Stonehenge, crop circle appears nearby

Stonehenge, crop circle appears nearby

Stonehenge, crop circle appears nearby; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

A spectacular Crop Circle made its appearance on July 16, 2020 inside a wheat field located near Stonehenge (UK). The pictogram has a diameter of about 100 meters and is made up of several concentric circles that go to draw and represent a map of the phases of the 2020 solstice, perhaps even that of 2021.

Are the builders of the Stonehenge crop circle about to return? How many annual seasons of Earth have been left now from July 2020, until the summer solstice of 2021? Why do the Extraterrestrial crop circle artists tell us about these stages or a date?

No “rope and boards”, no sign of human artifact here in this private field! The new image of the agroglyph shows 3 complex “wefts of reticulated circles” in its external parts, intended to represent the light of our Sun, as well as a ring of “standing stones” in the center, destined to resemble a ring of Stonehenge stones which is located just a short distance away.

If you look at the crop circle, a letter T is clearly visible in the unique arrangement of these stars and, logically, an orbital circle is missing at the base. However, it was not the only way to find the letter T. We have 8 total objects. We have 6 objects as semicircles. And we have 4 circles outside the central circle. Detail: three orbits are represented around the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth. This means: I am on Earth (?). But this is only the initial interpretation. We have to extract the very interesting astronomical message from the image. CONTACT!

In a wonderful way, I find at least two important cosmic signs, in a first astronomical reading of this crop circle, which satisfy the proposed diagram. You see, an internal solar system, with three orbits, we know it, Mercury, Venus, Earth. And looking at the map of the solar system today, July 16th, we see exactly three planets in alignment, facing the Earth: Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The second reference is associated with the plane of the stars. Because today Venus is close to Aldebaran, Alfa Taurus (the red eye of the celestial Taurus) and the waning Moon (we are in the waning moon, suggested by the semicircles – the next new moon will be on July 20). There are also three objects aligned, collected, in the constellation of Taurus.

Anyone who has the opportunity to wake up in the morning, around five-thirty in the morning, will see a wonderful spectacle in the constellation of Taurus, in the direction of sunrise. And by the way, did you know that T is related to the name THOR which in turn is related to Taurus? And that Thor, a name linked to thunder (sound of Thor’s powerful ax in Norse mythology and the bellowing of Taurus) is linked to the sign of Taurus, because its rule is precisely Venus? After all, Taurus also starts with the letter T. And the signature of Lord T came from the stars today too!

Stonehenge, crop circle appears nearby


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Stonehenge, crop circle appears nearby
Stonehenge, crop circle appears nearby
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