United States, in the city of Portland photographed an “triangular aircraft” unknown; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The impressive images we present in the video show a triangular aircraft of unknown origin, an unmarked aircraft very similar to the TR-3B. Whether it’s a replica of an original or authentic alien ship, it’s really impressive. We remind readers that the United States already had a plane with similar anti-gravity propulsion characteristics: the code name TR-3B (TR-B3) produced by Northrop.

The UFO is able to move like a triangular plane. After years of battles by the international medical community and the Disclosure Project, the patent of this aircraft (TR-3B) of the Secret Space Program, which shows the triangular spaceship, was discovered. Researcher that the inventor, John St. Clair, has also developed and patented a new type of propulsion system. This new system is called “rotating electrostatic propulsion system” – electrostatic rotation propulsion system. Below is a link where the patents of the TR-3B and the electrostatic propulsion system are available: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20060145019

The present invention relates to the propulsion system which uses a propellant propeller consisting of a rotating electrostatic motorized cylinder, located in an electrostatics charged annular ring in order to create an energy-stress voltage that creates spatial curvature in the horizontal direction. The thrusts are powered by magnetic vortex generators, which are integrated into the cylinders and located above each propeller, in order to increase the permitting of the space to permeate in each piston and hyperspace.

A combination of three thrusts mounted on the underside of the nacelle’s hull provides thrust and yaw movement control. The external coating of the TR-3B responds to the stimulation of the electric radar and to the change of reflexive, absorbing the radar waves and changing color. The TR-3B can make the vehicle look like a small plane or a flying cylinder and can even fool the radar receivers by distorting the images by overlapping them with a variety of planes, but it cannot be intercepted.

A circular plasma field is filled in a ring that acts as an accelerator called the Magnetic Field Disrupted, which surrounds the crew compartment and is in front of any imaginable technology. It comes from an extraterrestrial ship. The video I present below shows the photographs taken a few days ago by a citizen of Portland, Oregon. The mysterious plane, perhaps of the original photographed northeast of Portland along the Columbia River.

United States, in the city of Portland photographed an “triangular aircraft” unknown



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United States, in the city of Portland photographed an triangular aircraft unknown

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