Crater Gale, Mars, a UFO is photographed, shocking! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The theory on the presence of artificial structures on Mars built by an intelligent alien race is not new. Over the years, countless photos of strange lights and other abnormal structures such as pyramids and other buildings have attracted the attention of ufologists, according to which buildings with complex architecture and other mysterious objects that seem to fly over the Martian surface would have been identified.

The video published on You Tube shows a mysterious flying object (UFO), which seems to fly over the Martian surface. Is it perhaps an alien drone or a small reconnaissance aircraft? Given the structure and shape of the mysterious aircraft, which appears to be discoid, it looks like an alien probe that is observing the Rover Curiosity as it explores and documents the area of the Crater Gale.

Also in the video a mysterious structure is also analyzed, a sort of building similar to a conical tower with a huge window. I think it could be an alien base. For NASA, everything related to alien structures discovered on other planets must not be in the public domain. 

There is photographic evidence that something was artificially built on Mars and other planets in the solar system. There are structures on the surface of the Red Planet found in countless images taken from space probes, such as MRO from NASA, which has been mapping Mars for a long time.  For conspiracy theorists, there is no doubt that on Mars and other planets in the solar system they hide ancient vestiges belonging to ancient space travelers, that is, a technologically advanced race (perhaps the Anunnaki?) That have colonized and built artificial structures that do not they would have been difficult to detect.

Crater Gale, Mars, a UFO is photographed, shocking!



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Crater Gale, Mars, a UFO is photographed, shocking!

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