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The radar, an acronym of the English “radio detection and ranging”, is a system that uses electromagnetic waves belonging to the spectrum of radio waves or microwaves for the detection and determination (in a certain reference system) of the position (coordinates in distance, height and azimuth) and possibly the speed of objects (targets, targets) both fixed and mobile, such as airplanes, ships, vehicles, atmospheric formations or the ground. Numerous inventors, scientists and engineers contributed to the development of the radar. The first to use radio waves to signal “the presence of distant metal objects” was Christian Hülsmeyer, who in 1904 showed that it was possible to detect the presence of a ship in the fog, but not yet its distance.

The operation of the radar is based on the physical phenomenon of the dispersion of electromagnetic radiation (backscattering) that occurs when it strikes an object larger than the wavelength of the incident radiation (otherwise the wave is spread in any direction random or diffraction). The return radiation can be detected by the receiving antenna after a certain time t equal to twice the antenna-target propagation time; knowing the speed of propagation of the electromagnetic wave in the medium considered (air) it is possible to easily trace the distance of the target and its angular position (azimuth) with respect to the reference system in an almost continuous manner over time, by periodically scanning the surrounding space by means of high directivity antennas.

Quote from Alessandro Brizzi.

The mysterious “blips” recently seen in South Florida and other parts of the country have confused those who sought to understand what it actually was, while ufologists believe the aliens are out there. We had already talked about these mysterious “blips” in previous articles. but in December 2018 the weather radars recorded again on their monitors, strange blips near the Florida Keys and Miami. The same images were seen on a radar on some parts of Illinois and Kentucky.

Even the National Weather Service specialists were perplexed because there was no rain in the area. Originally it was confirmed that it could be justified by a radar disturbance material often used by the military. But the army itself and the air force denied this. So there were no explanations given for images in South Florida, or those seen in Maine at the same time. It was ruled out that in Maine there was a military operation of the National Guard stationed in the area, but that did not use aircraft capable of releasing volatile material.

Of course, military operations frequently occur in all Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, so this is the most likely answer. Some believe that the military has nothing to do with images recorded by weather radars. I believe there is much more to the history of what one thinks about the armed forces and their operations. In this period we are witnessing a real UFO invasion. There are very many sightings of unidentified flying objects, spheres of light. Triangular and discoid aircraft fly through the skies every day and many are documented by people.

Radar, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Radar, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.