Fate, the Extraterrestrials wanted to change it

Fate, the Extraterrestrials wanted to change it

Fate, the Extraterrestrials wanted to change it; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Antonio Rivera, father of Spanish ufology, revealed a strange fact in his book “Las máquinas del cosmos” that at that time did not attract particular attention. Today, thanks to the latest documents declassified by American Intelligence, let us return to this topic and talk about Interactions between Humans and Extraterrestrials.

Rivera said during a meeting: “One day we talked about UFOs in a meeting, in the presence of the lawyer Miguel Aleman, former president of Mexico, and one of those present asked”: Maestro, what do you think of flying saucers? The only thing I can tell you, “said Alemán,” is that when I was the president myself, the general (Dwight) Eisenhower was also president in the United States.

And during a visit to Mexico, he told me “from president to president,” that in 1954, in the southwestern United States, a disk-shaped plane and the bodies of 16 members of their crew were shown, which were small humanoids. Everything was kept in complete secrecy at an air base. “Ufologists say that in the early hours of February 21, 1954, Eisenhower participated in a meeting with the aliens and that together they would sign a “pact”.

According to this story, the “Nordic aliens” (human-looking extraterrestrials originating from the Pleiades) and the US government failed to reach an agreement. However, the respective leaders would have been able to agree with another alien race: the Grays. Their collaborations included: exchanges of military technology, the non-interference of aliens in human affairs and the prohibition of reaching any agreement with other countries, except of course for the United States: in exchange, the United States would have allowed the aliens to live Earth and kidnap human beings in order to carry out scientific experiments useful to science.

Stefano Breccia, an Italian professor who died in 2012, witnessed one of the most incredible stories of alien contact, which took place in Pescara, where 150 people came into contact with the extraterrestrials called W56: the witnesses claim that the aliens arrived in our world in the mid-1950s and have been here until the mid-1970s. Their goal was very clear and transparent: to create a new world order based on “love and friendship”. Over time, this case has been named “Amistad Project” or Friendship. Several people had been led to alien bases: most had a high social and cultural level.

In his book “Mass Contacts”, Breccia talks about the purpose of the alien project: to change the way we see the relationship between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations. This project has been presented in Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Chile, Mexico and Argentina. According to this version, the extraterrestrials called W56 wanted to change the destiny of humanity, but the lack of commitment on the part of humans, made the project close, making them disappear.

Fate, the Extraterrestrials wanted to change it



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Fate, the Extraterrestrials wanted to change it
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