China, extraterrestrial race used the pyramid of Xianyang as a base

China, extraterrestrial race used the pyramid of Xianyang as a base

China, extraterrestrial race used the pyramid of Xianyang as a base; Original article by Alessandro Brizzi.

China is at the center of legends, myths and stories about Extraterrestrial visitors and many focus on the Xiangyang pyramid.

Local villagers claim that their ancestors spoke of large ships (of an Extraterrestrial race) that skied the skies and used the pyramid as a landing and refueling site. The hypothesis on extraterrestrials is understandable and deserves to be studied, but scientific means must be used to verify whether it is true or not. The scientific exploration group that is investigating local and even archaeological populations agrees that all indications show that the extraterrestrials used the Gigantic pyramidal structure as one of their main bases on earth.

The anomalous pyramid rises almost 61 meters above the field, the surrounding area is composed of puzzling pipes and strange artifacts. The state agency China Xinhua sent a team of nine men to investigate the pyramid and report on its findings. The team has discovered tubes that run through the caves and many enter the ground, but direct where? The pyramid has three caves with Triangular-shaped openings and on its facade is full of tubes with a reddish tone, one of these goes to the mountain and one near a salt-water lake.

Above the caves there are dozens of ducts all of different diameters, which mysteriously run along the mountain below the imposing pyramid. All the ducts coincide with the color of the surrounding rocks, a turbid brown-reddish color. On the other hand, there are more tubes and many pieces are scattered around the ground in all directions. Some of the pipes are on the banks of a salt lake, while others dive into the water and under the lake bed. Although the purpose of pipes or pipes is officially classified as unknown, some Chinese scientists are moving towards the idea that the structure is really the remains of some outpost or alien space base.

The complex pyramid extends much further than what is visible and the evidence suggests a highly technological network of pressurized pipelines, water supply and perhaps fuels. The ancient site is around 10,000 BC and perhaps twice as old as that, no human being could have designed it since no human culture would have been advanced long ago. Qin Jianwen, the head of the Delingha Government’s advertising department, says that fragments of some pipe or pipe materials were taken for analysis. The pieces were mostly silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, although it was not possible to identify more than eight percent of the metal because it was unknown. The high content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide is the result of the long interaction between iron and sandstone, which means that the pipes must be very old, explained Liu Shaolin, an engineer who carried out the analysis. How old is he? Some have estimated 12,000 years … maybe much more. Such structures exist and adapt perfectly to the unofficial history of China, a story that many scholars choose to ignore. Some historians have defined ancient Chinese culture as a “mystery wrapped in a mystery”. The stories of the ancient days of China are full of stories about the “people of paradise” and the “God-men” who came from the stars and used the land as a base for exploration.

On the road these beings taught some of the primitive peoples who knew the fundamentals of technology, engineering, agriculture and the complex structure of the universe. In the early twentieth century, two merchants from Australia crossed central China. In the vast plains they found more than 100 pyramids. The locals told the two men that the pyramids were very old, some much older than China. Other younger pyramids date back to the reigns of the ancient emperors. The rulers often spoke of extraterrestrials and civilizations of other planets as the earth. Even some of the Chinese emperors of the time were the offspring of the God-Men who came from the stars, and it is written that these “men of the heavens” or the sons of heaven, who had landed on iron dragons landed the ancient sites as landing sites pyramids.

China, extraterrestrial race used the pyramid of Xianyang as a base. 



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China, extraterrestrial race used the pyramid of Xianyang as a base
China, extraterrestrial race used the pyramid of Xianyang as a base
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