French secret services, former director says: UFOs come from parallel worlds! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

For the first time, the former head of the French Directorate-General for Foreign Security (DGSE), an intelligence agency has addressed the UFO problem as something out of this world and dimension. Alain Juillet, a former agent and director of French intelligence, in a recent interview has said rather controversial words about the UFO phenomenon. It is the first time that a former intelligence agent, then a senior government official, openly addresses the issue of UFOs and recognizes their existence and external nature on this planet. 

Given the vast experience, Alain Juillet is an authoritative voice in an attempt to unravel an ongoing mystery, such as unidentified flying objects, UFOs. Since July 2019, Alain has adopted a pragmatic approach and an open mind that has allowed him to analyze the topic and, in the meantime, to refute the skeptics. We can say that he is one of the high-level speakers, a politician, a scientist and a military man, who has great experience and has demonstrated it in the documentary produced by director Dominique Filhol and entitled: “UFO: a matter of states”. The documentary refers to non-human intelligence. And although this term does not reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it accepts other theories on the origin of the phenomenon, a possibility that these UFOs, these alien ships, would come from a parallel world. Juillet puts quantum physics in the foreground to explain the origin of UFOs, referring to the possibility that these flying artifacts cross space connecting one distant point to another. The former agent admits that it is possible that certain phenomena may occur that we cannot testify to, “something is missing,” he says. There may be dimensions different from ours, explains Julliet.

An image of the recent and incredible UFO sighting reported on April 2, 2020 in Seoul.

When asked if a country had this “otherworldly” technology, would it have already used it? Julliet says that somehow there has been a loss of information and, although it has happened, it is something we do not know, something that escapes the earthly dimension. As Juillet himself said during the interview: “If one day we have confirmation that the UFOs come from a world parallel to ours, then everyone will say” well, here they are, there is a parallel world “. The day we say it, in a few years, the population will have classified it as a banal phenomenon. It should be noted that Juillet’s statements coincide with the information that can be found in a declassified FBI file, which mentions these beings as coming from a planet of a different nature than ours. The document mentions that these extraterrestrials do not come from a “planet” with a nature that we know, but that they would prefer to come from an “ether planet” that interacts with it but is not perceptible to us.

Another fact related to what Juillet said, was an appeal to the Coast to Coast AM program many years ago in which a desperate man claims to have worked on a secret base and to know that beings we believe to be extraterrestrial would be extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional. There is no doubt that these statements are truly impressive! We see gradually a worldwide revelation, combined with the Information and Sensitization Program of the “truth” that is gradually emerging, revealing that the UFO phenomenon that we have studied so much for years, is real, very true and is related to the extraterrestrial visit.

French secret services, former director says: UFOs come from parallel worlds!


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French secret services, former director says: UFOs come from parallel worlds!

French secret services, former director says: UFOs come from parallel worlds!