England, Crop Circle appeared in Wiltshire, represents the Sun with 12 rays; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The new crop circle that appeared on June 14, 2020 in the Wiltshire region of England, seems to represent the theme of the twelve-ray solar disk. The beautiful images of the crop circle of June 14, 2020, show a pictogram with two concentric circles where inside we can find 12 rays or petals, one in front of the other! June 14 was Sunday, Sunday is the day of the Lord, DOMINUS, the day of the Sun. Great celebration of solar life in these images … with all its meanings, ancient and modern.

This new crop circle carries its 12 sectors in the shape of blades, which seems to suggest a sort of circular technological artifact, something that comes close to a UFO? Although their model is not a disk, UFOs rely on central turbines with mechanisms for collecting cosmic energy (such as the energy they collect from the sun). They don’t have to leave their bases or planets loaded with huge quantities of fuel in their tanks, because the fuel they use is the free energy of the Universe that creates the Stargate or Wormholes, and they just need to know how to collect that energy from saturated spaces. , energy from the stars, ether, fifth element, VRIL, etc.

In fact, the symbolism of the 12th strikes in another known wheel, namely that of the sky, the Zodiac, makes the Sun a car that moves through the twelve gates of the sky (the 12 signs), this according to the ancient symbolism and as the sages of the past defined the cosmology of our Universe centered on the Sun. The Sun then becomes this twelve-blade cosmic wheel, generating energy in its movement. In fact, we are approaching the day of the Solstice, June 21, the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, where the sun occupies its annual alignment of maximum exposure to light, heat and energy (the longest day of the year, the sacred day for all ancient cultures). 

And on that day we will have the annular eclipse … and something is drawing attention to this fact in terms of maximum solar energy and mystical energies that can help humans in the field of bio dynamic agriculture. It is already the second cosmic wheel of the 2020 season, with tuning and ufological correlations, which can mean manifestations, contacts, mass apparitions in the skies of the world … something, in fact, is already happening. 

NASA recorded two strong solar flares on 12 and 13 June, two days before the appearance of this new crop circle, a solar wheel style, according to the geometry used and the symbolic connections of the ancient culture. It is possible that the crop circle message would reveal that new solar events may occur as we approach the annular eclipse of June 21 and the other planetary alignments involved, bringing a lot of energy disturbances to the solar system and to Earth. Like the image of a wheel that accelerates because its central axis is receiving more energy than normal …

England, Crop Circle appeared in Wiltshire, represents the Sun with 12 rays


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England, Crop Circle appeared in Wiltshire, represents the Sun with 12 rays

England, Crop Circle appeared in Wiltshire, represents the Sun with 12 rays