Reptilians, the last phase of the N.W.O.

Reptilians, the last phase of the N.W.O.

Reptilians, the last phase of the N.W.O. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Are we witnessing the last phase of the New World Order after the reptilian invasion? About five thousand five hundred years ago our cosmic memory (core of creation) was erased by the Reptilian species. Fortunately, memory, frequency and energy are starting to return now and they cannot stop it. These Reptilian beings believe they have every right to be here. They feel they have every right to enslave the rest of us because we cannot rule ourselves. The Reptilian power is in the Kabal, the most powerful Masonic structure in the world and they are the same ones who will do everything to enslave humanity in all possible and unimaginable ways. 

Reptiles have also forgotten that they are part of the consciousness of the universe. When the invasion took place, it was an invasion of the fifth dimension, which means that starting from the 5th dimension, reptilian energies created a particular hole, or a Worm Hole, and thus invaded. And when they did, they searched our cellular alphabet. 

This means that our DNA was disconnected, the central energy source that was at the center of our planet and was in turn connected with the Universe, was disconnected. 

So, our planet, of course, is a conscious, living and breathing entity. The iron core of our planet has a black hole inside, it breathes the source from the inside but it takes nourishment from the Universe, from the cosmos. The fields of the various energy networks that have actually been distorted by this invasion have disconnected that particular energy source from our planet. then, if we look at today’s world, at the third dimension, we can see that humanity has lost its humanity. We live in an anti-human structure. How do we allow this to happen and how do we allow it to continue? This is not a human agenda, it is a negative “Reptilian” Alien agenda. Really, it’s not about creating an enemy; it is to understand that the Reptilian consciousness must be rehabilitated. 

Reptilian consciousness needs to understand that its time of control on this planet is over. Today we are experiencing Armageddon, the battle between good and evil !! When the Reptilians invaded us, they infiltrated Saqqara, Egypt.

They created a “trigger event” which means they created successive events that led to what we see on our planet today. These are choices we made as a species due to our lack of understanding of what was happening at the time. Various religious texts placed on this planet are a negative reptilian position. The reptilian beings have basically become of a supreme arrogance of their worship and have created structures for us based on the kind of salvation thinking, based on redemption thinking that we are small and lonely “worms” who have to get out of sin, which is completely false. And this is a negative Reptilian alien program. This delayed human evolution by around five thousand years. The teachings that are part of human history and what belongs to the human race have been evaded, distorted, it is not surprising that many of us die with a broken heart. Because our truth cannot be expressed in this area. And the current agenda with this invasion is mind control. But when we truly begin to transcend mental programs, they will not be able to control us because they do not know what consciousness is and they do not understand human emotions. They only understand mental programming, which was very successful when implemented in our society, in our way of life, so that we can easily control ourselves, like the automatons that work every day, have our two children, the family and get a mortgage. This is part of keeping ourselves in the same cycle. And then many of us are persecuted for seeking a different path, knowing all the time that all we wanted was liberation. And mind control happens on many levels through television, movies, the media, our lower three chakras, and electromagnetic mind control technology that we can’t even see with the naked eye, unless we are spiritually awake and conscious. . Now all the mind control technology is needed for the period of the reptile invasion agenda. This is an anti-human agenda based on domination and slavery. Mind control has increased since November 2009 because the Reptilians feel they are losing control. Reptilian consciousness has created an anti-human structure on this planet that benefits a privileged few (elite). Reptilians believe in hierarchy. 

The origins of the reptilians go back millions of years, on a planet near the constellation of Draco. The reptilian agenda seeks the corruption of our planet and the minds and hearts of its inhabitants. By helping humanity in this ego-centered task, reptiles gain more power through ingesting our negative energy. And the current planetary ‘Ascension‘ is literally the journey out of that negative space.

To separate from mind control, we must have spiritual connection and trust and know that we are protected and supported in the divine essence, but also by other beings and entities that live in other cosmic shores and in other dimensions. There are beings of light who have always been present and for a few years have been manifesting by our side to lead together the battle we call Armageddon, a battle between good and evil, between the light and the reptilian darkness of power. Our job now is to make sure we connect, find ways to connect spirit, consciousness, which brings us to our core and brings us to peace. Consciousness cannot be mentally controlled. Therefore, our role is to incorporate the Consciousness of Oneness into physical reality and for this our genetic material is designed. And this is something that belongs to the human race and needs to come back and be able to aspire to become a Galactic Humanity.

Reptilians, the last phase of the N.W.O.


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Reptilians, the last phase of the N.W.O.
Reptilians, the last phase of the N.W.O.
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