Extraterrestrials? They are here for political and economic interests! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

American researcher Dr. Steven Greer says there is clear evidence that UFOs have been among us on several occasions and urges world public opinion to ask for the truth to be known. Although there is strong evidence of extraterrestrial visits to our planet, this reality has been secreted for decades because of a global conspiracy to protect the economic and geopolitical status quo. This is what ufologist Steven Greer believes. “There is irrefutable evidence that extraterrestrials are visiting us and, honestly, everyone involved in high-level classified projects knows about it,” he points out.

In a recent interview with the RT (Russia Today) tabloid, Greer, who is director of CSETI – Center Study for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, mentioned the 2017 documentary UNACKNOWLEDGED (‘not recognized’). The film is based on the Disclosure Project files – an organization created by himself in 1993 and whose purpose is to reveal a plot by the United States government for hiding data related to the presence of UFOs, not to mention the testimonies of more than 950 military personnel with access to secret materials (Top Secret) on Aliens.

Purely economic interests in his opinion, this information is not available to world public opinion because it depends on maintaining the current geopolitical power, the macroeconomic system based on petrodollars and current technologies. “In truth, secrecy has nothing to do with aliens, but is entirely due to geopolitical power and money, as always,” says Greer. According to him, the new technologies that would make current means of transport and energy sources obsolete have been kept secret. Because? Once again, their knowledge would undermine the current macroeconomic system. For all this, defends the ufologist, there is an international consensus among the elites that determines the information policy regarding extraterrestrials. “They are controlled by a transnational organization and there are no geopolitical borders,” recalls Greer. The researcher cites as an example the “documentation claiming that the old USSR KGB and US intelligence agencies collaborated on the matter at the height of the Cold War.” 

Most of the activities in this area have been carried out by the United States. thanks to its technological level and macroeconomic influence, “says the expert. At the same time, Greer is convinced that the leaders of the United States have no control over these issues and that the level of secrecy about extraterrestrials is a big problem for democracy, because “there are interests that threaten the freedom of the world and our geophysical existence, that of the biosphere. “Three members of my team were killed by secret agents hired by this elite organization,” says Steven. Asked how it is possible to allow her to disclose such information regarding documents on aliens and the intergovernmental conspiracy, not to mention the fact that the CIA killed people for the least significant revelations, Greer admits that “three members of my team have been killed. , including a former director of the CIA “, but does not want to give more details. The expert also reveals that he has taken steps to protect what he is doing and that the measures have been in place for 20 years. “I have information that if anything happens to me, documents that can be a catastrophe for these people who are hiding the truth will be released via the Internet.” However, he ensures that there are many people in the Pentagon and the CIA who know they are in favor of these secrets being revealed and ensures that there are similar sentiments between several senior officials in Russia, China, the United Kingdom and Canada. “This will not happen until people realize the seriousness of the problem and at the same time see that [the revelation] could offer serious solutions to environmental, governmental and economic problems around the world.”

Extraterrestrials? They are here for political and economic interests!


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Extraterrestrials? They are here for political and economic interests!

Extraterrestrials? They are here for political and economic interests!