I WENT TO MY PLANET… Original article by Alessandro Brizzi

Yes, I went to my home planet and now I’m back. I will tell you all about it…

On Oct. 27 of this year, as soon as I finished writing the last article on cognitiomatrix.comhttps://cognitiomatrix.com/vajra” I felt inside me like a force urging me to leave my home, to head to this structure that below I show you the picture I took.

When I arrived at the site, which by the way is very close to my house, I knew immediately that these logs arranged in this way could pose an enigma for me… But I was wrong, instead it was all very simple…. All I had to do was approach the center of this circle to be catapulted into another dimension, another planet!

I imagine your faces when you see this picture, taken by me while I was suspended in the air in deepest space. I didn’t have any camera to photograph it but when I saw it I felt like a tingle and when I got home yesterday, magically there was this picture in my i-phone. This is the real Jupiter! This is earthly Jupiter! That blue you see in the picture is all land and water, you can see the gradation of blue, the lighter blue almost white indicates land, the deeper blue indicates water. Well yes, Jupiter is actually not gaseous as all the scientists in the world would have you believe, but it is the most Earth-like planet, but much larger.

I think Jupiter is actually the cradle of ancient civilizations, a planet from where the history of the Universe started! So as I thought from childhood, that Jupiter was my original planet, because I never felt human, now it is a fact! 

I will stop here for now, I understand that it may be shocking, or it may even be unbelievable, but I can assure you that it is all true, and I plan to tell you my whole story, in future articles.



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