus for many people the Tibetans, direct descendants of the extraterrestrial race, were the cause of modern philosophical conceptions of extraterrestrial civilization. Conspiracy theorists also say that it is also possible for Tibet to hide files related to the existence of extraterrestrial beings, as well as samples of their art, so it is no coincidence that researchers and military are very interested in Tibet.

Tibetans who know their true origin have always maintained that long before the history of mankind began, the giants walked the Earth. It was the custodians of Earth who came here to “supervise” the development of life on this planet. This race of giants of Extraterrestrial origin did not go unnoticed, so they decided to have the same size as humans. So they were able to mix with humans without being recognized.

This is simply part of the beliefs of Tibetan monks about the origin of our civilization and the arrival of extraterrestrial beings which in turn gave rise to Tibetans to know today and seems to be proven by scientific research on its amazing gene.

And we cannot ignore the discovery of a mysterious Tibetan artifact, exactly a statue, found by an expedition led by the famous German researcher Ernst Schäfer, on the eve of the Second World War. Apparently it turned out that the Nazis found something more important than they thought. The mysterious find of Buddhist origin, is composed of 10 kg of iron composed of alien ataxite, a rare iron class with a high nickel content that is very rare and is said to not come from the Earth but from the cosmos, therefore extraterrestrial.

Experts believed that it was a common practice in many Tibetans who worship meteorite fragments or artifacts made by them because they considered them a part of themselves. Varanasi sculpture perhaps represented the Buddhist god, however, historical and ethnological details of the “Iron Man” sculpture and the production date remain a mystery. As mentioned earlier, the lack of information from scientists is causing many people to believe that the origin of the Tibetans is clearly foreign.

Some experts argue that the extraterrestrial origin of the Tibetans also gives them access to certain psychic powers such as remote viewing which is not at all strange in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years, remote viewing, in addition to other spiritual activities, has dominated Tibetan culture. According to experts, some Tibetans have the ability to predict events such as our self-destruction. And that’s what Buddhist monks apparently warned of our destruction. The great world powers will destroy each other. But it will be at that precise moment when something extraordinary will happen, as he says that the supernatural divine powers of the Tibetans will intervene.

The monks also said that beyond 2020 our current civilization will understand that the last frontier of science and technology will be in the area of spirituality and not in the material aspects of physics and chemistry. The Tibetan people believe that after 2020, our life will have a very different direction since people will learn the essence of spirituality, the relationship between body and soul, reincarnation and the fact that we are connected with each other. other, a wisdom transmitted directly from their extraterrestrial parents. As we have seen, there is much evidence that seems to show the extraterrestrial origin of Tibetans and which is hidden by governments and official science, with the sole intention of never discovering our true identity.

Tibet, the population has extraterrestrial descent


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Tibet, the population has extraterrestrial descent
Tibet, the population has extraterrestrial descent
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