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Base Dulce is the name given to an alleged military installation located in the subsoil of Dulce (New Mexico) (USA), as part of conspiracy theories.

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Conspiracy theory

The existence of this supposed base is only the subject of debate: there are no documents of any kind to prove its existence. Together with Area 51, whose existence is however admitted by the army of the United States of America, it has entered the collective imagination in the ufological and conspiratorial sphere. This possible basis is, in fact, very present in the conspiracy theories concerning UFOs and urban legends of the same environment.

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Historical UFOs

According to some ufologists, the base, covered by military activities, would be a center for the study of alien species, new aircraft (Stealth) and innovative weapons (microwave, laser, and so on).

Stealth, UFO and Aircraft. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


According to ufologists who support its existence, this underground base would aim to hide cooperation between US and British armies and some alien species. Military-alien cooperation would be in place, from which the United States would derive a profitable advantage in technology and medicine. According to the progenitors of these theories, including Paul Bennewitz, in 1966, in Dulce, a pact between the generals of the USAF and the alien contingents was stipulated; the alleged pact is called Plato Act. Evidence for this pact would be the increase in cases of mutilation of animals in New Mexico and alleged Abductions in US territory.

Mutilation of livestock, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Mutilation of livestock

The United States would have granted these actions to obtain, in turn, futuristic weapons and treatment for diseases. Ufologists claim that laser and Stealth technologies are the result of this cooperation between humans and aliens, but also transistors, microwave weapons, plasma weapons and particle weapons, advances on antimatter and anti-gravity studies, are included in this list. , viruses such as SARS and HIV, superficial studies on gravitational propulsion and the use of time intervals.

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Gravitational interaction

Before the base took on a notoriety through Paul Bennewitz and other scholars, in the area of Dulce there were many UFO cases in which the local people witnessed, starting from the common sightings of UFOs, to cases of abduction and mutilation of livestock. 

Before the existence of this base was supposed, starting from the seventies, more precisely from the period 1975-83, in the area of Dulce the ever more frequent cases of mutilations of cattle were discussed; the local police opened an investigation to give an explanation. Some people who claim to have been abducted by aliens or, more recently, even by the military say they are being taken to underground bases.

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Alien rape

According to the conspirators, the Base Dulce would be one of those installations in which the kidnappers would be brought.

Quote by Alessandro Brizzi.

“Reports of sightings of UFOs are reported very often by residents of New Mexico, especially in areas of Indian tribal reserves such as Jicarilla Apache, which is located precisely in northern New Mexico. These sightings have recently attracted media attention. Also in New Mexico, UFO sightings are reported near the city of Dulce, where stories of a secret underground base run, it is no coincidence that the Mescalero Apache, Jicarilla Apache and Kiowa tribes have repeatedly reported the presence of mysterious creatures of the “gray” type, wandering in the woods or near the caves that are present in these areas.

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The religious leaders of the mentioned tribes tell the locals that these beings belong to the People of the Ants, beings described with a big head, light gray skin and big eyes similar to those of the ants. Residents of the city of Dulce have claimed to have seen several UFOs and firmly believe that these objects are connected to a supposed Top Secret base, exactly an underground alien base located under the Archuleta (Mount Archuleta) New Mexico, precisely near the city of Dulce. Despite a tradition of the alien conspiracy theory, which spans four decades of fame after the Roswell UFO Crash, the site of the alleged crash of a UFO near a ranch (1947) – has eclipsed the case of Dulce.

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UFO crash

But UFO hunters believe that the alien technology recovered from Roswell’s UFO Crash is being tested in great secrecy in Area 51, and that government scientists have been busy for years and years working on retro-technology to identify the type of propulsion of these alien aircraft, (reverse engineering).

#Roswell, the origin of everything Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

#Roswell, the origin of everything Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

However, there is a group of UFO researchers and aliens who believe that it is precisely in Dulce and in Area 51 that they are not only places of major extraterrestrial technology research facilities, but these UFO researchers believe that Mount Archuleta, near the city of Dulce, near the border of Colorado and New Mexico, is the real “Area 51”, being the site of the largest alien base in the world, where Gray and Reptilians operate.

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The aliens in Dulce are also studying methods of mind control between humans and animals, as well as cloning experiments. Paul Schneider, a former government scientist, said he helped build the underground system with seven levels of depth to reach up to two miles under the Archuleta Mesa.

Infected governments, will they ever tell us the truth Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Infected governments

Researchers say that gray aliens and reptiles are kept in captivity, along with thousands of humans in the underground facility. Human beings are used as laboratory guinea pigs, after bio-genetic experiments assisted by the American government. Apparently, these claims are supported by reports of UFO sightings, in turn reported by residents of Dulce, a small town with a population of about 2,600 inhabitants. Residents say they have photographed the UFOs stationed in the sky and then flying over the city. There have also been reports of black military helicopters associated with UFO sightings. The black helicopters were sometimes seen together with mysterious spheres of light and hovered in the night sky above the plateau Archuleta, where it is suspected that there is a secret base”.

Base Dulce, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.



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Base Dulce, definition and study. A-Z index of Cognitio.

Base Dulce