Earth’s atmosphere, a UFO captured by the ISS; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

On 27 September 2020 an unknown object entered the field of view of the LIVE Streaming (live TV) of the International Space Station, exiting the Earth’s atmosphere, until it disappears behind the Earth and leaves the field of view. About 30 minutes later it reappears. 

It is not the first time that we have witnessed the presence of UFOs in space, captured by the ISS, which in this period is also recording oxygen losses, perhaps due to some malfunction of the equipment that manages the recycling of air. Recently, astronauts on the International Space Station performed a maneuver to avoid being hit by a flurry of space debris. This was reported by NASA, urging better management of objects in Earth’s orbit.

The control centers of the Russian and US Space Station worked together during a two and a half minute operation aimed at regulating the station’s orbit and moving away, avoiding the collision. The debris passed about 1.4 kilometers from the Space Station, NASA said. The three crew members – two Russians and one American – moved close to the Russian Soyuz shuttle at the start of the maneuver so that they could evacuate if necessary, the US Space Agency added, adding that the maneuver was decided ” for precautionary purposes “. Once this was over, the astronauts returned to their normal activities. 

Earth’s atmosphere, a UFO captured by the ISS


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Earth's atmosphere, a UFO captured by the ISS

Earth’s atmosphere, a UFO captured by the ISS