Canada, the former minister of defense: Elite Illuminati group manipulates the world. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer recently said that the Illuminati, or rather the most powerful Masonic group in the world, the Kabal-Illuminati secret society that manages the world’s wires are those who secretly run the business economic and political leaders of the world from behind the scenes. Former Canada defense minister Paul Hellyer is the former high-ranking politician who has affirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life and a whole conspiracy created to cover the truth.

Being one of the greatest conspiracy theories in the world, the Illuminati is said to be a secret global elite that secretly directs governments and is planning to introduce a New World Order (NWO). The accusations range from the implementation of the New World Order as a minimum goal, to the creation of a cult that sows evil in this world. However, there is little or no evidence that it can prove the existence of this secret society, but it exists, it is there behind the Matrix. Now, in a podcast, Paul Hellyer, who was in office as a minister in the 1960s, said that the Illuminati, at least in their most basic concept, exist and are very powerful.

Hellyer said that corrupt leaders continue to wage unnecessary wars and focus on profits, rather than stopping climate change. Furthermore, Hellyer states that the technology to reverse climate change has already been developed, but is suppressed by the Illuminati, as most of its key members have great interests in the fossil fuel industry and wish to continue to do so for as long as possible . They are responsible for the world and have managed to keep this technology secret until they are able to collect the trillions of oil resources they have. And it won’t change until hundreds of thousands of people join and ask should they clarify us, tell us what’s going on, as well as change their priorities to save the world for multiple generations instead of continuing to create and sustain wars.

Hellyer joins the ranks of the famous conspiracy theorist David Icke, a former footballer and television host, who denounced the existence of the Illuminati in the 1990s. Icke describes the Illuminati as a “hidden hand” at conferences around the world. For his part, Hellyer also believes in the existence of extraterrestrial life, and that they have visited Earth many times. He also said that the aliens have developed a clean and free source of energy that can reverse climate change, and that has been granted to us. I learned a long time ago from the United States that there is a great deal of cooperation with visitors to other planets, who had developed an exotic form of energy that would allow us to move from fossil fuels to exotic and clean energy within 10 years of that I think I actually have.

But nothing is done about it. Surely they are more advanced in agriculture and medicine and in many other sectors, and if it is true, why are we not collaborating with them to build a better world? Many people believe in the existence of a conspiracy theory for the suppression of free energy, and the aliens who have lived secretly on Earth for thousands of years. The Aliens themselves are monitoring human activities and are sometimes the target of Kabal-Illuminati energy beam weapons designed to break down extraterrestrial intrusions into air spaces. They, the aliens, come in peace to help but the most powerful Masonic lodge in the world doesn’t want this peace to happen. The Kabal are like bloodthirsty reptiles. One day, very soon, they will lose their control over the world.

Canada, the former minister of defense: Elite Illuminati group manipulates the world. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Canada, the former minister of defense Elite Illuminati group manipulates the world. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.