Venus, spotted huge spaceship in its orbit; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Bruce Sees is an astronomer fond of UFOs and Aliens. On April 25 of this year, he captured some incredible images of the planet Venus, where it is also possible to observe around the planet some flickering white points and luminous objects that run in space. Then, suddenly the camera turns into infrared images and you can see what looks like a huge spaceship located on the outskirts of the planet Venus.

the Venera 13 probe resting on the surface of the planet Venus

Maybe we are facing an alleged interstellar ship like Oumuamua, since we can see how huge it can be, but the even more mysterious fact is that this object is supposed to have created bright flashes, or the same flashes have started from the planet Venus. Thanks to these flashes, the huge spatial object visible near Venus became visible. It should be remembered that in one of the missions on Planet Venus by the Venera 13 space probe, they aroused great enthusiasm among ufologists and UFO hunters since, they say, the images of the Venera 13 probe revealed evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization in the environment inhospitable of that planet.

Looking at the photographs, NASA analysts concluded that in reality it was probably the lens cover for the two cameras of Venera 13. As always, we can see that the great experts have a solution for everything, as long as it is the UFO phenomenon, even reporting that perhaps this artifact belongs to a piece of an alleged alien ship. 

Several days ago, Bruce Sees started recording and focusing on space, one of his hot spots was that night the planet Venus, when he suddenly observed something strange near that planet. The astronomer refers to a gigantic object, which seems to be as long as the well-known and mythical Oumuamua, the interstellar object that has visited our solar system.

Venus, spotted huge spaceship in its orbit.


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Venus, spotted huge spaceship in its orbit.

Venus, spotted huge spaceship in its orbit.