Pentagon, increases the budget for its “UFOs”

Pentagon, increases the budget for its "UFOs"

Pentagon, increases the budget for its “UFOs” ; Original article by Alessandro brizzi.

Of the funds allocated for Defense, $ 75 billion will be invested by the Pentagon in the “Black Projects”: the top-secret programs that develop experimental prototypes. They are known as “black projects”, ie top-secret programs that the Pentagon carries out in the utmost reserve with the intention of developing new weapon systems supported by the most advanced technologies and often with futuristic designs that can make these weapons of the future seem real UFOs.

Now the Pentagon, determined to maintain technological supremacy in the field of armaments, is ready to expand the budget to mount “laser cannons” on jets or to experiment with new forms of low observability for aircraft that are piloted by human beings or by artificial intelligence. And that boasts a very high endurance of negative G in the most impervious maneuvers. The increase, equal to 6% compared to past years and will lead to the investment of $ 75 billion of taxpayers, who will be administered by the designers and evaluation squadrons, to develop “secret” weapons that always keep the United States one step ahead of Russia and China.

Another noteworthy news in the Pentagon’s “investment” field is that of a $ 750,000 contract that US military officials would have entered into with former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, to collaborate. in the search for new technologies and concepts – which according to the singer do not come from this planet – to be used on new prototypes.

Experimental prototypes developed in the past within the Black Project have often shown such exceptional performances that they seem in fact extraterrestrial. Increasing the legends that have circulated about Area 51 and the constant sightings of unidentified flying objects in the surrounding areas.

In fact, numerous “black” programs were carried out by the Lockheed Skunk Works Division at the Groom Lake air base. Consider, for example, the supersonic spy planes Sr-71 “Blackbird” and the stealth bomber F-117 “Nighthawk”. All aircraft that, seen darting through the skies of Nevada, have left to think of civilians totally unaware of the technologies mastered by the Pentagon, which was clearly a UFO.

Pentagon, increases the budget for its “UFOs”


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Pentagon, increases the budget for its "UFOs"
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