Roswell, the origin of everything?

Roswell, the origin of everything?

Roswell, the origin of everything? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Theologians, scholars, and religious reject the idea that the stories of the Bible or the Mahabharata describe alien encounters, and governments in the course of history officially denied sightseeing tours on Earth by flying discs. On July 8, 1947, however, a UFO sighting was reported, which even the US government, has trouble denying. Because? Because this time the report came from the United States Army! One night in July 1947, a strong thunderstorm fell on New Mexico. The next morning the owner of a nearby home Mek Browser, goes out to check the damage. He encounters a vast area of debris, something he had never seen and brought them to the local sheriff’s office.

In 1947 Roswell was the Roswell aviation camp, the sheriff called the base, the base sends Major Jesse Marcel, the site virtually becomes a military site, and soldiers collect any detritus they find. In the initial report, the army makes a vague statement about the beginning of a debris recovery operation in:

“one day last week”

But why did not the army report what she found right away? And why this ambiguity with the times? This is the most important find that shows the event, the newspaper of July 8, 1947.

It is here shown that Colonel William H. Blanchard ordered from Lieutenant Walter Haut (the public relations officer) saying

“We’re holding a flying saucer, we’ve been taken to Fort Worth (Upper Quarter)”

Roswell made a real turning point for ufology, in my opinion, because the army for the first time, admitted to having a fallen disc. And admission, obviously at that time, caused a stir.

But then on July 9, General Ramey issued a press release saying,“no was a meteorological balloon” And so began the UFO filing, better documented in history. Army officers refer to “parts of a flying saucer”. The internal memorandums even speak of “victims on the site of the accident” But then why, less than 24 hours later, suddenly decide that the retrieved is nothing more than a weather balloon … Although Blanchard and Ramey are in the revised version, Lieutenant Haut remains faithful to his lifelong relationships. And those who believe it believe that modern technology could provide the irrefutable proof they were looking for. When Major Marcel carried the debris to Fort Worth, General Ramey organized a press conference to say that it was a weather ball and a photo was taken.

In his hand he had a memorandum, enlarged thanks to the new technology. An important researcher in the field, he is finding the words. Of which we already have: “Fort Worth Team” “transferred victims of the accident” and “container or dish”, so with the advancement of technology, year by year, General Ramey could solve the mystery …

Bob Wood, an UFO researcher in 1996, received transmitted documents and shared them with me and a few others. This document was called “Interplanetary Phenomena Units” and carried the stamp of the War Department on 22/07/1947. The most disturbing aspect of this survey is the finding of other bodies not far from the landing area 1. Mac Brazel’s site, between Corona and Roswell, and it was as if they were cut off like a frog. It does not specify if these bodies were human or not, but for me in the late 90’s, hold it in hand and be able to read this document as a sudden electric shock.

5 years after Roswell, the US aeronautics, coined the term UFO. Over the next few decades, thousands of UFOs are taken, photographed and filmed around the world.

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary technological tools, which has changed our vision of UFOs and flying discs, is the camcorder. Just see what happened in Phoenix in Arizona in March 1997

These huge flying Boomerangs, crossing the sky above Phoenix, across the whole valley, heading south to the Mexican border, were taken with cameras, taken from the Network and local newsstands, we saw them at CNN by Larry King. Certainly people called them “signposts” is natural … But when you see them with your eyes, the perspective suddenly changes … So now, according to public opinion surveys, more than 50% of the Americans, believe in the existence of flying disks. And almost 50% believe that the government knows the existence of flying disks, and that the Government is hiding the thing.

But why so many UFO sightings after Roswell? is it a coincidence? Or the fact that the world believes more in aliens, it provides coverage for those who would have been too scared and ridiculous to come forward … Perhaps the reason is another, maybe the sightings are more because the alien visits are really increased … From the dawn of space era !!

Before that, there were so many stories about UFOs and sightings, but they were not very much told why it was waxing the Second World War, but when the disk was perked, it devoted more space to the newspapers.

If, as some say, really aliens from other worlds are among us, and have done everything to keep themselves hidden for thousands of years, will they ever reveal their presence? And most of all, what if they did? And if it was already happening? In March 2010, a mysterious intermittent light floats over Cleveland, Ohio, for 11 consecutive nights.

Cleveland’s sighting is one of the thousands reported each year, and while many have been shown false alarms, others are not so easy to discredit. In 1991, the British Defense Minister commissioned journalist-author Nick Pope to follow every year thousands of sightings reported in England, Scotland and Wales.

The English Defense Ministry has been dealing with the UFO issue since the 1950s, the reason for the UFO sighting interests, it does not necessarily depend on the fact that the department believes in extraterrestrial visits, is more to keep an eye on the unusual activities of the UFO British airspace.

When they handed over to Pope, he did not believe anything unusual and was very skeptical, but he studied the archive of old cases, the more they wanted to investigate the cases he was subjected to daily. He then began to change his mind and realized that many of those UFO sightings could not be explained in conventional terms.

Many of the most intriguing cases sought by Pope involve eye witnesses of pilots, police officers, and army officers, while others include radar, video, and confidential photography.

The so-called Cosford accident was a special moment for me, Cosford is a military base in the United Kingdom, and on the night in question, or March 30, 1993, there was a wave of sightings for a period of about 6 hours, many witnesses they were policemen and military, and the base was directly overwhelmed by a large triangular ship. The meteorologist of this base, he described the size of a Jumbo Jet, which moved very slowly, then accelerated and disappeared on the horizon at an incredible speed. And he was a man with 8 years of aviation experience.

Accurate investigation was carried out on this sight, not only by private UFO investigators but also by the British Government, but they were unable to explain all the sightings reported during this incident. During another intriguing British UFO sighting, which took place in December 1980, US Air Force Station staff in Suffolk, England, reported having seen a heavily lit space ship landing in the nearby forest for 2 nights.

What makes this case, especially unusual, is that it is not vague lights in the sky, here it is a metallic vehicle that is landed !! And some of the witnesses claim to have approached so much that they can touch it. One of the witnesses saw strange symbols on the hull, which in his view seemed to be Egyptian hieroglyphs, made a sketch in the police notebook, and made pictures, though they could not develop.

The Defense Ministry has made inquiries, and the defense intelligence staff said the radiation readings on the landing site were significantly higher than in the surrounding area, quoted directly by the government statement. The British Government has produced a dense Dossier containing information about this sighting, but it is still unlikely that the truth about sighting is ever known.

Despite the persuasive eyewitness testimony, the defense ministry soon declares the case closed. 22 years later when the government removes the secrecy restrictions on the files of the incident, the evidence is inconclusive, but it is certainly worth noting the credibility of the main witnesses, trained army men.

Obviously as a UFO hunter, I’ve known many people who saw UFO flying by plane for example. I was on the plane, and suddenly the pilot came out of the cabin, and this happened on 5 occasions, they say “I saw an UFO” or “half of my crew saw an UFO”, always ask if they report to superiors these sightings and always answer me “when the airline flight controller asks you if you want to report the sighting of an UFO, and then laughs out, you tell him no!” There are sightings of UFOs every single day, real people, who see real UFOs, the more they talk about it and the more it becomes a widespread phenomenon. Something’s going on! With regard to the government’s reaction to this, the British defense ministry’s behavior was certainly to minimize the argument, not so much in the sinister attempt to overturn the truth about the UFOs, whatever it is, the more embarrassing.

On December 1, 2009, the British Defense Ministry put an end to the UFO project on dramatic UFOs, stating that there is no credible evidence that UFOs pose a potential threat to the United Kingdom.

Several aspects of this decision are particularly controversial, first of all, sightings in the United Kingdom, have reached their peak in the last 10 years, so it seemed the least time to break the 50-year research and investigation into the mystery of the UFO. The other point that makes it particularly controversial is how the decision was announced, did not make a proactive statement, but only say that the department will not respond to inquiries on the subject and will no longer investigate the sightings.

Those who are in favor of fully disclosing confidential information about UFOs find it an obstacle to the fact that most traditional scientists believe that studying alien phenomena is little more than simple border science and the fear of layoffs and to be ridiculed, pushes many scientists to remain in the shadows.

Our best scientists who communicate with each other in the world have rules of protocol to follow, for example they can not show themselves religious, they can not believe in flying discs, and certainly should not attend people who believe in flying disks. Everything is done behind closed doors, because no one wants to attract attention, understand that you are penalized if you associate with this type of research and therefore have to act in an invisible way, let me stop and stop by the criticisms and fears of my colleagues is wrong, we can speculate on the existence of life outside of this planet, we can speculate if we have been in contact with other civilizations, why not?

But as more and more scientists are opening up to the possibility of the existence of life forms of some other part of the universe, will the belief that the aliens have visited us in the past will be easier to accept? What could be the reaction today if the extraterrestrials came to Earth and manifested to us? In countless books and science fiction films, the warning is that the aliens would come to warn or destroy us.

It’s since the 60’s that people think about what we would do, if the aliens come here, the scenario would be that of the ultimatum on Earth? Would we feel that our planet is about to face a disaster? Will they come up like the Martians of the World War? The answer is more complicated than it seems, they will not land by saying (bring me from your leader). Today there is a general consensus that if the Extraterrestrials arrived tomorrow, they would be hostile, make war, destroy us, and all these crazy things, I do not think so, because any civilization that can cross the interstellar space would prove benevolent, compared to a less advanced technology company. A simple statistic shows that if we came into contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, we would be the last ones to arrive, we would be the last in the list when it comes to intelligence, so they would teach us a lot, but we would not have much to teach them. There would be many benefits from the fact that neighbors from the galaxy visit us, it was reported that people who had contact had been subjected to medical treatments with positive results, aliens have advanced energy technologies, according to some already different they would be studied with the reverse engineering method to carry out military means, have advanced means of communication, each area of life could receive a beneficial influence, recognizing the fact that there are these beings who have the knowledge they can share with us and from here we will benefit.

It will depend on how the discovery will take place, if it was a distant radio broadcast, we could expect one thing if a visit that coincides with UFO common beliefs might be expected, but in general I think people are prepared for one. .. contact … if so we want to define it.

Many believe that contact with extraterrestrials is inevitable, and suggest the rulers to prepare themselves, this is a field of study known as Exopolitic.

The Exopolitic raises the question … What should be the social level of reaction in the face of such a situation, not necessarily at the government level, but as individuals we can stretch our hand in friendship? Exopolitic is a movement formed by people who want to publicize the UFO topic and make the information available to our governments and thus make this great change possible.

But if we offer our friendship, who assures us that we will be paid the same way. Many scientists, including the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, believe that alien beings could pose a threat and suggest doing everything possible to prevent contact.

If alien beings were aggressive, warlike, come here … Is resistance going to be useless? How does life escape from planet Earth? Easy … an epidemic! Simple, no UFOs, no lethality from the sky, no explosions, nothing of all this, we can do this because the aliens could not. To think that we will be able to elaborate a defense mechanism, or to have defenses against companies traveling in interstellar space, it’s ridiculous!

Whether they are friends or enemies, if extraterrestrials landed somewhere in the United States, it is possible that they will be welcomed by the government, or by military personnel wearing protective clothing, in search of harmful pathogens and radiations. And then everything would come … again … SECRETED!

Roswell, the origin of everything? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


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Roswell, the origin of everything?
Roswell, the origin of everything?

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