Crop Circle “Eclipse” announces the arrival of a huge celestial body! Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

On May 26, 2021, according to the Aztec calendar, we are officially entering Sixth Sun time. We have made the transition for 29 years from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun. Each Sun lasts 6,625 years!!! The Fifth Sun was a ′′Sun of Light “, meaning that people were only seeking God, health, protection, spirituality, what gave authority to the patriarchal energy of control and external illusion of the system.

The sixth sun is different from the fifth sun it is a ′′Dark SUN ” which means we will now be looking into a dark corridor…seeking introspection, guidance, creation…a shift towards the feminine energies. It is believed that under the energies of eclipses (like the one that was on June 10, 2021) there will be a great jump in frequency that will shake the control (government) systems as they can no longer be sustained in the new energy of the Sixth Sun-5 D. It is suggested that we put our feet on the ground. Everything will become more chaotic, but in a good way. From chaos emerges order, which is and will be an exciting time to be alive and witness this transcendental awakening.

The control systems have hacked your DNA (see vaccines etc..) and controlled your freedom so that you cannot ascend to this new consciousness. With this new ERA we enter is the end of the fifth sun. This is a RESET! The DNA update, the energy comes from the divine central source, the Central Sun of the Universe, the Galactic Central Sun. Please stay calm, be positive, manifest balance, harmony love for Mother Earth during this time. Avoid negative energy and connect to the earth. Meditate as much as you can to connect to the universe.

Crop Circle “ECLIPSE

On the morning of June 9, 2021 appeared in the wheat field in Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire a beautiful agriglyph that researchers have called ECLIPSE, because it represented the lunar eclipse of June 10. In the glyph imprinted on the wheat field, with a diameter of about 80-90 meters, was represented the translation of the moon on the sun, then in one of the concentric circles, the Moon, the Earth, the Sun and a mysterious object represented by a small circle with a cross in its interior.

Now this object, we can not coincidentally find in the images recorded by the SOHO probe on the Sun, where precisely is filmed a mysterious cosmic body that is represented with a circle and a cross in its interior. The video shows a spherical object the size of a planet moving through deep space with a mark printed on its surface. The description of the video explained the following: “Searching NASA’s STEREO Probe Solar Observing Mission website, you can see a planet-sized celestial body and it appears to have a force field.”

In the wheat circle of June 9, precisely you can see the same figure. Maybe we are at the gates of a great unprecedented world event? However, we expect great changes, which have already begun since 2012, when a powerful etheric-vibrational field of 50 million light years, exploding from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, has propagated throughout the galaxy, affecting star systems and planets. Something is changing and in the subtle… In all of this, in my humble opinion our ancestors (Ancient Aliens) have always played their part! 

Crop Circle “Eclipse” announces the arrival of a huge celestial body!


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Crop Circle Eclipse announces the arrival of a huge celestial body!

Crop Circle Eclipse announces the arrival of a huge celestial body!