Alien autopsy, fake or reality?

Alien autopsy, fake or reality?

Alien autopsy, fake or reality? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Grays have appeared in so-called “autopsy of the alien”, then proved false artifacts, which in the nineties made quite a stir in the media appearing on all the major television networks worldwide.

The first and best known of these records of autopsies was the so-called “Santilli film”, the documentary filmmaker Ray Santilli claimed he had bought from a former military cameraman. An autopsy is a detailed and careful medical examination of the body of the person and their organs after death to determine the causes, the methods and possibly the means that they have caused. In the judicial order autopsies is also required to establish the time of death, as determined by so-called cadaveric phenomena.

The analysis is carried out in the departments of pathology or forensic medicine by a doctor assisted by forensic technician. In this regard should not be confused the figure of the medical industry with that of the coroner, which usually only deals with the judicial inspection and only in some cases and in some states it takes to perform the autopsy. An autopsy can not be performed earlier than 24 hours of death, as stated in article eight of the police mortuary regulation, except where provided for by that article and subsequent, or in cases where there is urgent need a diagnosis: in such cases it is possible to subject the body to electrocardiography observation of an operator designated by the Health Department, continued for at least 20 consecutive minutes. In actual autopsies we are used these tools:

Enterotomy: they are of large scissors on one of the blades which is formed, by molding, a metal ball, which is intended to be a guide and protect the intestinal mucous during the opening of the same. It is used for the enterotomy.

Enterostomy: tools like scissors; It presents in the right arm of a cavity in which for closure of the same by the TSLB biomedical lab technician or the pathologist, fits the left arm, thus allowing to seal a cavity avoiding to spill the contents.

Chisel: after opening the calvarium with vibrating saw or hand saw, a chisel is used to gently open the skull, exposing the brain; It differs by the chisel of the surgeon because it has a long handle to reach the deepest body cavity.

Needle and thread: using to close the openings when the autopsy is completed. The point used is similar to that which sews the outside of the baseball.

Scissors to nerves: these resemble small pruning shears and are used to cut through the ribs.

Toothed forceps: have the form of a clamp and serving to lift tissue, dab, and much more. The teeth provide resistance in the outlet of the heavier bodies.

Hand saw: manual saws are used rarely. The hand saw can be used to cut the bones, but it is much slower than the vibrating saw.

Vibrating saw is an essential tool for pathologists. The saw can be used for the removal of the crown, make linear cuts, or for the taking of small pieces of bone. The blade moves back and forth very quickly, which prevents the cutting of soft tissue, also many models are equipped with a suction apparatus that reduces the emission of dust, reducing the risk of infection for the operators.

Encephalotomy: Also called bitaglient. It is a cutting tool with two cutting parts of about 30 cm length flat section, used to perform the various sections on the encephalitic. It is comfortable and practical to use even of parenchyma organs (liver and kidneys), and on the lungs. The length of the blade, the thin, flat section, make it a very sharp instrument and precise.

Costotome: Also called frangicoste. It is the tool that allows the removal of the sternal plastron for exploration of the chest cavity through various cuts that are made on the ribs along the cartilaginous margin, where the cut is more clean and precise, while if it is done directly on the bone likely that the formation of splinters, which can be harmful to the hands that are then to explore the chest cavity. The Costotome is similar to kitchen shears.

In my point of view, now that we know what is used in modern technology, we can watch the movie and study the faith accomplish? Really exist these tools in the video? Help me find out the truth!

Alien autopsy, fake or reality? 


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Alien autopsy, fake or reality?
Alien autopsy, fake or reality?
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