ANCIENT EGYPT: Where the UFO evidence is hidden

ANCIENT EGYPT- Where the UFO evidence is hidden

ANCIENT EGYPT: Where the UFO evidence is hidden; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Giza Plateau Egypt
the Great Pyramid is arguably the most enigmatic structure on the face of the Earth. It is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world and has inspired endless speculation as to how it was built and what purpose it served. Ever since the first studies of the Great Pyramid in Egypt have been made, researchers have been amazed at the mathematical knowledge that is encoded into the Great Pyramid. The measurements used in it, even the placement of the Great Pyramid, have aroused great interest among Egyptologists.

The Great Pyramid is aligned to within 360th of a degree of true north, a more accurate alignment than any other structure on Earth. The alignment is so close to true north that it suggests the possibility of even greater accuracy in the past when the Earth’s axis was different due to its slow shifting. Furthermore, the Great Pyramid is not only perfectly aligned to the cardinal points but also seems to be intentionally placed at the center of the world’s landmass.

Since a thorough survey of the Great Pyramid in 1925, mathematicians and researchers have discovered even more profound connections relating to geodetic information encoded in its design. The Great Pyramid was built with a level of technological sophistication far exceeding anything we have today. The measurements and proportions of the pyramid exhibit remarkable mathematical relationships. For example, the cubit used in its construction is exactly 1/25 millionth of the polar diameter of the Earth, and the length of the pyramid at its mean socket level corresponds to 365.24 pyramid cubits, which is incredibly close to the number of days in a year.

Additionally, the measurements of the length and width of the perimeter of the Great Pyramid correspond to an exact fraction of both the latitude and longitude measurements at the equator. Scaled up, this means that the Great Pyramid directly corresponds to the circumference of the equator and the measurement from the equator to the pole, making it a scale model of the northern hemisphere.

Recent research using satellite technology has revealed another astonishing connection in the design of the Great Pyramid. The location of the pyramid, when represented as a coordinate, matches exactly the speed of light traveling through space measured in meters per second.

Moving on to the topic of burial sites, there are spectacular burial sites found across the world that date back thousands of years. These sites, such as the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, and King Pacal’s tomb in Palenque, Mexico, are traditionally believed to be the final resting places of ancient leaders. However, ancient astronaut theorists propose that these burial sites may serve a more profound, perhaps extraterrestrial, purpose. They argue that these sites are not just intended for housing the dead but also for serving as portals or gateways to other dimensions, allowing the deceased to reunite with celestial beings or embark on a journey to the afterlife.

One of the most significant burial sites in Egypt is Sakara, which houses the pyramid of King Teti. This pyramid contains the Pyramid Texts, the oldest religious writings in the world dating back to 2400 BC. According to Ancient astronaut theorists, these texts not only guide the pharaoh to the afterlife but also provide instructions on how the pharaoh could travel to other worlds. The ancient Egyptians believed that they could reach the gods again after death, indicating the possibility of some kind of other-dimensional travel for the soul.

Another important symbol in ancient Egypt is the scarab beetle. The ancient Egyptians considered the scarab beetle sacred and saw it as a link to the gods. The beetle’s ability to navigate by following the light of the Milky Way galaxy was observed by biologists in 2013. However, the ancient Egyptians revered the scarab as a symbol of the sun and the god Khepri.

ANCIENT EGYPT: Where the UFO evidence is hidden


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