Manipulation of some alien races for Earth-formation

Manipulation of some alien races for Earth-formation

Manipulation of some alien races for Earth-formation; original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

There is something that is happening to Planet Earth, which is causing time manipulation and affecting natural habitats for wildlife.

Certainly people are contributing to the pollution of the planet, yet temperatures have changed in various landscapes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see, that some places are experiencing cooler temperatures than ever. Through a series of transformations, the so-called “Earth-shaping” will continue to happen. This process is a deliberate modification of the earth’s atmosphere in which temperatures change along with topography. Perhaps the Earth will undergo a change in physical pole, which will destroy everything but most of humanity. There are various theories about how the world could end. One of these is the great cataclysm of Nibiru, a destruction time bomb in which the Earth will clash with some asteroids that are part of a large planetary object.

It is assumed that this event will happen sometime in the early part of the 21st century. But obviously they are only hypotheses. This kind of thinking has been labeled as simple “by hearsay …” and evoked by “conspiracy theorists”. Probably all this is happening, due to reports of various sightings of aliens and UFOs but also of the increase in meteorite and asteroid impacts. This includes the large number of alien contacts and abductions that have occurred.

Some people have disappeared without a trace. What happened to these people? Have they literally vanished from the face of the earth? Were they taken by one or more Alien races? All this is rather strange, like the mutilation of cattle, the carcasses of animals found killed in mysterious circumstances.

Are people perhaps kidnapped, subjected to medical examinations, tested and crossed with another alien species? Some believe that our planet is changed in different ways, to make it more habitable by these extraterrestrials. There are apparently more than 80 ET races interacting with the Earth, but six or seven of these alien species, they seem to be fighting for control of the Earth. It is believed that the following species are already here:

The Syrians, a species believed to come from the star system of Sirius B. Previously transmitted their knowledge to selective human civilizations. Some think the Egyptians were blessed with both the medical and astrological know-how of this alien race. Gray crows are 3 to 5 feet tall. These creatures have round heads and large black eyes. Although they have a mouth, they rarely speak because most of their communication is conducted telepathically. They are servants of The Tall Grays.

These low-lying aliens are both emotionless and vicious at the same time. Researchers argue that they are similar to Bio-psycho-physical Robots created in the laboratory. The Tall Grays are a species described between 7 and 9 feet in height. Believing they are in agreement with a global shadow government, they oversee every abduction and human experiment. However, they do not attend these sessions themselves. Instead, they use gray crows to carry out their orders. They come from a star system in the Orion constellation. The Draconian Alphas are thought to be between 14 and 22 feet tall and weigh around 1,800 pounds. They are thought to be exceptionally intelligent and are described as having large heads and serpentine type eyes. Maybe they have both tails and wings. Their boundless ego makes them believe that they have the rights to govern the planet Earth among the other worlds, since they consider us as a second-order species. The native Reptilians are a breed believed to have been here on Earth before us.

They have infiltrated society by controlling various affairs of human life. Their influences include building our financial system among religious influences. They reside underground and control the media and the various company activities. It is also believed that they support most crimes against humanity. The Anunnaki represent a noble race of creatures from another galaxy known as Illywn. Their home was a planet called Rizq which was later destroyed, making the planet Nibiru their new “residence”.

Before they went to Earth, the Anunnaki colonized the planets in the Orion star system. Their arrival on Earth happened millions of years ago. Their intention was to look for gold in order to alter their lives on Nibiru. To do this, they are said to have created humanity so they can get help as a workforce in their Gold mining process. The Anunnaki are thought to be controlled by the Draconian and humans share most of their DNA with these types of aliens. It is hoped that people will keep an open mind about what is really happening in our world. The extraterrestrial visit is kept hidden, far from us, to keep us under control.

Manipulation of some alien races for Earth-formation


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Manipulation of some alien races for Earth-formation
Manipulation of some alien races for Earth-formation


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