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Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy not directly detectable spread homogeneously in space, which could justify, through great negative pressure, the accelerated expansion of the universe and other experimental evidence. It is estimated that it will represent a large part, approximately 68%, of the energy mass of the universe, whose quota that would escape the current methods of detection would rise to about 95% also including dark matter.  Although dark energy is the most widespread explanation among cosmologists to explain the accelerated expansion of the universe, some quantum gravity models, including quantum loop gravitation, can explain cosmological properties without using this hypothesis.

“Quote from Alessandro Brizzi

When we think of other intelligent beings, we tend to see them from our perceptive and conscientious sieve, yet we are limited by our sui generis vision of the world, and it is difficult for us to admit it. The study therefore tends to find out if there are other possibilities in perceiving other beings that could be very “alien” in terms of life form compared to those we already know and that are present on Earth, a possibility that our mind cannot easily to grab. Scholars take as an example any life forms based on dark matter or dark energy, two things that alone form more than 95% of all that exists in the universe, so to speak.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility of the presence of other universes parallel to ours, a concept which is also not easily identifiable on a mental level. In essence, the study acknowledges that our physiology and our psychology play a fundamental role in attempts to discover the presence of extraterrestrial alien civilizations, an aspect that has been strongly neglected until now. The main experiment on which a recent study was based was conducted on 137 people. Various aerial photographs with artificial structures were proposed to the latter and the participants had to distinguish these from natural structures.

In one of the photographs a small character dressed as a gorilla was inserted. Almost half of the people did not notice the presence of this extremely “alien” element in those photographs. In my opinion, if we transfer this problem to the problem of finding other non-terrestrial intelligence’s, the question arises whether our current strategy could lead us to not perceive the gorilla. Our traditional conception of space is limited by our brains, we could have the signs above and not be able to see them, maybe we are not looking in the right direction?

Dark energy, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Dark energy, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Dark energy