Camouflaged UFOs, spotted in the skies of Ontario, Canada; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

On June 5, 2020, two unidentified partially masked flying objects were captured by the camera in the Ontario region, Canada. The two objects were stationary in the sky and have been for a long time, they turned on and off before disappearing from view.

The photographer who was in the Walmart parking lot in Ontario, Canada, recorded the two objects and said that more people witnessed the strange sighting in the sky, concluding that the flashing lights were not airplanes, helicopters or drones at all.

On February 13, 2020, a couple from Naramata, a Canadian resort in British Columbia, claims to have spotted UFOs for two days over Lake Okanagan. In particular, it was a flashing flying object that, on the second sighting, the same couple managed to film with a mobile phone. The Lake Country Calendar, the Canadian web media, reports online with an article signed by Jesse Day. The two sightings would have occurred in the same week and would have lasted a long time. That footage would go back to February 13, 2020, when around 18:00 the two witnesses, Ian Preston and his wife Flor Zamudio, noticed something unusual again in the sky above Lake Okanagan. “Preston – reports the Lake Country Calendar – stopped the car on which he was traveling with his wife near Johnson Road and got out to film the strange flashing object”. 

This is the video recorded by the couple:

The Preston couple had with them, in the car also binoculars, and they managed to observe the strange movements of the UFO for over ten minutes. “Ian Preston – continues the story of the Canadian site – said that the object remained in the same place all the time while its lights, of different colors, flashed continuously” except for a short moment. “When viewed through binoculars, the different colors were even more noticeable than at a glance, Preston said.” For the two witnesses it would not have been a helicopter or an aircraft known because the presence of the aircraft was not accompanied by any noise and because the flashing was abnormal.

However, the camera is largely focused on the first UFO, but a second UFO can be seen at about 1.11 minutes in the video at the top left of the screen.

Camouflaged UFOs, spotted in the skies of Ontario, Canada.


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Camouflaged UFOs, spotted in the skies of Ontario, Canada.

Camouflaged UFOs, spotted in the skies of Ontario, Canada.