Thailand, Extraterrestrial messages continue at the Buddhist temple; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

UFO researchers flock to a huge Buddha statue in Thailand, saying it houses a Wormhole that an extraterrestrial civilization uses to travel in different dimensions. A group of Buddhist believers on a remote hill in Thailand believe the aliens are communicating with people in the area and have been doing so for some years now. Khao Kala of Nakhon Sawan, which translates as “City of Heaven”, is located just three hours north of Bangkok and has become a gateway for tourists who wish to experience the supernatural.

The remote area is located on a hill between a sugar cane plantation. Believers say the hill hides a secret Wormhole that allows one or more Extraterrestrial civilizations from Pluto and other places to travel between different dimensions. For 20 years, people have been coming here to this remote Buddhist temple on the Khao Kala hill in Thailand, and every year there are more and more. And these people are attracted here not by the worship of Buddhism, but by the opportunity to communicate with Extraterrestrials, thanks to meditation. It all began in 1997 when a local resident named Cherd Chuensamnuang came to this temple to pray and meditate in front of a Buddha statue in the courtyard. And suddenly, during meditation, he came into telepathic contact with creatures who claimed to live on another planet.

When the surprised Cherd told what happened to his family and the villagers, they didn’t believe him. But a year later, thousands of people saw how a UFO in the shape of a flying saucer was flying in the sky on the hill where the Buddha is located. And when a local resident reported seeing a group of aliens directly on the Khao Kala hill, a crowd of onlookers rushed to the temple, also wanting to communicate with the aliens. And many of them were lucky enough to have a similar experience, which they then shared with others. Cherd died in 2000, but his daughters founded a group of believers in “Buddhist aliens”. Through meditation, they learned a lot about aliens. “Two races of aliens, a group of Pluto, are in contact with the people of Khao Kala. Some of these aliens come from a planet called Logu Kata Paka Tigong. Plutonians do not have a physical body and are composed of energy. The inhabitants of Logu Kata have a physical body and have very advanced technologies, ”says Vassana, one of Cherd’s daughters. “Plutonians worry about the amount of destructive things happening on Earth, wars, environmental problems. All of this has a great impact on our planet. They also want to give some people the opportunity to chat with them to get to know them better. And if people were ever destroyed in a nuclear war, aliens can help survivors restore human civilization. ” 

Vassana does not know exactly where the inhabitants of the planet Logu connect with people. They just said their planet is in the orbit of a star in our Galaxy. Some extraterrestrial messages are similar to prophecies and seem very intimidating. “Recently, the aliens told humans that the third world war would start in 2022, but that they would try in every way not to make this conflict that would lead to total destruction.” Subsequently, the flow of people who want to come and meditate to communicate with the aliens has increased even more. In August 2019, the police even arrived at the temple, as those who wanted to meditate on the Buddha statue raised many tents right next to the protected forest area and wanted to organize a large gathering. According to Vassana, meditation and communication with aliens gave them the opportunity to “travel in space and time” with the help of the power of the mind. Currently, one hundred people are permanent members of the Khao Kala Society. They wear white clothes and, more often than others, come to pray and meditate in front of a Buddha statue at the top of the hill. One of them, a Bangkok resident, Ploy Buranasiri, has been coming here for the past 9 years. He says he personally saw strange flying objects in the sky and encountered unusual creatures “from the sky”. Another community member, Sukvasa Mukprom, 32, recently visited Khao Kala Hill, but was here more than 10 times last year. In addition to information about the impending war, the Plutonians also scare people with a variety of prophecies about environmental disasters and natural disasters, but details about them are not indicated in the press. Several media outlets, including CNN and Vice, recently traveled to the area, where some people believe humans can communicate telepathically with aliens. 

The hill sits between a sugar cane plantation, and according to the Bangkok Post, believers at the supernatural site claim it hides a secret wormhole that allows aliens to travel between different dimensions. Believers practice meditation on Hill 145, where a giant Buddha statue sits beneath the statue of a seven-headed Serpent. Several other Buddhist statues, including a so-called “Buddha footprint”, are nearby. Somjit Raepeth, a member of the Khao Kala group or UFO Khao Kala, a group that believes the area has supernatural qualities, told the Bangkok Post in 2015 that the members practice strict Buddhist principles and have been able to contact aliens from Pluto and another planet called Logu Kata Paka Tigong, located somewhere in the Milky Way. “They have great virtues and morals,” he told the Bangkok Post. “The only way to get in touch with them is to practice the Dharma (Buddhist teachings) at the highest levels.” According to CNN, followers of the ideology believe that people can listen to aliens through meditation and have described them as “thin, small and silvery humanoids“. Today these contacts continue and the group meditates almost every day in front of the statue of the Buddha, where sometimes a dimensional portal opens with the consequent appearance of Alien Spaceships.

Thailand, Extraterrestrial messages continue at the Buddhist temple


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Thailand, Extraterrestrial messages continue at the Buddhist temple

Thailand, Extraterrestrial messages continue at the Buddhist temple