Nazi UFOs, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Nazi UFOs (in German, flying discs of the Reich), sometimes called V7, are hypothetical high-tech aircraft or spacecraft that would have been developed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War and Nazi scientists would continue to develop in the post-war period. Nazi UFO tales are often linked to Nazi esotericism, seen as an ideology that hypothesizes the possibility of a Nazi restoration thanks to supernatural or paranormal means, for example contacts with alleged extraterrestrial entities.

Alien entities, command our climate Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Alien entities

These myths seem to be inspired by the actual development of reactive aircraft by Germany such as the Me 262 or the Ho 229, of guided or ballistic missiles such as the V1 and the V2, whose technology would later provide the basis for the American missile and space program and would be added by scientists from the Soviet Union to their already advanced knowledge in this field.

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Nazi Germany had claimed the territory of New Swabia (Antarctica), sending an expedition to it in 1938 and planning others.

Antarctica, because there is a long buried structure 22 kilometers?


Some sightings during the Second World War of flying objects that are difficult to identify both in Europe and on the Pacific Ocean. In particular it was believed that what were later called foo fighter were enemy aircraft.

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Foo fighter

The stories and myths about Nazi UFOs conform to the history documented in the following episodes.

It is said that America feared an attack by the Nazis in the heart of New York, as would then happen decades later by the hand of Isis, to the point of observing the sky in search of threats even from unidentified objects. Mussolini had nothing to do with it, of course, but according to some Hitler he plotted in his hangars … We were in December 1944 when – in full nuclear attack syndrome – the New York Times reported the news of a “mysterious sphere suspended in the air” and published photos of unidentifiable objects darting at very high speed in England. Nazi UFOs? According to the article, some Londoners had seen these disks pass in a grazing flight under the Thames bridges. The legend was born of the “flying saucer” of the Nazis, when – according to unofficial sources and never confirmed – the Germans successfully completed the first test.

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Flying saucer

On the inaugural flight the most disparate reports were written: according to some, the aircraft had flown over 2,000 km per hour; according to others, he had only hinted at the flight with a couple of uncertain leaps. According to others, and according to official historiography, it would be a hoax or an urban legend. But on the “discs” of stories between fantasy and legend they also circulate for the Fascist period.

Nazi UFOs, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.



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Nazi UFOs, original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Nazi UFOs