NASA astronauts, were forced not to reveal the truth about the aliens; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

NASA astronauts were forced not to reveal the truth about aliens. For UFO researchers and the public, these are shock statements! Conspiracy theorists have claimed for years that NASA has hidden the truth about alien life forms, pointing out that live feeds, or rather NASA live broadcasts from space, are cut off and mysterious blackouts often occur, to eliminate alleged evidence of extraterrestrial presence in space.

The TV series “History Channel Ancient Aliens” also aired a conspiracy episode. The transmission recently broadcast on HC (History Channel), revealed how the computer hacker Gary McKinnon claimed to have discovered an image of a huge UFO in the NASA database, before his computer was mysteriously turned off. And Kevin Burns, the Hollywood film producer, went a step further by suggesting that astronauts talk about UFOs.

Speaking in an interview with the tabloid Daily Star, he said: We interviewed NASA astronauts who are convinced they saw UFOs and confirmed with us that this information was suppressed by the US space agency. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was famous for believing in extraterrestrials based on his personal observation. Even Buzz Aldrin had testified about it. There is a reluctance to limit much on UFOs and Aliens due to NASA, being a frowning government agency.

Mitchell was the sixth man to go to the moon, but his legacy was also based on an interview with Kerrang radio in 2008. In it, he claimed to believe that the infamous Roswell incident was a UFO and that the governments of all the world covered this and other ongoing incidents. The hacker Gary McKinnon also spoke of a secret space fleet, a list of names that indicated officers and non-commissioned officers recruited in the Space Fleet and a list of names that indicated the initials of the spaceships where the soldiers were recruited of the space force. Aldrin – who was part of the Apollo 11 mission – spoke in the past about how aliens are real. Kevin Burns said it was difficult to dismiss the testimony of those men who were in space.

Astronauts are highly qualified people, they tend to be very credible. They are aware that they saw something flying in space. Edgar Mitchell had returned very convinced on what he had seen and there are a lot of people, and more and more astronauts are witnessing. It is difficult to discard certain things you see in space, all the more so because we are now training astronauts to be the extraterrestrials going to Mars. But since space becomes more privatized, there may be a change of position. It will be interesting to see if there will be the same level of control over the information that has been there for the past 30-40 years.

NASA astronauts, were forced not to reveal the truth about the aliens


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NASA astronauts, were forced not to reveal the truth about the aliens

NASA astronauts, were forced not to reveal the truth about the aliens