Dark side Moon, alien structures have been found in the Lobachevsky crater.

Dark side Moon, alien structures have been found in the Lobachevsky crater.

Dark side Moon, alien structures have been found in the Lobachevsky crater; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

Mysterious “unknown structures” have been found on the dark side of the Moon, exactly in Lobachevsky Crater.

What is it? Stories of “intelligent artifacts” and “alien bases” on the far side of the Moon have appeared in the shadows for decades, years and years after the Apollo missions.

A number of independent lunar anomalies researchers have laboriously worked through innumerable NASA photographs and, to some, it seems that the long wait for the verification of these anomalies could approach.

If this occurs, the confirmation may come not from an official NASA disclosure or US military disclosure, but from the independent study of the extraordinary anomalies in Lobachevsky crater, for example, as captured by Apollo 16 and the recent Clementine probe of US Navy. who carried out moon mapping mission.

The American researcher Steve Wingate was the first to bring the world’s attention to the anomaly in the Lobachevsky crater on the opposite side by posting the old photograph taken by Apollo 16 and several new images from the recent Clementine mapping mission.

In 1998, the eminent German geologist and scientist Dr. Johannes Fiebag who passed away on 11 October 1999, confirmed Wingate’s discovery of an “unusual and probably artificial structure” on the mysterious dark side of the moon, as shown in the orbital photo of the NASA Apollo 16 – AS16 / 10075825. Dr. Fiebag was highly respected and was the author of two recent books: “Mars – Planet Des Lebens”, Econ-Publisher, Düsseldorf 1996; and “Mission Pathfinder”, (Econ Publisher, Düsseldorf 1997). Following is the original photograph of the Apollo 16 of NASA which we will now examine in an extraordinary way.

After examining the photograph, it was clear that both Steve Wingate’s and Dr. Fiebag’s statements on the Apollo 16 photograph of Lobachevsky’s Crater deserved an immediate closer look. The photo was sent to graphic analyst Liz Edwards at IWonder Productions for improvement and further analysis. His work quickly underlined the fact that there are indeed bizarre anomalies in the photograph, in fact there are several. Ms. Edwards clarified that her multistage “graphics enhancement” process takes the image to its most critical viewing dimension without distorting the objects in question. “Below is his first improvement in NASA Apollo 16 photography …

This first improvement (above) is remarkable in itself as there are apparently four clearly “strange” and unusual “objects” or at least anomalies in the Lobachevsky crater. The object “A” shows a strange white rectangular shape along the crest of the crater rim and includes an unusual shadow below and to its right.

The object “B” appears to be a spectacular “spire” that rises perhaps hundreds of meters directly from the lunar surface and that is next to what appears to be a shaded rectangular hole or a depression that runs from its base to the right. The mysterious object seems to be a tower whose shadow can be seen.

The small but strange object “C” is located at the bottom of the small valley or ravine below the edge of the crater.

The object “D” is separated from the other objects and projects an extraordinary and luminous reflecting surface.

The object “A”, the top of the crest on the left, immediately attracts attention due to its extraordinary line-up of round protuberances. These appear to be an integral part of the white area or the upper hooded area at the top of the ridge. These black and perforated objects are aligned in such a way as to cause images of large “ventilation” or drain holes that could be seen on an ocean liner or a large industrial plant … but these are only much larger. These objects seem anything but a play of light and shadow. A spectacular formation. Evidence of volcanic? Part of a large mining project or operation? What is that?

The object “B” presents what appears to be a dazzling image that rises directly from the lunar surface for hundreds of meters into the emptiness of space. We are witnessing this object resembling a tower struck by the rays of the sun and which seems to be so illuminated … how would you expect a crystal if hit by the sun in this way? Or is the whole ‘tower’ simply a type of photographic anomaly? If it’s real, is it an amazing artifact … a crystal lunar obelisk? A construction of extraterrestrial technology somehow connected to the bizarre vent pipes above the rim of the crater? A part of a mining or excavation operation directly related to the dark and shaded superficial depression next to it?

The object “C”, at the bottom of the ravine below the crest, smaller, emerges from the lunar terrain a similar object in the features of the object B, but here the questions could not be answered, but on which we can only reflect.

By the way, dr. Fiebag has not openly described his findings as necessarily representing an extraterrestrial artifact on the lunar surface, but makes it clear that he cannot exclude this possibility.

Dark side Moon, alien structures have been found in the Lobachevsky crater.



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Dark side Moon, alien structures have been found in the Lobachevsky crater.
Dark side Moon
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