MYSTIC AZTEC: Connections to ETs and UFOs

MYSTIC AZTEC: Connections to ETs and UFOs

MYSTIC AZTEC: Connections to ETs and UFOs; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Mexico City

Beneath the current capital of Mexico lie the ruins of the ancient Aztec Metropolis known as Tanashtag. The Aztecs dominated much of central Mexico from the 14th to the 16th Century A.D. and tonight is considered to be their first official settlement. An incredibly sophisticated city, featuring a grid system of canals and causeways. But according to their historical texts, the Aztec civilization did not originate here.

The Aztecs say they started from this place up in the north called Cheeky Mostac. It was a cave, and inside that cave, it had seven different caverns, and there were said to be seven different tribes. The Aztecs say they were part of the seven tribes that came from the seven chambers of Cheeky Mostac.

It was once thought to be a mythological place. Some scholars believe archaeological evidence suggests that it really did exist and is located at the site of the ancient Pyramid complex known today as Teotihuacan. The place of seven caves, we think maybe that has actually been located archaeologically.

At the site of the main Temple of Teotihuacan called the Pyramid of the Sun, which sits just north of the valley of Mexico, underneath it is actually a cave with seven different spots that it extends out into. That’s where the Aztecs said their original ancestors came from. In the 16th century, Spanish chronicler Geronimo de Mendieta recorded the legends of the local native population. According to their accounts, the Aztec believed that they were fashioned by a group of stranded gods within these seven caves. Mendieta wrote an account of Aztec legend, and in this report, he describes a giant flint knife landing on the Earth. Then, some 1600 gods disgorged from this thing, and they are responsible for launching Aztec civilization. The Aztecs talk about the many gods coming down to Earth and creating humans. They create them out of bone ash and their own blood and make them somewhat in their own image, but they make them specifically so that they will honor them and they will serve them. There is a description of a giant flint knife that descended from the sky, and somebody emerged out of it. One has to wonder whether our ancestors were witness to a landing of some type of a craft. If so, then the Aztec story suggests that at some point in our history, extraterrestrials created mankind. Something very strange was going on at Teotihuacan. Located just 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, the Teotihuacan complex encompasses nearly eight square miles and is dated to the First Century A.D. It is the oldest and most sophisticated city of Mesoamerica, an area that extends from northern Mexico down through Central America. The civilization predated the Maya by at least a hundred years. At its peak, it was said to have supported nearly 100,000 residents. It was also the largest city in the entire Western Hemisphere prior to the 15th century and served as the major commerce and religious center for the region.

The significance of Teotihuacan cannot be overstated. It is the Rome of Mesoamerica. The things that Teotihuacan did set the pattern for all other city-states after it. The central features of the complex are two large pyramids known as the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, as well as a temple dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. Structures stand alongside a thoroughfare referred to as the Avenue of the Dead. Over 200 smaller buildings, platforms, and pyramids are also present.

Today, the site is an archaeological treasure, but it is shrouded in mystery. Despite decades of study, much about Teotihuacan remains unknown. Archaeologists have yet to uncover a single written record from the civilization that built this grand city. The reason for the absence of written language from Teotihuacan is puzzling. It is as if they wanted to leave no trace. In fact, they’ve left virtually no trace of their presence here.

MYSTIC AZTEC: Connections to ETs and UFOs


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