UFO DOSSIER – From prehistory to the Roswell case to the present.

UFO DOSSIER - From prehistory to the Roswell case to the present.

UFO DOSSIER – From prehistory to the Roswell case to the present. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Ten thousand years ago, a gigantic meteorite fell to Earth, causing the Earth’s axis to shift by as much as 2,000 kilometers on impact. The result was a veritable cataclysm that shook the entire planet: violent earthquakes and terrible volcanic eruptions were followed by torrential rains and rising seas. The event has been scientifically documented: proof for all, entire fossil forests of birch, beech and other trees living in temperate zones have been discovered in Antarctica, confirming the earth’s displacement that occurred at the time. This terrestrial catastrophe is still remembered by many people today, by no less than 70 legends handed down from generation to generation.

In them, the disappearance, due to this cataclysm, of a continent called Atlantis, inhabited by an evolved civilization, is also recalled. Atlantis was located between Africa and America, Plato also speaks of it in ‘Crizia’ and ‘Timaeus’. Some researchers claim that the few survivors of this lost civilization were able to reach, by different means, other landmasses and attempt to recreate new settlements from scratch, capitalizing on their experiences. The simultaneity of the advent of agriculture in many places on the planet testifies to this fact, which has been handed down for millennia. There are also a number of artefacts, structures and artefacts in which similarities can be found in the styles of working methods, monuments and traditions at many sites across the globe. Some legends also mention, under different names, the figure of Noah with his ark as the savior of mankind from divine punishment.

Many obscure points still exist in the history of mankind, questions that have not yet been answered, but not facts that date back to prehistoric times or monuments that have not yet revealed their construction techniques to us. Apart from ufologists and lovers of science fiction, some researchers believe that at some time in the short history of mankind, quantifiable at 15,000 years, evolved beings from distant planets may have appeared on Earth, friendly neighbors and perhaps for study. Already in prehistoric graffiti we find astonishing evidence, such as those found by the French scholar Michel Eme in the caves of Limousin, in west-central France. These are drawings dating from 30,000 to 10,000 years B.C., the reliability of which is unquestionable and which lead us to think that the men of that period portrayed not only mammoths, bison and other quadrupeds, but also objects that were unusual for them and which make us ponder today. Who among us, objectively speaking, does not see in these graffiti the lines of spaceships? Similar images are also found in other graffiti in caves in Spain, not far from the famous Altamira paintings. It cannot be ruled out that an evolved galactic civilization already 15-20 thousand years ago sent spaceships to Earth to study the birth and evolution of our species, with the same care with which our ancestors drew the animals around them. Thus, those strange vehicles that had brought unknown fingers from the sky were described in the same Tibetan Kanju writings that speak of gods descending from the sky in shining, flying spheres.

Taking a leap in space and time, let us examine another evidence discovered in the 1930s in southern Mexico, in the pyramidal temple of Palenque, a sacred city of the Maya. Another (temple) opens, whose walls are decorated with bas-reliefs. Let us carefully analyze the one said of the astronaut: a man was enclosed in a space capsule that posteriorly emits flames. The pilot is acting with his hands on controls. His left foot is pressing on a lever. On his head he wears a helmet equipped with an antenna, from which small tubes depart. His gaze observes an instrument. The front structure of the capsule, though stylized, is reminiscent of the Soviet Sojuz and U.S. Gemini. The pilot’s clothing and the position in which he stands are comparable to those of a modern astronaut.

There are at least a dozen precise references to the shuttles of the 1960s and 1970s in the bas-relief. Let us dwell on graffiti and artifacts that refer to the coming of extraterrestrial beings to Earth. Recall the Mexican figurines of the Olmec culture, alongside which appear cylindrical columns, called spears to pierce the sky. They are perhaps prehistoric space suits and helmets that appear in the Tassili graffiti; they do not differ much in depiction from those in Valcamonica. Also dating from prehistory is this stele from Castionetto, Valtellina, interpreted as an image of an astronaut holding a long-handled instrument. The lines of the head, which appears to be covered by a helmet, resemble those of the space mask from Palenque, Mexico.

According to many researchers, this is not a unique expressionistic style, but an identical typology of beings that have appeared in the most disparate parts of the planet, from the Lunigiana stele to the Etruscan astronaut’s head in the Assisi Museum, to the Cycladic spacemen, to the three amber idols of Prussia, to the Australian Lightning Brothers with astronaut helmets and footwear, to the Aztec head of the Eagle Horseman, and the list could go on. Posing the question, pure coincidences or indisputable evidence of extraterrestrials coming to Earth thousands of years ago? But there are also places that, according to some scholars, are linked to extraterrestrial contact. The Nazca Plateau in the Peruvian Andes, 60 kilometers long and a mile wide, seems to have the characteristics of a real Cosmo drome.

It is dotted with real landing and takeoff runways and large drawings that are visible only from above. Who created these runways and drawings? And why? It may be that in times long past, so-called “Gods Came from Space” came here and taught Peruvians how to build gigantic walls like those of Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacsayhuaman. If they did not have metal tools, by what means did they transport, raise and match the cyclopean stone boulders to perfection? In Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca at 3,850 meters, are the remains of an ancient civilization. The city’s Sun Gate, carved from a single block of rock weighing 18 tons, is one of the most important monuments of pre-Columbian civilizations. The carvings depict the story of Oryana, a beautiful woman who landed up here aboard a spaceship and became the great mother of the earth after giving birth to 70 children. From the Temple of the Sun she returned to the celestial spheres. No less important than the Gate of the Sun is the Great Idol, an eight-meter-high block of red sandstone, like other giants covered with symbols that reveal a good deal of astronomical knowledge about the sphericity of the Earth. A calendar was found in Tiahuanaco that from the position of the Moon to each hour of the day, taking into account the position of the Earth. How could the inhabitants of this city have achieved such vast scientific knowledge? Wherever one looks at the great monuments of the past, there is no adequate answer as to how it was possible to create works that have defied time for millennia. All over the world, from Mexico to Colombia to Peru to Chile, from Africa to Northern Europe, stand majestic works of which no one can explain how they were made. Because of their sheer size and complex structures, many of these colossal constructions, even thousands of miles apart, have some structural, ideological and scientific relevance to each other. Writer Peter Kolosimo made an astonishing comparison between the Mexican Pyramid of the Sun and the Egyptian Pyramid of Cheops: the base of the Mexican monument has the same measurements as that of Cheops (225 meters x 220) and the height (73 meters) corresponds to half of the latter.

This fuels the idea of close relations between American and Egyptian civilizations. As legends have it, these places were also visited by fingers that came from space to enlighten the minds of these two peoples. One was the experts who survived the catastrophe of Atlantis to disseminate their knowledge, but as a widespread theory goes, Atlantis was also founded by extraterrestrial entities. So the matrix should still be the same.  Human history, from the Paleolithic to the present day, boasts a remarkable record of sightings and alleged contact with extraterrestrials. Many places have been visited by humanoids who have come from space, and as we have seen, the evidence that has come down to us from distant times is many and indisputable, from prehistoric traces to the spacecraft found in an ancient Egyptian painting from 1500 B.C., to the model spaceplane found during archaeological excavations in Colombia and dating back a thousand years.

Yet, in the 9th century, men thought the Earth was flat. In the 1400s, it was believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe and that the sun, moon and stars revolved around it. In the 1700s, men did not believe that meteorites could fall from the sky: there were no stones in the sky and they claimed that meteorites were earth stones struck by lightning. In the mid-19th century, man did not imagine that he could fly: Bishop Wright said that flight was reserved for angels, but his two sons, Wilbur and Orville, would later disprove that claim. In 1930, the director of Greenwich Observatory, Sir Harold Spencer Jones, predicted that no man would ever set foot on lunar soil. However, long before man became interested in space, strange sightings occurred in Earth’s atmosphere. The various interpretations given from time to time reflect the different worldviews that have succeeded each other over the centuries. For example, Alexander the Great and his army were disturbed by a pair of flying objects in 329 BC. Most of the soldiers abandoned the camp, but the more daring ones stayed and tried to hit the discs with arrows and stones. In 1492, 24 hours before he sighted the coast of the New World, Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen a bright object from the sky enter the water and travel slowly near his ship. In addition, a disc-shaped flying object is depicted on a French coin minted around 1860, which some experts believe may have been made in commemoration of a sighting. The great British astronomer Edmond Halley, after whom the comet is named, also saw a series of strange objects in March 1716. One of these lit up the sky for more than two hours with light so bright that Halley could read. In 1897 a lighter-than-air ship was sighted, equipped with propellers, portholes, antennas and powerful reflectors pointed toward the earth. In 1917, at Fatima in Portugal, fifty thousand people watched in amazement as a huge silver disc danced across the sky spinning. After swooping down toward the earth, it ascended and disappeared toward the sun. One summer night in 1948, Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto, was sitting in the garden of his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico, when he saw a strange glowing spacecraft in the sky. Both he and all the other witnesses, including some members of his family, agreed that the object was some kind of ship and that it was an extraterrestrial craft. During World War II, Allied air force pilots reported sightings of UFOs over Germany.

These objects appeared out of nowhere and seemed to want to play with aircraft. The pilots referred to them as “fiery fighters.” Air Force Major Apple II, now retired, recounts what happened to his squadron in the skies over Japan: “One of my crew saw something red-orange following him over the left. It was not easy to judge the distance also because it was constantly moving. The chief gunner, who had control of all the B-29’s weapons, fired a couple of bursts in that direction. The shots went right toward the object, but nothing happened. At that time I thought it was a Japanese secret weapon, perhaps invented by the Germans. The Germans thought it was an Allied gimmick. I mean, everybody thought it was somebody else’s and nobody knew what it was. On December 5, 1945, a squadron of five torpedo bombers, with very experienced crews, took off from Fort Lauderdale Air Station, Florida, for a short routine flight. All planes were fully fueled and weather conditions were excellent, but something strange occurred: the commander reported that he had lost his sense of direction. So, the control tower ordered the squadron to head directly west, but the commander replied alarmed, “We don’t know where the west is, everything is haywire, everything is strange, no values are reliable, even the ocean doesn’t look like it should.” Then he said that strange unidentified spacecraft were approaching them. At that point, radio contact broke down and all five planes disappeared without a trace. A huge Martin Mariner with 13 people on board, a plane capable of ditching in the gale-force ocean, was sent in search of the five missing planes, but it too disappeared into the silence of the Atlantic. The largest search operation in history was begun: for five days, 300 planes and 21 ships scoured the sea and sky, but of the six planes and crews, no trace. To this day, the affair is shrouded in mystery. Some believe that the solution lies in the UFO phenomenon, but several questions arise in this regard. Can UFOs exist? If so, what intelligent forces are hidden in them? What are their intentions? Are they hostile, benevolent or just curious? Where do they come from? Do they come from Earth or from some of those mysterious stars shining in the dark vastness of space? Orson Welles argued that the discovery of even a single bacterium on Mars or any other body in the solar system would indicate that the entire evolutionary, cosmic, chemical, biological chain is active everywhere.

In that case, the existence of life anywhere in the universe would be the rule rather than the exception. If so, there could be other intelligent civilizations capable of communicating with us. Here are the results of a symposium on this topic attended by scientists from all over the world: according to one of the most optimistic estimates, there could be about a million civilizations in a galaxy. Thus, this means that in a few hundred stars there would be a civilization. Therefore, in our galaxy, there could be life in a billion planets. So, we can have the hope of making contact with at least one of these civilizations. When we talk about life outside the Earth, we generally refer to intelligent beings, someone in short who resembles our noble “self.” It is not to be ruled out that there are beings significantly more evolved than we are. According to some accounts, however, the somatic data do not turn out to be very edifying to our taste. The dream of this so-called natural event began on Oct. 12, 1992, when NASA‘s SETI program in charge of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence initiated a 10-year, $100 million project whose sole purpose was to answer one question: “Is man alone in the universe? The main instrument of the SETI program is the 300-meter-diameter Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

It is the most powerful radio telescope in the world and is staffed by more than 100 physicists, astronomers, programmers and technicians who keep a constant eye on the control panels in hopes of sensing radio waves transmitted into space by possible intelligent beings. A recent Gallup poll found that one in two people believe in UFOs. More than 15 million people assure they have seen UFOs, and among them two thousand say they have had contact with spacecraft occupants. Fighter-bombers and surface-to-air missiles have tried to strike UFOs, but to no avail. UFOs emit energy waves unknown to us, often causing damage to engines and electrical circuits, causing strange and disturbing reactions in animals and not infrequently deep psychological disturbances in humans. They have the ability to materialize out of thin air and, more frequently, to disappear into the air while we are looking at them. Both human eyes and radar have recorded incredible aerial maneuvers, such as 90-degree turns at very high speeds, and speeds in excess of 25,000 kilometers per hour. There can be no more doubt about the existence of UFOs, even for the most ardent skeptics. One question remains: where did they come from? If UFOs came from another galaxy, they would have to travel at least two million light-years, even traveling at the speed of light, which is about 300,000 kilometers per second. However, if UFOs came from a remote star in our galaxy, traveling 1.6 million kilometers per day, it would take them about 70,000 years to reach Earth from the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is 40 trillion kilometers away. Other stars are thousands of times farther than Alpha Centauri, but space travel also presents other complications: space is not empty, but contains cosmic gas, dust and particles. Nobel Laureate Edward Purcell, a professor at Harvard, noted that if a spacecraft traveled at the speed of light, it would collide with radiation emitted by this cosmic material, and the impact would be equivalent to many atomic collisions. With the experience gained over many years, we have arrived at a classification of encounters with extraterrestrial entities divided into six distinct categories. Close encounters of the first type refer to simple eye contact with an unidentified flying object. Close encounters of the second type include both eye contact and evidence with footprints on the ground. Close encounters of the third type involve direct confrontation with a being, a space entity sometimes called a humanoid. Close encounters of the fourth kind are alleged abductions by the crew of a spacecraft, where the person claims to have been brought aboard for research or experimental purposes. Close encounters of the fifth kind involve reports of individuals claiming to have impersonal contact with extraterrestrial entities through occult or metaphysical systems. Close encounters of the sixth kind involve injuries or deaths resulting from a close encounter with extraterrestrial humanoids. On January 7, 1948, an unidentified flying object was sighted at Goodman Air Force Base in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The control tower was alerted when four scouting F-51 jets, led by Squadron Leader Captain Thomas Mann, reported that they had spotted the object and left to pursue it. After a few minutes, Captain Mann reported to the tower, ‘I’m coming up to take a look. It is right in front of me and moving at half the speed of mine. It looks like a giant metal aircraft without wings. I’m climbing to 6,000 meters and if I can’t get close, I’ll abandon the chase.’ These were the last words Captain Mantel uttered. Later, his body was found in a field and the wreckage of his plane was scattered over a radius of 800 meters. There were many more sightings that year. In July 1948, the San Antonio Strategic Air Command notified FBI Chief Edgar Hoover that the pilot, second pilot and one or more passengers of Eastern Airlines had seen an unidentified aircraft over Montgomery, Alabama. The aircraft was of an unconventional type, wingless and resembling in overall appearance to comic book space ships. It was equipped with portholes, larger than the Eastern Airlines planes, and was moving at an estimated speed of 4,300 kilometers per hour. On the evening of July 19, 1952, air traffic controller R. I. Bans of Washington National Airport detected seven slow-moving objects on radar.

He called Andrews Air Force Base and learned that their radar was also giving the same indications. A pair of F-94 military jets were sent to search the skies over Washington, but nothing was found. As soon as the jets reversed course, the signals reappeared on the radar screen and remained there until dawn. A week later, ARRIVAR is spotted ten more objects on the radar. Andrews Air Force Base confirmed the presence of the same objects on its experts as well. Barks called the Pentagon and two jets flew over Washington again. This time the UFOs remained visible on radar. One of the pilots said he saw four lights. Then suddenly he said the lights were surrounding his plane, but soon after the UFOs were gone and disappeared into the night. The Pentagon was inundated with press calls, and President Harry Truman asked Secretary of Defense Forrestal to find out what was going on.

On October 27, 1952, the FBI drew up this memorandum, “The Air Force Intelligence Service is still convinced that flying saucers are optical illusions or atmospheric phenomena, but some Army officers are giving serious consideration to the theory of interplanetary ships.” On Dec. 24, 1959, the inspector general of the Air Force informed commanders of all air bases that flying saucers were a serious problem and that the U.S. government had distributed a pamphlet to the military with guidance on how to recognize a UFO, how to describe it and how to handle its fragments. The range of witnesses who have seen a UFO is vast and also includes Air Force and Navy military personnel, marines, radar technicians, aeronautical engineers, air traffic controllers, astronomers, FBI agents, and pilots and crews from all U.S. airlines. The late Dr. Allen Hynek coordinated the Air Force-led UFO investigation called Project Blue Book for 18 years. He was recognized as the world’s foremost authority on ufology. After collecting data on computers from more than 63,000 sightings, he declared that “the UFO phenomenon is undoubtedly a phenomenon of our era.” Three facts emerge from this that no one can deny: the first is that the testimonies exist; the second is that the testimonies come from all over the world; and the third is that many among them are signed by highly responsible, often trained and scientifically educated people. Among those who claimed to have seen a UFO was Senator Barry Goldwater, who said, “Flying saucers, unidentified flying objects or whatever you want to call them, they exist.”

Prince Philip of England is a flying saucer enthusiast and meticulously notes all major UFO sightings on a huge map in his private study at Buckingham Palace. General Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander of Allied forces in the South Pacific, believed in UFOs to the point of commissioning a report that turned out to be 20,000 pages long. One fall evening in 1969, Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter was preparing a speech for the town of Liri when he spotted a bright object in the sky to the west. Carter described his experience by saying, “We were about 20 people when suddenly, it was sunset, a green light appeared in the western sky, became brighter and brighter, and then finally disappeared.” During his term as president, Ronald Reagan admitted to seeing a UFO when he was governor of California.

This occurred while he was aboard the government plane with his wife Nancy. They chased it for about 500 kilometers, but at one point lost it. On November 7, 1975, an alarm went off at Malmstrom’s Minuteman missile launch base in Montana. A counterterrorism team immediately went to the site and saw suspended in the air a bright orange disc the size of a soccer field. The disc began to rise and when it reached an altitude of 300 meters, it was picked up by the radar of the North American Defense Air Command in Great Falls. Two F-106 bombers were dispatched to intercept the vehicle, but before they arrived, the flying object disappeared from radar screens. On the evening of October 25, 1973, Steven Poole Hanski, a young rancher from Pennsylvania, and at least 15 other witnesses saw a glowing object hovering above a field. Stephen grabbed his rifle and went outside because he had heard noises. There was an intense smell of sulfur in the air. Stephen saw two creatures in the half-light and, believing that they were hostile, he fired into the air to intimidate them, but they did not move. He fired a second time and the two figures disappeared into the woods. Soon after, the shimmering object rose up disappearing into the night. A police patrol unit drafted a report on the incident. Witnesses recounted that Steven had growled like an animal and whipped his arms. His dog had run at him and he had attacked him viciously, putting him on the run. Then he fainted and shortly regained consciousness. Everyone confirmed the presence of a nauseating sulfur-like odor. On October 11, 1973, Charles Exan and Kevin Parker were fishing when a strange device came down from the sky and hung in the air. Parker fainted and Hickson was paralyzed, but he could see what was happening. Two entities emerged from the spacecraft and took Hickson by the arms, carried him inside the UFO and examined him thoroughly, then brought him back to the riverbank. Later, the two fishermen, recovered from their trauma, reported to the sheriff what had happened, then were left alone in the office. With a hidden microphone, their conversation revealed that both had become very frightened. Parker had suffered emotional trauma that led him to a nervous breakdown, while Hickson had mental turmoil for quite some time. Close encounters of the fourth kind, that is, of people abducted by aliens and held against their will, are the most terrifying. The most striking case was experienced by Betty and Barney Hill on the night of September 19, 1961. As they were on their way home, they saw an approaching light becoming brighter and brighter. It was a UFO that crossed the road and stopped in front of their car. To realize what was happening, Betty got out of the car and heard a voice calming her. She quickly got back into the car, started the car and took the highway at great speed, and stopped only at home. Both of them were oppressed by nightmares and visions, so they went to a psychiatrist and, under hypnosis, told a much stranger story than they remembered while awake. Here is their detailed account: Barney braked the car and the engine turned off. The creatures approached from two sides and led them on the path through the woods to the spacecraft, where they took them aboard and gave them a thorough examination. They also managed to describe in detail what their captors were like. Betty Hill, still under hypnosis, recalled that they were very interested in human sexuality and that they communicated with them through a form of telepathy that resonated as a clear voice inside their heads. A journalist, researcher and author of 18 books has completed an investigation into some cases of close encounters of the fourth kind. He claims that no one knows exactly what hypnosis is and what it causes in the mind. It is an alternative state of consciousness, as yoga claims, practiced by doctors loosens the normal connections between the spirit and the brain. Of course, if a hypnotist is skilled, he or she can convey in the subject all kinds of suggestions, can make the hypnotized person believe that things are happening or make the hypnotized person believe that he or she has powers that he or she does not actually possess, or make the hypnotized person try new experiences, can even imprint memories in the mind. Dr. Hunt also claims that other alien beings, assuming there are any up there, could do the same to us earthlings. Sergio is Kells, a Nobel laureate in brain research, describes the brain as a machine that can be set in motion by a ghost. He means that in a normal state of consciousness, the spirit operates the brain. In altered states achieved through yoga, transcendental meditation and hypnosis, the normal connections between spirit and matter are loosened, allowing another spirit, another entity, to step in and start transmitting to the neurons of the brain, creating a universe of illusions. It is diabolical. All the evidence seems to lead to this conclusion: according to him, aliens themselves could have these properties. Dr. Allen Hynek argues that the behavior of UFOs and their apparent isolation in space and time, at least as we measure them, presents us with unanswered questions. Sightings occur at a certain place, at a certain time and for a short time, sometimes they are apparitions from nowhere that end in nothingness.

If they really come from some distant planet, why do they not stay longer? It was running in the 1950s, just at that time UFOs entered the history of space conquest by storm. In the spring of 1959 some UFOs spread panic in the Soviet air force, sailing for more than 24 hours over Sverdlovsk. The headquarters of a tactical missile command was ordered to turn some fighters away from them, but they got the better of the jets and, zipping around, avoided all projectiles. In 1978 the Salyut 6 spacecraft experienced an exceptional adventure: it was chased for three orbits by a formation of UFOs. With a camera, the cosmonauts managed to film that incredible encounter for 20 minutes. Keeping to an agreement with NASA, the Soviets sent the U.S. space agency a copy of the videotape and, according to NASA, it is the best existing UFO footage. The leading Soviet authority on UFOs, Dr. Felix Siegel, claims that UFOs have upset and even killed Soviet cosmonauts. U.S. astronauts have encountered UFOs on at least six space missions. Major Gordon Cooper was making his final orbit around the Earth and was in the sky over Perth, Australia, when he suddenly reported to the ground that a bright disk was approaching him in the opposite direction of the spacecraft. At the control station, 200 people saw on the monitors the object approaching Cooper. Then with a quick turn, it moved away and disappeared into space. Many cases like this were repeated during other U.S. space missions. A number of flying objects approached the Gemini capsules first, and later the shuttles, then turned away at high speed. In 1965, Major Mac David filmed one such object that had approached his capsule in orbit over the Pacific Ocean. The photograph published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration clearly shows a bright, oval object leaving a visible trail like a propulsion trail. More space encounters followed. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was so convinced of the existence of UFOs that he retired from the program to devote himself full-time to research. During the first lunar mission, the control station recorded strange noises in the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

From Bordeaux they communicated, “This is Apollo 11, still no explanation for the noises. What are you hearing too?” The noises stopped. Many U.S. missions have reported on UFO sightings. Reliable Ufologists claim that there are many references and data of close encounters with unidentified flying objects in NASA’s files. The space agency explains these sightings as the effect of space debris or solar flares, but some astronauts disagree. UFO sightings have been reported by James LeDuc, Al Bielek, James Oberg and many other astronauts during space missions. In March 1989, during one mission, an amateur radio operator from Maryland intercepted a report that the Space Shuttle Discovery pilot was transmitting to NASA about a UFO flying in their vicinity. “Let’s keep an eye on the object,” the pilot said. News of the sighting spread around the world, and subsequently the sightings and reports followed one after another. On Nov. 6, 1990, around sunset, half of Europe was able to clearly see a large spaceship streaking across the sky. The commander of a Swiss jet, Renato Del Turco, aged 50, who was flying from Düsseldorf to Vienna, declared, among other things, that it was a real large spaceship: it looked like an episode from a Spielberg movie. Many other eyewitnesses, including in northern Italy, confirmed what the plane’s pilots and passengers claimed. The most sensational event occurred in July 1947 in Roswell, United States. Livestock rancher Mac Brazel spotted the remains of what he believed to be a spaceship in a remote area and reported its presence to the police.

Among the wreckage of the spacecraft, the bodies of four aliens, who were probably its crew, were said to have been found. Then the incident fell into oblivion, only to resurface 48 years later in ’94, with a 16mm film of the autopsy of an alleged alien. It seems that the operator who filmed the autopsy scenes entrusted the film to an intermediary who, in turn, sold it at high prices to the world’s major television networks. The event aroused considerable controversy and heated debate among ufologists and many scientists. While the first supporters of the authenticity of the filmed images were deemed fake by the latter. The Pentagon refrained from expressing or contesting the authenticity of the film. The more we analyze the evidence collected worldwide, says renowned space journalist Frank Edward, the more the conclusion seems inevitable: humanity is heading towards the most extraordinary event in its history. We are contacting or are about to be contacted by intelligent beings from somewhere else in the universe. The question was asked in a television interview to Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia whether there is certainty that there are other planets in the universe inhabited by intelligent beings. He replied, “I consider it unlikely that we are alone in the universe because there are billions of galaxies, billions of suns, and planets, and it is possible that somewhere life exists or has existed. It is possible that these people are unable to communicate with us because the signal they use, for example, could be a laser while we operate with radio waves, and our instruments are not capable of receiving them. However, I believe that within ten to twenty years, we will receive some signal because radio telescopes are wonderful tools and are evolving remarkably.” At the end of 1994, not only scientific but also international press reported a news regarding the hypothesis that there are other planets inhabited in space. Essentially, a group of American researchers were able to ascertain that in addition to the amino acids of inorganic origin discovered some time ago in interstellar space in a galactic molecular cloud, glycine also exists. This would confirm that these fundamental structures for life exist throughout the universe. According to many scientists, it is unlikely that alien beings can reach our planet even if their ships travel at the speed of light from one of the nearest planets to us. They would need at least 70-80 thousand years to reach us. However, would it not be presumptuous to use strictly terrestrial parameters and evaluations in the context of an infinite universe? UFOs, nevertheless, are an incontestable phenomenon and reality that have involved humanity for millennia. There are too many testimonies and documentation to deny it. Could new theories in astrophysics one day discover the physical and cosmic laws that allow our counterparts scattered throughout the universe to come and visit us whenever they want? Or will the aliens themselves document the sky with an official and clarifying contact? That day may be closer than we think, without resorting to science fiction.

UFO DOSSIER – From prehistory to the Roswell case to the present.


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