England, UFO opens a space-time gap after the manifestation of a lightning bolt; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Megan Taylor from Somerset in England only casually witnessed the appearance of a cigar-shaped object while recording a thunderstorm with her camera. The mysterious object, as can be seen from the video, appears after a flash of lightning, but she the witness claims to have inadvertently captured it. The dark-colored mysterious object accelerates on earth at very high speed and then disappears into thin air.

UFO researcher Massimo Fratini is carrying out some very interesting research on UFO sightings that occur during thunderstorms. The Italian researcher, who works at the Department of Radiological Sciences of the La Sapienza University of Rome, theorizes that alien spaceships exploit lightning, opening space-time passages or Stargates, to get to Earth.

There is now a very detailed case study in this regard, which sees the appearance of unidentified flying objects that appear immediately after the flash of a lightning bolt. It is scientifically proven that incredible things happen during thunderstorms such as huge explosions, X-rays, radiation like those of the H bomb and there is even antimatter, created precisely by lightning. And it is precisely the antimatter that is created during lightning that led me to come up with some theories on UFO sightings during thunderstorms – says Massimo Fratini. 

True, thunderstorms produce beams of antimatter, the mirror substance, with opposite charges, of matter. Antimatter is an extraordinary substance, capable of 100% transforming into energy and being used as a propellant for the spaceships of the future, as already imagined in the Star Trek series. This was demonstrated by an artificial satellite, which on 14 December 2009 was hit by an antimatter beam generated by a storm 5,000 km away.

Scientists know that many thunderstorms, especially in tropical regions, can produce bursts of energy radiation such as those generated by atomic bombs: Gamma rays. These radiations are the most penetrating of all, far more than the X-rays that are used for radiographs. And they are emitted by the most extreme celestial bodies, such as black holes. In fact, the terrestrial gamma-ray bursts generated by thunderstorms were discovered by chance in the 90s, precisely by the artificial satellites that scanned the celestial vault in search of matter-devouring black holes and other equally violent cosmic phenomena. At first, no one expected such extreme phenomena to occur in our atmosphere, and since then many scientists and various satellites – including the Italian Agile – have dedicated themselves to research.

It seems that this fascinating physical phenomenon, which in many respects still remains mysterious, begins with a flow of electrons accelerated upwards by the electric fields of the storm, reaching speeds close to that of light in a vacuum. These hyper-fast electrons, colliding with the atoms of the atmosphere, release energy and produce gamma rays. Terrestrial gamma-ray bursts are produced by thunderstorms of all shapes and sizes, explains Joseph Dwyer, a physics lecturer in the United States, but we still don’t know why some thunderstorms produce gamma-ray bursts and others don’t.

While lightning is generated, a flash of gamma rays is released at high altitude, which in turn generates a cloud of matter (electrons) and one of antimatter (positrons). Extraterrestrial spaceships could exploit antimatter as a propellant, similar to that of the Star Trek movie, or exploit the Sun, X-Points (magnetic portals) and lightning to open space-time passages (Wormholes) and reach Earth. It is no coincidence that NASA‘s study of X-.Points has become Top Secret.

England, UFO opens a space-time gap after the manifestation of a lightning bolt


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England, UFO opens a space-time gap after the manifestation of a lightning bolt

England, UFO opens a space-time gap after the manifestation of a lightning bolt