VAJRA, The Most Powerful Weapon Of The Ancient Gods.

VAJRA, The Most Powerful Weapon Of The Ancient Gods.

VAJRA, The Most Powerful Weapon Of The Ancient Gods. Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Recently, the paleo-contact theory has become more and more established and even more convincing: there is growing evidence that high technologies once existed on our planet. Scientists are concluding that the objects depicted in ancient frescoes or cave paintings are actually spaceships or airplanes. Vajras are one of these mysterious objects of the past: strange products that have survived to this day in their original form, unlike much evidence of paleo-contact that has disappeared over the millennia. This weapon was present in Assyrian and Byzantine cultures, among the Sumerians, as well as in ancient Indian epics. Vajra is made of metal, as it is a metal that can be a conductor.

Astravidya – divine science

Some archaeological finds suggest that our distant ancestors fought not only with swords and arrows. Why are the ruins of the Hittite state capital, the city of Hatgusas, melted to a greater extent than during a fire? Why is there evidence of some strange melting on the granite walls of the Irish fortresses of Dundalk and Ecos?

The reasons for such melting are still a mystery, and attempts at an explanation, such as a “huge lightning strike,” do not seem convincing. Perhaps we should pay attention to the numerous references in world folklore of “unusual,” “celestial,” “super-powerful” weapons? Perhaps the most interesting and systematized information of this kind is found in ancient Indian literature.

Here, for example, is how the Mahabharata describes the use of brahmashira weapons:

… Then Rama shot an arrow of non-defensive force, Terrible, bringing death….

Instantly fired by Rama, a distant arrow …

Ignited that mighty Rakshasa with a great flame.

A pair of horses, a chariot,

Was completely enveloped in fire…

And disintegrated into five basic natures….

His bones, flesh and blood could no longer hold,

They burned their weapons–so that the ashes were not visible.

Nor does it require a “nuclear” interpretation. For those familiar with the action of napalm, such a description does not seem surreal. But – napalm in ancient India?
There are various types of weapons mentioned in the Mahabharata, including the super-powerful brahmadanda and brahmashira, which were clearly radioactive: they killed fetuses in women and affected people for several generations. But we will consider only one type of weapon: the so-called vajra. 


Vajra in Sanskrit has several meanings: “lightning” and “diamond.” In Tibet it is called dorje, in Japan – kongose, in China – jin-ganshi, in Mongolia – ochir. It is an important ritual object in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Vajra is a symbol of worship, like a cross for Christians or a crescent moon for Muslims. So far, vajra is used in various rituals and the Buddha is often depicted with it in his hands. There is a direction of Buddhism called Vajrayana (also, the Buddha himself is called Vajrasatgva in it). In yoga there is a posture called vajrasana, the meaning of which is to make the body strong, like a diamond.

In Indian mythology, the Vajra is the powerful weapon of the god Indra, who can kill without fail. At the same time, like a diamond, he is safe and sound in every situation: he destroys everything, but not a single scratch remains. Note that the god Indra is the main god in Hindu mythology, the chief of all gods, the god of thunder and lightning, “the king of the universe.” He destroys and breaks fortresses and also, with the help of vajra, is able to command the weather as well as change the course of rivers and blow up rocks.

Boudhanath Stupa

Vajra in various descriptions is accompanied by epithets: copper, gold, iron, strong, as from stone or rock. It has four or a hundred angles, a thousand teeth, sometimes shaped like a disk, but more often it is cruciform, in the shape of a crossed lightning beam. Images of Vajra are found on the oldest monuments in India. But most interestingly, such objects appear as attributes of gods in cultural monuments in other countries. For example, Zeus in ancient Greek frescoes clearly holds a vajra in his hands. And we remember that the thunderer possessed a powerful weapon that could throw lightning and, in addition, knew how to control the weather. This means that this mysterious weapon in ancient times was available in different parts of the planet. 

However, vajras are widely represented in our time. As mentioned above, this is an object of worship for Eastern religions, so it is produced today, moreover, according to ancient images and canons. In addition, there are several vajras left over from ancient times. For example, in Nepal there is a Boudhanath temple complex built in the 6th century AD. In the center of the complex is the so-called Buddhist stupa (by the way, another mysterious religious building that mostly resembles a spaceship is an ordinary hemisphere with a top). There is a huge vajra nearby, which is worshipped by many pilgrims.

In addition, local monks claim that the gods used this vajra as a tool: they cut stones, made blocks for building temples and other huge structures.

Secret mantra

Paranormal researchers believe that vajras begin to function after being “activated” with the help of a secret mantra, which is maintained by the ministers of the ancient religions of the East. However, so far no one has been able to make the mysterious weapons of the past work. However, the famous Nikola Tesla in 1896 created his mysterious resonance generator (Tesla coil), which works without a mantra and, creating a voltage of several million volts, literally throws lightning bolts. So you can propose a version in which the vajra is also a resonant generator, which had very high power.

Vajras are believed to be associated with torsion fields. This term was introduced in 1922 by the French scientist Élie Cartan – with it he designated a hypothetical physical field, formed by the torsion of space. Subsequently, the theory of torsion fields became the most controversial issue in physics. And its unofficial recognition is largely due to the fact that “torsion people” claim that a person and his thoughts can generate and control torsion fields. If Vajra is the weapon of the ancient gods, who were far ahead of us in terms of the level of technological development (after all, they flew from distant planets, which are not yet available to us), then it turns out that these mysterious deities knew how to control torsion fields (reminiscent of the secret Eastern mantra).

VAJRA, The Most Powerful Weapon Of The Ancient Gods.


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VAJRA, The Most Powerful Weapon Of The Ancient Gods.
VAJRA, The Most Powerful Weapon Of The Ancient Gods.


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