Sounds, heard on Jupiter could be of extraterrestrial origin; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Juno space probe, commissioned to enter Jupiter’s orbit for study reasons, some years ago captured mysterious sounds that could have an extraterrestrial origin.

When the probe was released into the polar orbit, it began to transmit information about the planet in relation to its atmosphere, magnetic field and climate. For this reason Juno is one of the most important missions that NASA has carried out in recent years. However, when it crossed the planet’s magnetic field boundary, the WAVES instruments found on the probe’s rim collected mysterious sounds that were transmitted as radio signals to NASA.

Although initially NASA claimed that the sound was produced by an “astrophysical shock”, that is, the result of the interaction between the magnetic field of a celestial object and the flow of plasma generated by the solar wind. However, this is NASA’s version, an explanation so far-fetched that many theorists and ufologists have doubted since the beginning. Possible alien ship? Although there is no information on how the air currents on Jupiter work, in reality little information is the information that the Galileo space probe has brought and comes from 1995. As long as the spacecraft barely lasted 57 minutes on Jupiter’s surface, before the planet’s pressure destroyed it, the spacecraft sent some important records to NASA. It is for this reason that many experts have started to manage the possibility of hiding what really happened in the gas giant. We know that carbon-based life could not survive on a planet like Jupiter, but that does not mean that another form of life developed on that planet.

Exobiology manages the hypothesis that life forms may exist in the dense atmosphere of over 8000 kilometers of depth in Jupiter, which has hydrogen and water, in this way it is believed that the radio waves captured by the Juno probe can be artificially generated by technology extraterrestrial, where a possible spacecraft is not even excluded. Recall that it is not the first time that experts, even members of the scientific community believe that extraterrestrial spacecraft have navigated our Solar System. Could this be the case? Could we have, as in this circumstance, an extraterrestrial civilization already present on Jupiter?

Sounds, heard on Jupiter could be of extraterrestrial origin


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Sounds, heard on Jupiter could be of extraterrestrial origin

Sounds, heard on Jupiter could be of extraterrestrial origin