Epic Gilgamesh mentions the Anunnaki? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

The Anunnaki are mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the classic version, then in the Akkadian language when Utanapištim tells the story of the Flood.

Anunnaki, who really were Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.


According to this tradition, the Anunnaki had set fire to the earth before the arrival of the storm. The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic setting cycle Sumerian, written in cuneiform on clay tablets, dating back to about 4,500 years ago between 2600 BC and 2500 BC There are six known versions of poems that narrate the exploits of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian king of Uruk.

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In the most popular version, the so-called Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh is. The Epic of Gilgamesh collects all those writings which have as their object the mythical king of Uruk companies and is considered the most important mythological texts of the Babylonians and Assyrians come down to us. The epic sources are varied and cover a time span of about two thousand years. The original poems in Sumerian language and later in the Akkadian language are the main sources of modern translations; the oldest Sumerian version is mainly used to fill the gaps in the Akkadian version.

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Despite recent additions, the epic is still incomplete. The discovery of some artifacts dated to 2600 BC that reference Enmebaragesi king of Kish, as mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh, the father of one of the opponents, has strengthened the credibility of the actual historical existence of Gilgamesh, but the topic is controversial. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Babylonian in its classic version, tells the story of the king of Uruk, Gilgamesh, which involves the city’s young males in fun activities (or martial). The relatives of these young people complain with the deities, which they respond to their prayers by creating the “primitive warrior”: Enkidu. In biblical texts, much later, and classical epic, appear different affinities with elements of the poem; it is thought that some issues had become widespread in the ancient world and that their certification witnesses cultural relations between people.

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Sacred texts

The similarities of the elements of the plot and characters of the Epic with those of the Bible include for example the Garden of Eden and the story of the Flood contained in Genesis.

Epic Gilgamesh mentions the Anunnaki? Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.




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Epic Gilgamesh mentions the Anunnaki Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

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