Monoliths, built on Mars and on the moon Phobos

Monoliths, built on Mars and on the moon Phobos

Monoliths, built on Mars and on the moon Phobos; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Explorers of extraterrestrial origin would have built complex structures and Monoliths on Mars and the Phobos Moon. Phobos and Deimos, from the name of the Greek mythological characters, or fear and terror, are the two small satellites of the red planet and are irregular in shape. These two celestial bodies make strange orbits around Mars. Most astronomers agree that their shape is an indicator of their origin, which is that they are asteroids involved in the gravitational pull force of Mars.

NASA images show that on the moon Phobos, the smaller of the two moons, has a particular structure on its surface. Rectangular in shape and standing, a monolith 100 meters high rises from above (photographed by the MGS space probe); and this object has sparked a great deal of controversy since it was first discovered during the Mars Global Surveyor mission (1998). 

UFO enthusiasts speculate that Phobos could be a hollow, artificial body and by extension they believe that the monolith could also be of alien origin. Their hypotheses are based primarily on the calculations of a Russian scientist, Dr. Iosef Samuilovich who theorized that Phobos’ movements were not consistent with what was expected of a celestial body of its shape and size.

If the satellite is in fact of an artificial nature, the importance of an obelisk-like structure is slightly obscured on its surface. If the entire moon was artificially built by an alien race, the monolith would be only a small component of the structure. On the other hand, the monolith is located in a sterile region on the Phobos moon, so it may be more important than suspected. No matter the true nature of Phobos, the mystery surrounding the monolith remains valid. Photographic evidence shows the monolith appearing as a bright object near the Stickney Crater. The monolith is certainly not the product of a camera malfunction, since it casts an evident shadow on the surface of Phobos. 

The available data indicate that the rectangular object is found alone in a region devoid of other reference points, as if it were a testament to its controversial nature. There is no such thing on the whole moon. This strange object brings with it many questions: who put the monolith there and why? What is it for and what is its purpose? 

The red planet is full of puzzles and most of them point to the existence of an advanced Martian civilization that existed in the distant past. There appears to be a new object every week that is discovered by NASA through photos sent by Rover Curiosity. It ranges from alien skulls and skeletons to the remains of ancient towers, pyramids and disc-shaped objects that look like precipitated UFOs. It appears that Mars is not the only planet in our solar system that is home to mysterious monoliths. According to the images recorded by the space probes, relating to the surface of Mercury, the planet of “fire” is added to the list of planets and moons in our solar system, which show fascinating anomalies, and which according to many demonstrate that there is alien life, or at least existed to some extent in our solar system. 

monolith discovered on Mercury

Sergeant Major Robert Dean, who passed away in October 2018, worked at NATO’s SHAPE, during an interview he declared that the monolith discovered on the moon Phobos is not the only one, but other similar objects are found in almost the entire solar system, both on planets and moons and planetoids. According to Dean, these structures may have been set up by an alien race and this is also convinced by the former astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In my opinion many of the monolithic and pyramidal structures, which have been discovered in the solar system and which are similar to those sighted on Mars and Phobos, may have been built or placed specifically as signs of the presence of any alien outposts. Most of these outposts could have been used, for example, by the alien race of the Nephilim, inhabitants of Nibiru, to search for gold in the depths of the planets or moons that orbit it.

Monoliths, built on Mars and on the moon Phobos


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Monoliths, built on Mars and on the moon Phobos

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