Triangular UFO, is spotted in Colombia; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

A mysterious triangular shaped object has been spotted and filmed on top of a mountain in an unknown location in Colombia. The witness who saw the UFO stated: “When I first saw this object, I really thought it was a kite. There was no wind, as you can see from the video it was cloudy and it was going to rain. I was surprised why someone would fly a kite. Then the Aircraft flew from one end of the sky to the other side in the same elevation, same speed and over a long distance in a short time. When it was over my head it was very clear, large and three-dimensional in the shape of an inverted triangular Pyramid

“I was in the backyard, I didn’t have the phone with me, then I went home to pick up the phone and started filming. So I definitely realized it wasn’t a kite, not a drone and I verified that there are no weather balloons that could fly. A drone as I said I excluded it because I did not listen to the noise of propellers or anything else. I didn’t think much at the time of what it could be, in fact I was intent on seeing the mysterious veil not on recording it, so that I could show the tree and its position as a reference. So if it’s not UFO, what is it? ” Sporadic triangular sightings of UFOs have been reported as early as the 1950s (such as the Carson Sink incident investigated under the Blue Book Project), but reports have become more frequent since the late 1980s.

Sightings of this type of UFO have occurred mainly in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, mainly in the evening hours.The sightings witnesses described these alleged objects as dark colored triangles, with white lights at the top; sometimes a fourth red light has been reported, placed in the center of the triangle.

According to a report by the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) concerning the UFO sighting study in the United Kingdom, which was declassified and published in 2006, most triangular UFOs are actually fluctuating and electrically charged gaseous plasma formations. Such formations would have the power to interact with each other causing light refraction phenomena, giving the appearance of a polygonal shape with the lights at the top. These plasma formations would also have still unknown electromagnetic effects, which could have effects on the brain of sighting witnesses, causing hallucinations, panic attacks and other psychotic events, even in the long term.

Triangular UFO, is spotted in Colombia.


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Triangular UFO, is spotted in Colombia.

Triangular UFO, is spotted in Colombia.