GIANT: Terrifying creatures lived on earth?!

GIANT: Terrifying creatures lived on earth

GIANT: Terrifying creatures lived on earth?! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Foreign, site of ancient Mesopotamia and the cradle of civilization. In the remains of the ancient city of Nineveh, Sumerian tablets dating back to as early as 1800 BC tell the tory of King Gilgamesh

In this epic poem, Gilgamesh has a companion named Enkidu, whos described as a hairy wild man living outside human society. What is fascinating about the Epic of Gilgamesh is the fact that it relates to us a story of Enkidu, who allegedly was a giant. It is possible that Enkidu, this wild hairy beast, giant could have been of extraterrestrial origin because that is what the ancient Sumerian texts are saying. And Enkidu is described in the Epic of Gilgamesh as being a hairy, man-like monster with great strength. When you read that story, you can’t help but think that Enkidu is some kind of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch. This is the actual first fashion being by the Gods where they put their genetic marker on it to make a new being that would be their slave, and they call this being Enkidu. 

Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that the Epic of Gilgamesh actually describes a hominid creature created by extraterrestrial beings? Sumerian texts also describe ancient sky Gods who came to Earth, called the Anunnaki.

The ancient astronaut theory explains how these gods were probably extraterrestrials and put their genetic marker on this beast. But that beast would still exist and probably went on its own evolutionary path to be the Bigfoot and the Sasquatch that we have today. Do ancient accounts of such human-like beasts provide further evidence that this otherworldly being may have really existed throughout our history? Some believe the giant in the Old Testament story of David and Goliath may also be an early representation of Bigfoot. 

If you think about the story of David and Goliath from the Bible, Goliath is huge, and he’s big, and he’s hairy. But he doesn’t live on the edge of civilization or avoid people. He’s really being used as a weapon, almost a weapon of terror against the Israelites. When you start reading the Bible in more detail and descriptions of these giants, there were various other big creatures in our ancestors’ world which we are no longer aware of, and Bigfoot might just be one category which somehow has been able to survive. Whether or not Goliath is a Bigfoot, and they definitely sit within the same category of a creature which clearly is not human but clearly is also present here and is taller than our ancestors were. My question is, what is the truth behind this particular story? And is it possible, as some scholars have suggested, that Goliath might have been an extraterrestrial? That he was a type of giant, a human abomination, a half-alien half-human creature that was so terrifying, so horrendous that David took it upon himself to vanquish that beast. All cultures across the world, whether it’s South America, Native American Indians, Europe, Russia, China, Tibet, Australia, all these nations have legends and tales of giant, hairy wild men. Now, you know, people say, “Well, legends are just legends,” but when you have cultures and countries separated by oceans all talking about very similar things, to me, this does suggest that in times past, these things we’re very, very prevalent and widespread across the world. For centuries, visitors to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia have been greeted with strange and mysterious stories that a race of giants once lived there thousands of years ago. 

But other than the presence of hundreds of bizarre monolithic stone structures, there had been little physical evidence after 1953 to convince mainstream archaeologists or even ancient astronaut theorists that the myths about giants ever had a basis in reality. That is, until 1979 when more giant bones were reportedly discovered during one of the island’s many archaeological excavations. I interviewed two individuals who worked on the excavation of the Nuragic ruins in the town of Sadhara, underneath the Church of Santa Anastasia.

Both of these individuals dug up, at different periods of time, multiple skeletons of giants from 9 to 12 feet tall. And then the bones of the giants would go into the church and then disappear overnight. There have been hundreds of excavations in which the bones of giants have been allegedly unearthed and then secreted away. Before we left the island of Sardinia, Marty and I were supposed to finally get access to an actual giant bone. That was all set, and then we received notifications that the guy pulled out and he was not going to show us the giant bone. Why did he pull out? One could argue that some type of censorship is going on in Sardinia. Censorship. Is it possible that physical evidence that could help prove that giants once inhabited the island of Sardinia has been deliberately hidden away? But if so, by whom and why? As far as Giorgio and Marty are concerned, that is just one of the many mysteries surrounding the existence of giants throughout history. questions still left unanswered by their trip. Hey, I want to ask you this: Did ancient astronauts visit Sardinia? I think there is no doubt that extraterrestrials visited Sardinia in ancient times because there are similar megalithic structures of inexplicable origin elsewhere on the planet. Because it’s a piece of what you’ve seen elsewhere, it adds to the bigger picture. Our ancestors were all visited by the same teachers. You know what? I respect that immensely because I think that’s the correct scientific way to go about things. You start with a supposition and then put it to the reality test, put it to the real world, put it to the evidence. I want to become convinced by the data. Well, if I have accomplished anything with you, I hope that you continue looking at other places and be like, “You know, that Giorgio guy, he has a point.” You want me to be convinced? Yes, exactly. And That’s a key point. You look me in the eye and you say, “You know what? I am convinced that ancient astronauts visited this planet and sowed the seeds of what inspired people to build these things.” I can’t prove you wrong, okay? I can’t, and I don’t know anybody who can do that. So the book is still open, yes, and I hope you will read the next chapter. You write it or read it. Okay, I’ll read it.  Harvard University, February 2018. In a groundbreaking genetic study published in the journal Nature, Harvard researchers announced a stunning discovery about ancient human DNA

It reveals that immediately after Stonehenge was built, the people who built it, the ancient inhabitants of Britain, suddenly and almost totally vanished from the British Isles. They left behind virtually no DNA in the modern British population.What the 2018 study suggests is that the genetic signature of the Neolithic inhabitants of the British Isles vanishes shortly after the period in which they built Stonehenge and is largely replaced by an entirely new human culture in a very short amount of time. The study is an absolute bombshell. An entire civilization just disappears without a trace, vanishes into thin air. It’s easily the most surprising and most shocking conclusion you can imagine. The study used a revolutionary new technique that samples DNA from ancient human bones and then compares it to the DNA of modern people in the same place. Scientists then determine what percentage of the modern population is descended from the ancient group. So, the new genetic data are really providing an example of population replacement in which the genetic markers that characterize one population are almost entirely replaced in a relatively short amount of time by the genetic signature that characterizes another population from a different part of the world. The strange disappearance of the Stonehenge Builders remains a profound historical mystery. Might it point to a deliberate cleansing of the human genetic line, as ancient astronaut theorists and the flood myths found worldwide suggest? Perhaps further evidence of this can be found with the recent discovery of a confounding genetic lineage that is proven nearly impossible to trace. Emory University Atlanta, Georgia 1998. Researchers analyzed DNA data collected from various Native American populations. In an effort to trace back their ancestral descent through the Bering Strait, the lineages are categorized into four haplogroups: A, B, C, or D. Each lineage represents a different migration off the Asian continent between 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. However, researchers have discovered that a small portion of the native population falls completely outside any previously known genetic group. This unique lineage is referred to as the X lineage. Among human haplogroups, the X lineage stands out. It is found in about 2.5 percent of some Native American groups and also in a small population of Northern Europeans and the Middle East. There is no apparent connection between these groups, and scientists have been puzzled by their distinctiveness. Isn’t it amazing that you have a group with this X haplogroup, which is so different from the others? It raises intriguing questions about the origins and migrations of ancient populations and whether there may have been interactions or genetic influences that are not yet fully understood. indigenous people of this planet, and their ancestry cannot be easily traced. Scientists are often left perplexed and uncertain because these people do not appear to be related to other known groups. This mystery surrounding the X lineage has led some ancient astronaut theorists to propose a connection to a lost race of people, including those reported to have existed throughout the world, including North America. These theorists speculate that the X lineage gene may be linked to the giants that were reported in various accounts starting in the mid-1800s. Archaeologists began excavating skeletons of giants who were described as being seven to fascinating. The presence of oversized skeletons found within the burial mounds of the ancient Adena Indian tribe in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia became a subject of interest for researchers, including the Smithsonian archaeologists in the 1800s. These skeletons, often described as being seven to eight feet tall, led to the area being referred to as the “Valley of the Giants.

” Author and researcher William Henry meets with a local Adena Indian researcher named Jason Gerald to explore one of these ancient earthworks called the Creole Mound. The mound was excavated by the Smithsonian Institution in November 1883, where they sank a circular shaft from the top of the mound to the bottom. This excavation likely aimed to uncover more information about the Adena culture and the presence of the oversized skeletons. The examination of these ancient earthworks and the discovery of large skeletons have fueled speculation among ancient astronaut theorists regarding the existence of a race of giants in ancient times. However, it is important to note that mainstream archaeologists and scientists have generally dismissed such claims and attribute the exaggerated size of some skeletal remains to natural variations or the misinterpretation of measurements and reports. It appears that during the excavation of the Creole Mound in the Kanawha Valley, an elaborate tomb was discovered. This tomb contained 11 burials, with 10 of them arranged in a semi-circular fashion around a central figure. According to AR signs, who assisted in the excavation, the central burial measured around 6 feet 8 and three-quarters inches in the tomb. Although the skull had been damaged during the excavation, it is believed that the individual was likely around 7 feet tall, indicating a giant or gigantic humanoid. The discussion between William Henry and Jason Gerald suggests that the Smithsonian Institution excavated numerous burial mounds in Charleston, West Virginia, during 1883. These excavations reportedly uncovered the remains of giants. It is important to note that without examining the specific documentation mentioned, it is challenging to provide further details or verify the claims made during the conversation. The conversation between William Henry and Jason Gerald suggests that the excavations conducted by the Smithsonian in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia in the late 1800s uncovered multiple gigantic skeletons, with heights ranging between seven and eight feet. These findings were reportedly documented by a government worker who recorded his day-to-day excavations, including the measurement of a skeleton that was seven feet six inches long. The discussion also highlights that the acknowledgment of these giant skeletons by the Smithsonian Institution was evident in their own reports before a policy of denial was implemented around 1920. This policy may explain why the general public is not widely aware of these discoveries, as they are not commonly found in history books. However, the existence of giant skeletons aligns with Native American legends and provides evidence supporting the accounts of giants in the region. It’s important to note that the specific documentation mentioned in the conversation would need to be examined to further evaluate the claims made and assess their credibility. The conversation suggests that the suppression of proof regarding giant skeletons could be due to the fact that it challenges the prevailing model of human evolution. The possibility of an extraterrestrial connection is raised, questioning the origins and identity of these seven to eight-foot giants. Speculation is made about whether they could be related to the giants mentioned in biblical accounts. The conversation also introduces the idea of extraterrestrial DNA playing a role in the existence of these giants. It’s important to note that these are speculative theories and interpretations presented by some ancient astronaut theorists and researchers. The mainstream scientific community generally does not support these claims, and further scientific investigation would be necessary to provide conclusive evidence and understanding of these phenomena.

GIANT: Terrifying creatures lived on earth?!


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