Egypt, evidence of the use of advanced technologies at the archaeological site of Abusir; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

For over decades, the idea that the ancient Egyptians had access to advanced technologies thousands of years ago has been circulating among researchers around the world. Due to the huge amount of evidence, many people say that it has become clear, self-evident, that numerous ancient civilizations around the world – including the ancient Egyptians, have worked for centuries with advanced technology that has been lost today.

Researchers supporting this theory, concerning amazing ancient sites around the planet, one of the most amazing places is undoubtedly the site of Abusir. The name derives from ‘Per Ousir’ which translated means house of Osiris, Abusir is located in the vicinity of Abu Ghorab, which is another site full of great mystery and certainly unexplained construction techniques are found here too. Currently in Abusir, there are five pyramids that are accessible and belong to the Pharaohs Sahourê, Niouserrê, Neferirkare, Neferefra and Queen Khentkaous II.

Many of those who have visited Abusir have witnessed inexplicable things, of how the ancient Egyptians built this beautiful site thousands of years ago and it is not known how they did it, with what technology it was built. The huge granite blocks show holes with a precision that meets modern techniques. One of the greatest enigmas among researchers remains the mystery of how the ancient Egyptians managed this operation, with great precision and accuracy, then at a time when advanced technology was not available. In order to drill the granite, today diamond machines are used, under hydraulic pressure. According to traditional scholars, these machines were obviously unavailable to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago but, somehow, the huge granite blocks show obvious holes made by machines similar to those of today. According to traditional Egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians used copper saws, water and sand to cut granite. These tools and techniques would have enabled them to separate stone blocks into two parts, however, in order to achieve the level of accuracy. But in Abusir, manual tools, water and sand were not enough to make such precise holes in the granite. This theory, or that of the saws of copper, water and sand, is just a mockery and the reason is that the Egyptologists themselves, even if they cannot find a plausible explanation, invent absurd things.

It is impossible to think that a cut or a hole made in a very hard granite rock was created thousands of years ago by hand. The level reached by the ancient builders of Abusir is amazing and can only be compared with modern machines. In ancient Egypt, Abusir is not the only site where evidence of advanced technology used thousands of years ago can be found. It is not an isolated case, although advanced drilling techniques have been used.

In Sakkara, which is about 10 kilometers south of Giza, there are many examples of stone worked inconceivably for the ancient Egyptians. In fact, in this place there are incredibly sculpted granite columns with rounded sides and sharp corners. The Great Pyramid of Giza is another example. Inside the King’s chamber there is an artifact erroneously labeled by traditional scholars as the ‘sarcophagus’. Although no mummies have ever been found and no signs indicating there was one in the past and the gigantic sarcophagus was created with pink granite and quartz from Aswan. This is another example of how extremely advanced tools were used in the construction process. Many researchers agree that whoever built the huge sarcophagus most likely used diamond points in order to achieve this accuracy. The Solar Temples of Abu Gurab could be considered ancient Stargates, Star Portals to get in touch with divinities and Extraterrestrial beings. The ancestral traditions of native Egyptians and new research on the so-called Solar Temples of Abu Gurab describe a Stargate function created through the harmonic resonances of temples. Such stargates would have allowed contact with ancient gods or ancestral aliens. The solar temples of Abu Gurab are located about 15 kilometers from the pyramids of Giza and are part of the pyramid complex of Abusir.

Egypt, evidence of the use of advanced technologies at the archaeological site of Abusir


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Egypt, evidence of the use of advanced technologies at the archaeological site of Abusir

Egypt, evidence of the use of advanced technologies at the archaeological site of Abusir