Contacted by the Aliens he claims that our Moon is artificial and was brought from another Galaxy

Contacted by the Aliens he claims that our Moon is artificial and was brought from another Galaxy

Contacted by the Aliens he claims that our Moon is artificial and was brought from another Galaxy; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Famous contactee Alex Collier claims that our Moon is artificial, it is actually an interstellar transport ship that was brought here from a distant solar system. It contained an experiment conducted by the Gray Aliens and their Reptilian masters: our genetically engineered ancestors. The book “Letters from Andromeda”, born from an idea of Job Robinson and Alex Collier, describes a telepathic conversation with alien beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. An ancient being called Moraney from the Zenetae constellation, transmitted important information to Collier, questioning the history of humanity, that is, the lies spread in our history books. The Andromedian denounced the deception in which human beings are governed, the lies that govern our daily lives without our consent or awareness. We are not told anything about the real concerns of real life, much less what is really happening in our Solar System. 

Moraney’s biggest revelation involved the true history of humanity and a secret base on the moon. Earth’s satellite played a vital role in our genesis, but far from any way we’ve been taught. The Moon was brought from the Ursa Minor constellation – 432 light-years from Earth – to serve as a transport ship for reptiles, human-reptile hybrids and the first generation of human ancestors to descend to Earth. Our moon has made its way into our galaxy dragged by a planet that is believed to pass through our galaxy every 25,000 Earth years. 

Moraney also revealed that our Moon once orbited the 17th planet of the Chowta star system, home of the Andromedians. What we see on the moon today are actually the remains of a 6.2 billion-year-old cosmic vestige called Maldek, a reminder of the ancient war between the tyrannical Gray aliens of the Orion Empire. According to information transmitted to Collier by the Andromedans, we are here because we were brought here by an ancient Extraterrestrial civilization that surpassed our Sun in old age. To support this science fiction theory, we must face speculation. On the surface of the moon, lunar missions are said to have detected the presence of some unknown chemical compounds and that the discovery was entirely covered up. Collier had his restrictions on this subject, but Moraney’s telepathic communication confirmed all doubts:

mysterious entrance to an underground alien base. The entrance to the base is located inside the Bancroft Crater, located southwest of the Archimedes Mountains on the Mare Imbrium.

The Moon is empty. It contains huge underground structures built by Extraterrestrial and later Humans from Earth. There are seven openings in the crust of the Moon and underground bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size. The Andromedans say, it is because much of the surface was built upon a metal shell of a circular space crest; or “A War Carrier”, as the Andromedans describe it. The craters on the Moon are a solid hint for a trained eye, because their depth does not correspond to an elusive cosmic body, but a uniform shape pressing against the layers of moon dust and rock, but since we are alone in this galaxy, who is responsible for the so-called craters? The answer comes from Andromedan, which tells of cities and spacecraft hangars located on the far side of the moon, which were destroyed in a war more than 113,000 years ago, leaving behind visible signs from our planet. 

The Grays led the first exploratory mission of these ruins in 1950, when a team of NSA astronauts (not NASA!) Allegedly explored a New York-sized underground lunar structure just below the Jules Verne crater. Inside the structure they found the remains of a violent battle, seeing pieces of reptile bodies scattered everywhere. When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order had been there for some time, Collier wrote. This knowledge and technology has been hidden from the upper levels at NASA and from our military. NASA was used as a blind man to keep people from really knowing what was going on there. The astronauts were silenced under the threats and remain so today, having signed a NOS document on secrecy. 

mysterious and huge structure photographed on the moon. Is it a portal to the secret lunar alien base?

Since then, the world government has maintained a lunar population program starting at 36,000 handpicked. The colony is estimated to reach 600,000 occupants in the near future. The leaders of the whole operation are the Grays, but they rarely interfere directly, but rather carry their messages through a group called the Black Monks. Originally human, the Black Monks have been radically modified to meet the needs of the Grays and can no longer be considered. humans of the Earth. The bottom step in the hierarchy is a group called Blue Moon, serving the Black Monks, made up of American, British, Russian and French representatives. These groups operate and control the lunar bases and under their command are two organizations: Alpha One and Alpha Two. Collier had reason to believe that Alpha One was assigned to gather resources on Earth and keep the population unaware and enslaved. 

The Andromedan Moraney told Collier that Alpha Two is actually MJ-12, the infamous organization tasked with recovering and investigating alien craft. If this is true, the organization we hold responsible for these covert projects is at the bottom of the scale and has said the scale is much higher than we previously thought. To this day, Collier’s allegations have yet to be proven, but completely rejecting their implications would be unwise. The far side of the Moon is forever hidden from view and even if there were a number of alien bases, we wouldn’t be able to locate them from Earth, but Chinese and Russian space probes have photographed UFOs, pyramids, Monoliths and mysterious illuminated cities. . But Alex Collier is quite adamant about his enlightenment and the forbidden knowledge with which he was blessed by the Andromedans. 

Contacted by the Aliens he claims that our Moon is artificial and was brought from another Galaxy


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Contacted by the Aliens he claims that our Moon is artificial and was brought from another Galaxy
Contacted by the Aliens he claims that our Moon is artificial and was brought from another Galaxy
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