Rome, a UFO flies over the city during a live TV; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

On the evening of May 8, 2020, during a live television broadcast of the news broadcast on the TV channel Telecinco, a discoid-shaped luminous object appeared, passing over Castel Sant’Angelo, in the center of Rome (Italy).

This UFO was seen during the Spanish news of Telecinco at 8.45 pm, where the situation on the Coronavirus Pandemic in Italy was discussed. At some point the Spanish conductor gives the floor to his correspondent Dario Menor in Rome. While the Italian journalist was talking about the COVID-19 situation, a blue disk is seen moving from left to right of the screen in the background. The object came from St. Peter’s Square (Vatican) and headed towards the center of Rome. 

The fact that the UFO is so close to the camera, giving us a great vision of the shape, speed and direction of the UFOs, is absolutely proof that aliens are very interested in the eternal city, also because in this period there are many UFO sightings, not only in Rome but throughout Italy. A UFO sighting was reported in the days of March these in Palermo. A phenomenon that has intrigued but also frightened the many witnesses. The duration (over half an hour) is unusual with strange unidentified flying objects in the sky. The researchers of C.UFO.M. have been working on this sighting for a few months, making it public now only as the investigations have been long and difficult, just to be sure of having excluded many explanations.

The huge spheres were arranged at a rather low altitude, above the buildings, but below the clouds. They were stationary and shaped like a rectangle with curved corners. In some places, these globes of light formed triangles that went out and on.

Rome, a UFO flies over the city during a live TV


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Rome, a UFO flies over the city during a live TV

Rome, a UFO flies over the city during a live TV