Scientist decodes CRABWOOD’S CIRCLE IN THE GRAIN with a binary code and an Alien face

Scientist decodes CRABWOOD'S CIRCLE IN THE GRAIN with a binary code and an Alien face

Scientist decodes CRABWOOD’S CIRCLE IN THE GRAIN with a binary code and an Alien face; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The crop circle that features an Alien’s face and a binary code disk appeared in 2002 in a field near Crabwood, UK. Yes, it was real. It was filmed, documented and photographed. There is a film on the Internet showing this fascinating and mysterious Crop Circle. Obviously this agroglyph has gotten a lot of talk, documented in the Crop Circle archives, it has been studied by many researchers and scholars around the world. Who could do something like this? Who could design a binary code and implant a face inside a crop in the middle of the night in a matter of hours, leaving no entry or exit marks, while being artistically and mathematically precise?

Miia Pitkonen is one of many scholars who have examined this particular circle. He is a physicist at the University of Helsinki in Finland, specializing in medical physics. Clearly, he is interested in this phenomenon because he has published a paper entitled “Crop Circles and Life a Parallel Space-Time Sheets.” It is a two-part series, and in it he examines the Crapwood crop circle.

He explains:

“Crabwood’s message consists of two parts. An alien image and an image representing a spiral as a sequence of bits starting from the center of the image and proceeding counterclockwise. It has been proposed [59, 60] that the message is encoded using a 9-bit code and that the 8-bit portions respect the ASCII code. With this hypothesis the message reads as: “Beware of the bearers of FALSE gifts and their UNKNOWN PROMISES”.

Obviously there are one or two gibberish words involved (EELI! UVE). There are also two variants of the message in the network. OPPO appears in Paul Vigay’s homeopage and Oppose in Martin Keitel’s home page. Both options are considered below. One might consider the possibility that the message has a much deeper layer than the somewhat oracular statement in the ASCII code, and that the presence of the small inconsistency might be intended to clarify that a deeper level is involved. What these aliens would like to communicate is something very essential about themselves as a life form. The image of an alien accompanying the bit sequence does indeed suggest this. This very essential something could obviously include the code for translating ordinary DNA triplets into amino acids. Perhaps even the code for translating exotic RNA triplets to amino acid analogs. These analogs could also be electromagnetic waves. There may be other codes as well: right around the time Crabwood’s message had arrived, I developed a whole hierarchy of cognitive codes based on Mersenne primes and regular polygons constructible using only a compass and ruler.

The first hypothesis is that the message should be represented by a universal code. The appearance of 3 × 3 = 9 bit code words that naturally decompose into 3 3-bit sequences suggests that a cognitive code consistent with the genetic code may be involved. This hypothesis was very useful as it led to the identification of the genetic code of exotic RNAs and the decomposition of 3 3-bit portions also immediately suggests that RNA information is in question. However, it turns out that the ASCII code is the correct way to interpret the message, the ninth bit serving only as a separator sign. The interpretation is based on extremely general aspects of the ASCII code: portions of the content and lowercase letters correspond to amino acids, and uppercase and small forms of a given letter indicate the same amino acid. Check marks indicate the amino acid counterparts for the code associated with the exotic RNA. The order of the symbols does not matter. You could also use different types of symbols: only the numbers of different types of symbols indicating how many code words are mapped to a particular amino acid (or any other counterpart of it) count.” It’s pretty complicated, I know. Paul Vigay, a British computer consultant known for his work in RISC operating system software development and support and a long-time researcher in the field, was the first to discover that the message was encoded in ASCI binary code. He also worked with Mel Gibson on the film Signs, but unfortunately died very mysteriously. 

“Beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. (Word damaged.) There is good out there. We stand against deception. Closing of the conduit (ringing of the bell). “

Pitkonen’s work is quite thorough and states that the creators of this circle, whoever/whatever they are, could use this specific type of code and much more. One thing is for sure Pitkonen explains, “whoever created this circle is extremely artistically, technologically and mathematically advanced to a point beyond imagination.”

Scientist decodes CRABWOOD’S CIRCLE IN THE GRAIN with a binary code and an Alien face


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Scientist decodes CRABWOOD'S CIRCLE IN THE GRAIN with a binary code and an Alien face
Scientist decodes CRABWOOD’S CIRCLE IN THE GRAIN with a binary code and an Alien face
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