UFO photography, the Pentagon shows at 11,000 meters high; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Two classified Pentagon UFO reports have been revealed, the contents of which include a leaked photograph depicting a mysterious object hovering over the Atlantic at 35,000 feet (10,600 meters high).

The leaked photo, was published by Defense web magazine The Debrief on Thursday, Dec.3, 2020, The Debriefing learned of the leak of this unclassified photograph, which is said to have been widely distributed in the intelligence community, allegedly showing what the DoD called it “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. The DoD’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force released the two classified intelligence “stance reports” in 2018 and summer of this year, which are widely reported in the US intelligence community, according to a detailed report. of The Debrief based on interviews with multiple intelligence sources. The Debrief learned of the existence of the photograph from a defense official who was verified as having access to UAPTF intelligence reports. Additionally, the same two DoD officials and one from the US intelligence community that The Debrief reporters spoke to earlier confirmed that the leaked image is the same photo provided in a 2018 intelligence location report. published by the UAPTF. 

The photo itself would be considered “Unclassified and for official use only,” however, as the image and accompanying report were shared over a secure network of Intelligence Community, the officials the Debrief investigators spoke to, they would recognize only under strict conditions of anonymity. Prior to any deal, The Debrief verified that these sources were indeed in positions within the US intelligence community and under the authority of the US intelligence director. The debriefing contacted Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough for clarification on the photo, who on December 3, 2020, responded to questions via email. “To maintain the safety of operations and avoid disclosing information that could be useful to potential adversaries, the DOD does not publicly discuss the details of reports, observations or reviews of reported incursions into our training camps or designated airspace, including those initially designated as UAP or UFO “, this was Gough’s response. According to officials The Debrief spoke to, the photo appears to be the same as the one referenced in our previous report, described as an “unidentified cube-shaped silver object” encountered by military pilots while hovering. motionless on the ocean. It is clear that the image was captured by the weapon systems operator in the back seat of what appears to be an F / A-18 fighter. 

The photo is consistent with claims that the image was captured by a pilot using his personal mobile phone. Officials we spoke to said the image was captured off the east coast of the United States in 2018. The secret services of the DoD immediately tried to deny everything, declaring that perhaps it was a Dropsondes probe, useful for meteorological reconnaissance. But according to the Daily mail, the surprising contents of the reports included a leaked photo that has never been made public before, reports of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAPs or UFOs) emerging from the ocean and soaring into the sky. This is an admission that the extraterrestrial origins of the objects cannot be excluded.

UFO photography, the Pentagon shows at 11,000 meters high


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UFO photography, the Pentagon shows at 11,000 meters high

UFO photography, the Pentagon shows at 11,000 meters high