APOLLO 11, the director Stanley Kubrick had falsified parts of the moon landing; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

After the publication of the radio interview emerged 15 years after the death of Stanley Kubrick, which we publish below, in which the same Kubrick admits that the NASA lunar landings were faked, here come out other testimonies, such as that of astronaut Alexey Leonov, the first man to walk in space. 

Leonov said in a recent interview that some parts of the Apollo 11 space mission were faked, and that Stanley Kubrick was hired to film these parts, in a Hollywood studio. 

As mentioned above, Soviet cosmonaut Leonov was interviewed by The Russian News & Information Agency and RIA Novosti, where he stated that the Apollo 11 mission was partially filmed in Hollywood and the U.S. flag was reinforced with steel mesh. Leonov, the Russian astronaut who was the first man to walk in space, tells us that Americans did on the Moon, but that Kubrick filmed parts of the Apollo missions’ moon landings on Earth. This testimony is echoed by the statement made by the late Mr. Teague, a technician at the Apollo mission control center. During an interview with Infowars Nightly News in 2014, Teague stated that many of the photographs and film recorded during the Apollo 11 mission were probably fake. For years people have been investigating images, photographs on the Apollo mission to find all kinds of anomalies, in fact many experts say they are convinced that no one ever went to the moon.

Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray interviewed Kubrick three days before his death in March 1999. Murray was forced to sign an 88-page NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the contents of the interview to be kept secret for 15 years.

Below is a transcript of the interview with Stanley Kubrick, in which the director of 2001 A Space Odyssey admits that “the lunar landings were almost or all faked and I was the person who recorded the footage.” We have included a leaked preliminary edit of the interview below the transcript:

(K= Stanley Kubrick)

K: I am so concerned. With my work, innovation, risk-taking, regrets …

T: Why are you giving this interview?

K: Because, I feel like doing it after a while. Well, it’s hard, because it’s the first time I’m speaking on this subject. (sighs)

T: Sure, take your time.

K: I’ve always been conflicted about it, but not consciously until a few years later. I had been dragged along by the chance, the opportunity, the challenge of making this, this production, and I made it as if it were a regular film, like another film of mine, without thinking too much about the long-term effects of what it would mean to society if it were discovered.

T: What are you talking about? I’m dying to know what you’re talking about.

K: Well, a confession. A film I made that no one knows about – even if they’ve seen it.

T: A movie you made, but nobody knows you made it? Is that what you said?

K: That’s right. Is that pretty intriguing? Did I not intrigue you?

K: I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public and now I’m going to expose it, it involves the U.S. government and NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings were ALL faked and that I was the person who filmed them.

T: Okay. (laughs) What are you talking about … You’re serious. T: Okay.

K: I am serious. Deadly serious.

K: Yes, they were fakes.

T: Okay. Wait. Wait.

T: I don’t want this to be an R-rated movie, but seriously, but seriously …

T: I, I, I worked almost eight months of time to get the interview of a lifetime that almost no one else could ever get, and instead of talking about your sixteen movies that I’ve loved since I was a kid … That we didn’t go to the moon, is that what you’re saying?

K: No, we didn’t go there.

K: We didn’t.

T: The moon landing was false?

K: a, a, a … fantasy moon landing. A fantasy. T: It wasn’t true.

K: Don’t you think it’s important for people to know the truth?

T: The ’69 moon landing, which was two years before I was born …

K: It’s total fiction.

T: Total fiction.

T: Is that then … So, this is the 15 year thing?. K: There, that all makes sense now. That’s why I can’t release it until 15 years from now, now it all makes sense.

T: We … we didn’t land on the moon, are you saying?

K: No, we didn’t.

T: Why are you telling me that?

K: a, a, a, a massive fraud. An unprecedented fraud perpetrated against them. They should know.

K: Nixon wants to uh, they were planning, yeah, he wants to fake this, this moon landing …

T: Are you arguing that people don’t want to know the truth about the world, the reality, the moon landings …?

K: The government, knowing this, takes advantage of it to perpetrate fraud after fraud after fraud.

T: How did you end up giving in? Being complicit in this fraud?

K: I didn’t want to do that.

T: I didn’t think this was how this interview would go!

K: With my help, with my, and yes, yes it worries me.

T: I just have this certain amount of time with you. And I’ll talk about whatever you want, but …

T: You’re not … This is not some kind of joke, or …

K: No. No, it isn’t.

T: Or a movie within a movie… something like that.

K: I’m not joking NO.

T: Okay.

K: The plotters were right, on this occasion.

T: I don’t know what to ask you to begin with.

K: I thought it was wrong, I just … I didn’t think I was perpetrating a fraud like that.

T: But you did.

K: And I also undermined my artistic integrity to do it.

T: Okay, but you ended up saying yes. How come?

K: Well, yes, but because basically I was corrupted. To put it bluntly, that was it. It was just a fucking bribe.

T: Why are you telling me that?

K: a, a, a massive fraud. An unprecedented fraud perpetrated against them. They should know! Don’t you think it’s important for people to know the truth?

T: Why did they have to do that? How come? What was the need to do such a thing? Why would the government ever want or need to do…

K: It’s no secret that NASA has always wanted to fulfill this Kennedy prophecy.

T: Let’s start at the beginning …

T: I have to be honest, that’s where he (Kubrick) got me. I mean, when I actually put myself in his shoes, when I actually realized that he was telling the truth and I asked myself that if I had a one in a million chance to experience such an opportunity what would I do?

T: Yeah, he wanted to be approved and he thought nothing could do it better than that.

T: What a story. I mean, gosh, I can’t imagine getting an opportunity like that. On the one hand, I’d really like to want to do it, but then I’d probably tell myself that I’m committing a crime, and that I’m lying …

T: It depends, but my conclusion would be … no, if you’re good at it, maybe you should do it.

K: Spielberg, (unintelligible) Scorsese, even Woody Allen. There’s not one of them who wouldn’t have done this.

T: I have to admit: I would. I would do it, too.

T: But they gave all this power and all this adulation to you, basically?

K: Yeah, it came to me after a while. You have to listen to a lot of that stuff before you start believing it.

T: Did they tell you that you’re the greatest and stuff?

K: Yes, yes – and I agreed with them.

K: Why are you telling the world that? Why does the world need to know that the moon landings are not real and they faked them?

K: What I consider to be my masterpiece.

T: And you can’t take credit for it or even talk about it …

K: Well, I’m doing that now …

T: Right, so you’ll be dead. In ten years, or fifteen …

K: Right, ten or 15 more or less.

T: So, you can’t talk to Roger Ebert about that. Is that frustrating to you?

T: Why did they have to falsify it? Why would they have to do that?

K: Because it’s impossible to get there.

T: Okay, back it up, back it up, back it up….

APOLLO 11, the director Stanley Kubrick had falsified parts of the moon landing


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APOLLO 11, the director Stanley Kubrick had falsified parts of the moon landing

APOLLO 11, the director Stanley Kubrick had falsified parts of the moon landing