Alien spaceships, filmed around the Sun; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

NASA cameras have filmed two alien spaceships on either side of the sun. The video was submitted by amateur astronomer Gina Maria Colvin Hill, who regularly shares other videos with Internet users that cause heated discussions, because people are always drawn to something mysterious.

As you can see from the naked eye frames, there are two elongated alien objects moving on either side of the Sun. After the video was posted, many people began discussing the material that appeared on Gina’s YouTube channel with interest. For example, one commenter noted that he once saw a mothership that looked like the city of New York lying on its side under the Sun, and included thousands of small alien objects of various types. 

Someone noted that NASA is well aware of what is really going on around the Sun, but is in no hurry to inform the public about it. There are comments that that is where a portal to the UFO movement exists. In addition, Gina Maria Colvin Hill subscribers have noted that the alien ships are surprisingly large, exceeding even the Earth, which begs the question, “How many life forms are there in space.” “If we take into account that the diameter of the Sun is 1.4 million km, the length of the ship is about 14 thousand km,” said astronomer Gina Maria Colvin Hill. One of the users also assured that he had recently seen a similar portal on NASA footage, to which the astronomer suggested that it might open at some point.

There are new hypotheses about the nature of the Sun. The new way in which the Sun is conceived brings with it a new hypothesis: what we know as “sunspots” would be nothing more than portals or Star gates that extra terrestrial civilizations would use to travel around our solar system and beyond. Our star is described this Solar Stargate system, it would be similar to a vast cosmic network that interconnects all suns and galaxies, allowing travel over great distances: interstellar and intergalactic.

Alien spaceships, filmed around the Sun


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Alien spaceships, filmed around the Sun

Alien spaceships, filmed around the Sun