Poland, during NATO exercise a UFO shot down a missile fired at a tank; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Coronavirus Sars Cov-2 (Covid-19) has managed to paralyze cities, block entire economic sectors, close schools and universities in almost all the continent, even deprive many of the daily run outdoors. But when it comes to war games, even Coronavirus can do nothing: in the darkest hour of the European health emergency, when every effort by governments is aimed at containing and slowing down contagion, NATO has other priorities: it has decided to keep ” Defender Europe 20 ”, an impressive exercise with tens of thousands of military personnel from different countries. NATO then carried out exercises with the United States and Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania regardless of the pandemic from Covid-19.

During one of these exercises, which involved a mock invasion, a Bradley tank of NATO-Poland troops fired a TOW ground-to-ground missile towards a fake target, an unmanned tank. Once the missile was fired, the soldiers who followed the target with infrared viewers noted with amazement that the missile, before hitting the enemy tank, was reached by an unidentified flying object that detonated it shortly before the impact. 

Poland is very devoted to sightings and kidnappings …

On May 10, 1978, Poland became the scene of one of the most emblematic cases studied by ufologists from all over the world: the Wolski kidnapping by aliens. Jan Wolski was an old farmer residing in Emilcin, a rural village of about seventy farms in the province of Lublin (Poland). He led a quiet life, characterized by a deep dedication to work, family and the Catholic faith. At the time of the incident in his village – according to what attested by the WCPE-UFO – there were no schools, bars, newsagents but only a shop. The reason why the idea that man has been conditioned in the story by television and globalized propaganda made on the topic “aliens” by the Americans is to be excluded.

Poland at that time was a nation that was developing ufology studies independently of the rest of the world, as well as the first communist bloc country to establish a ufological civil movement. In the isolated and poor village of Jan Wolski, however, this news did not come. In fact, there was no idea what the word “extraterrestrial” meant. The lack of televisions and radios eliminated any possibility of contact with the ideas of globalized reality. So it was unthinkable that the old farmer had drawn on the fantasy of the Hollywood directors to create the image of the aliens, despite his description of the hominids – people with green skin and almond-shaped eyes, dressed as divers – was very similar to that told by American cinema.

The lack of media influence has made the Polish case extremely interesting for scholars who have also found similarities with other UFO abduction stories: first of all the apparent scientific purpose of the operation. The two aliens that Wolski said he met while going to work in the fields with his horse and wagon, in fact, managed to take him on their spacecraft to carry out tests. The man said he found two human-looking figures at seven in the morning on the road to go to the countryside. The hominids went in his same direction and waited for the cart to reach them to go up, without saying a word but suggesting that they wanted a ride. It was at that moment that Wolski realized that, the bizarre figures, strangely, they did not only have the diving gear – which by the way he had never seen and that therefore he could not define as such, limiting himself to talking about tight clothes and blacks with fins instead of shoes – or the floating walk but even the greenish skin. He claimed, however, that he never felt threatened by the mysterious presences, which began to speak to each other – without ever addressing the man – in an incomprehensible language and that Jan memorized as an uninterrupted repetition of “ta-ta-ta- ta “. The three then arrived in the area of the clearing where the vegetation became denser and where the aliens had parked what the witness called “a bus suspended on the ground” but nothing else – according to ufologists – but their spacecraft. The hominids motioned to the farmer to follow them on the device and he was appalled but not afraid performed. Thus he found himself catapulted from an elevator into a dark, empty and rectangular room. There was no furniture, only small benches. Descriptions coinciding with other testimonials from people who claim to have been kidnapped by extraterrestrials. Unusually there is instead that Wolski claimed to have seen them eat an ice lolly that broke as if it were a pastry and that the kidnappers out of the ordinary, in any sense, would have kindly offered him and he politely refused. He spent a few minutes on the spacecraft. Time to see UFOs ask him to undress completely and then apply tools similar to dishes on his body. Subsequently he was invited to leave, always with gestures and never through telepathic communications, so he was able to return to the wagon and direct the frightened horse home. As soon as he arrived in his company he told everything to his wife and returned to the place with neighbors and children. Everyone was struck by the presence of strange footprints in the mud: longer than the human and trapezoidal ones. The Wolski case is still debatable today but it is the one on which the skeptics are less able to argue given the social and cultural condition, uncontaminated by influences outside the peasant world, in which it took place. The importance it has had for the nation can also be found in the production of comics elaborated on the story told by the farmer from Emilcin. 

Poland, during NATO exercise a UFO shot down a missile fired at a tank.


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Poland, during NATO exercise a UFO shot down a missile fired at a tank.

Poland, during NATO exercise a UFO shot down a missile fired at a tank.