ALIEN GLYPHS: Deciphered!

ALIEN GLYPHS- Deciphered!

 ALIEN GLYPHS: Deciphered! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Edfu Egypt April 2018.
Egyptologist Rami Romani has invited author and researcher Andrew Collins to join him on a visit to one of the most impressive and best-preserved shrines in Egypt, the Temple of Edfu located on the West Bank of the Nile, 465 miles south of Cairo.

“Look at this Temple. This is like my most favorite facade in all of the temples of ancient Egypt,” according to mainstream archaeologists. Edfu is believed to have been built sometime between 237 and 57 BC. It is dedicated to the falcon-headed god Horus. This Temple was one of the Lost Temples that was ever built in ancient Egypt during the Roman times.
“When they built that Temple, they were like, ‘We want to preserve the stories, so let’s gather all the mythology of ancient Egypt and try to put it in one Temple.’ It took 150 years to make this happen, and then finally, we have the book of ancient Egyptian mythology right in front of us on all these walls.”
Every wall is absolutely covered in hieroglyphs and images, not only of the foundation of ancient Egypt and the first temple, but also how the world came into being, how Egypt came into being, and how the universe was essentially founded in the first place. There’s just so much here.
The most sacred part of Edfu is its inner sanctum, featuring a 12-foot-tall granite stone. “This is it right here. This is how it all began. Every symbol, every text, every little drawing in here represents the most sacred thing for ancient Egyptians – the question that humans still ask themselves: How did it all begin? What created us? What every religion talks about, scientists try to figure out. Each Egyptian had an answer, and it was right there.”
On top of this is the pyramidion, the Primeval Mound that appeared in the middle of the marshes where all the gods came and landed on for the first time to start creating humanity. It’s almost like a miniature of what we see at Giza with the Great Pyramid, which is so fascinating because what we have here is a focus of all of these chapels finishing with this incredible structure pointing towards the stars. It’s actually pointing towards the origins of the gods themselves.

“There’s another piece of evidence here that you might like. This is the boat, or a symbol of the boat, that they believed the gods came on to the first primeval stone, the first primeval mound. The gods would have arrived on this ship. So, it’s all here in this sanctuary – the whole story of humanity’s beginning, its place in the stars, and how it arrived here in the first place. This, to me, strongly suggests that they were aware that our origins were found amongst the stars. It couldn’t just simply be humans trying to make religions explain what science can’t explain, but I don’t think it’s about religion. This is about cosmology – an ancient cosmology that we’re now beginning to understand for the first time within science. We can now essentially say that the idea that life came from the stars is almost certainly a reality. Whether it came here or on a meteorite or whatever, somehow the ancient Egyptians knew this.”

Copan, Honduras, Central America.
Here in Western Honduras lie the impressive ruins of the Ancient Maya city of Copan. And though Copan’s temples, pyramids, and monuments rank among the most important of any Mayan sites, researchers looking to explain the incredible achievements of the Maya have been drawn to a 72-step structure known as the Hieroglyphic Stair way.

The Hieroglyphic Stairway at Copan was constructed in the early 700s A.D. with the intent of writing out the history of Copan at that time, and so it was designed as a public monument to the glory and success of all the kings from Yash kukumo all the way to the 13th one who commissioned it to be built.
Carved into 1200 stones in the massive monument, the ancient Maya symbols known as glyphs make up what historians believe is one of the oldest and most sophisticated systems of writing.
Ernst Forsteman, a German librarian and anthropologist, cracked the code of the Maya hieroglyphs in 1880. He was able to figure out the Maya calligraphy when we couldn’t read a single Maya hieroglyph. Writing is very robust because it uses really two components. There are logographs, which are pictures that represent entire words, and phonetic complements, which are glyphs that represent sounds.
According to interpretations of the hieroglyphic stairway, the glyphs chronicle not only the history but also the origin of the Ancient Maya rulers. The hieroglyphs are really attached to what was important to royalty at the time, and that was lineage and the genealogies of the kings. They went out of their way to demonstrate how they were connected to their ancestors and the gods of their ancestors to establish their right to rule.
“This is a picture I took of a close-up of a sculpture of Waxaklajun Ub’aah K’awiil, the 13th ruler of Copan. He’s depicted here on the front in all of his finery, and then the sculptor put a hieroglyphic passage on the side. We don’t think commoners could read it, but all the elites could, and the king could. So, he or another elite individual could come here and impress people by saying, ‘This demonstrates the semi-divinity of our king and his power to intercede between us and the heavens.'”
What was the real source of power and authority behind the Maya priests and kings? Do the hieroglyphs reveal an otherworldly truth to their origin, as the Maya themselves maintained? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer is yes.

“We have to think about today is where did the origin of the priesthood come from, and the origin is nothing else but that the initial cabal of priests, they were all in contact with extraterrestrials, and that’s why they were revered. Our ancestors thought they were gods because they didn’t understand the nuts and bolts aspects behind those visits. But when it all comes down to it, it was all a huge misunderstanding and a way to keep the common people in place.”

Val Camonica, Italy
Ancient astronaut theorist William Henry has traveled to this UNESCO world heritage site in Val Camonica, Italy. He believes there could be forensic evidence of early civilizations in this region coming into contact with extraterrestrials. Luca Giarelli, head of the Val Camonica Historical and Anthropological Society, joins him to show him the famous rock carvings in the Alpine Valley.

Val Camonica is a massive place with thousands of figures carved on the rocks. They come across a carving that resembles a spaceman with a glowing helmet. They also find a mysterious symbol known as the communion rose, which is thought to represent the vessel that brought these helmeted figures to Val Camonica.

William and Luca discuss the possible interpretations of the engravings. Some believe they depict beings coming from other worlds, while others see religious or mythological motivations. They speculate that the ancient artists might have been trying to portray something they actually saw in the sky, possibly an extraterrestrial visitation.

The discussion continues as they explore another hidden carving site in the woods. Here, they find larger carvings of spacemen in the same position and with similar helmets. They interpret these carvings as a form of communication or documentation of what happened at that spot. The location is secretive and may have been reserved for select individuals to learn the story of the extraterrestrial visitation.

Central Coast, Australia
In Central Coast, Australia, there is a mysterious site called the Gosford glyphs in the Brisbane Water National Park. These enigmatic carvings resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs rather than indigenous artwork. Giorgio Tsoukalos meets with ancient astronaut theorist Evan Strong to explore the site.

Evan explains that one panel of the glyphs tells the story of two brothers, princes from Egypt, who were shipwrecked and one of them died. They believe he was interred at this site, which explains the presence of hieroglyphs. Other walls feature a mixture of symbols, some of which have esoteric and astrophysical meanings.

The UFO glyph stands out among the carvings. It resembles a classic UFO shape with rays emanating from it. Some skeptics suggest alternative interpretations, but Evan believes it is a symbol that doesn’t fit into the conventional canon of hieroglyphs.

Evan speculates that the ancient Egyptians may have traveled to Australia in search of esoteric wisdom and had interactions with the indigenous people. There are stories and Aboriginal legends about the Egyptians’ arrival and their shared spiritual connection to the sky world.

ALIEN GLYPHS: Deciphered!


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